• Solo Session with Milovana and blindfold

    Very nice session this morning on the office love seat. Put the leather ring with a vibe underneath my balls. Used the vibe from my Naughty Boy. It has 7 speeds.Inserted the Vice, laid back and put on the blindfold. I had sounds going from Milovana
    For the first 20 minutes I did not touch my cock. I got the two vibes pulsing opposite each other and reached down to stroke.
    I was pleasantly surprised at the firm erection I had attained and did not even realize it. My focus was on my prostate and it is roaring by this point. The stroking felt exquisite and continued to get faster as the waves came.
    Finally I couldn't take anymore and exploded with an awesome ejaculation. I lay there for a good five minutes with both vibes still going coming down and listening to the sounds.
    The blindfold and the sounds really helped me focus during this session. I recommend everyone try it. It's a fine experience !


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