• Some alone time and an in depth session

    Session 2; Saturday 10th March 2018
    I had more alone time today and after chatting with some experienced guys here on the site, I compiled a few techniques to avoid cumming this time round as I didn’t want to kill my mood. Was really striving for a dry, or potentially multiple dry orgasms. But I didn’t set my expectations too high. I sat in the same position with my Helix Syn in, which seemed to get the job done, but technique wise I avoided doing anything. Better known as the do nothing technique. I just laid there in the dark on my bed with my eyes closed and focused on my breathing. After a while it really did start causing involuntaries from doing NOTHING, I was beside myself that it actually worked. After a while I got, what I DEFINITELY consider P-waves. I felt very pleasurable, very apparent “morning stretch” feelings in my bladder, lower abdomen and inner and outer thighs, one twinge even made its way to the spot right between my ribs right at the top of my abs. I experienced auto fucking, and focused on my deep breathing. I felt completely hollow. Like breathing in was inflating me down to my prostate. I breath in and the device would come out slightly, as if breathing in caused more pressure internally, and as I breathed out, it came back in, each time making my prostate feel better and better. I started getting extremely horny and could feel my prostate “buzzing” for lack of a better word. It just felt like when your shaft is so hard and you’re so horny for so long that you just KNOW that first stroke is gonna be euphoric, but all in my rectum and mainly towards the lower part near my anus and prostate. It even changed how I viewed some sensations, for instance in the anus itself I bore down almost pushing on the device and felt the typical “anal feeling” that puts a lot of people off anal play, that would otherwise be pretty uncomfortable, but even though it felt the same it felt completely different. I know it’s paradoxical but the feeling was the same, yet euphoric instead of uncomfortable it almost brought on what I suspect would have been a prostate orgasm but as I’m still a complete beginner I couldn’t quite get it THERE. I turned on some porn, and almost had another HFWO. Even experienced very subtle pleasure going up my lower back. So I stopped myself because I could feel my ejaculatory muscles engaging. After this I had a couple hours of just feeling it. Experimenting with technique and position, even put my vice in. Inserting the vice felt amazing. Like stroking my shaft after being rock hard for ages, but in my rectum. After that I didn’t feel anything special though. So after pretty much 2 hours of play I put my Helix back in and wanked off to an incredible (yet not overly groundbreaking) orgasm. Certainly no super o anyway. Again, just like last time, a while after I thought I was done, my prostate began “buzzing”, and I got these very pleasant, kind of subtle p-waves. Cracked another wank off, again nothing special to report about that.
    Really feeling my prostate “wake up”, and I hope it won’t be too long before I become “rewired”. I’ve read that it can take months to get any successful orgasm with aneros anyway, so I feel like I’m on par with everything.

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