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    Hey guys I know it's been a while since I have wrote a blog but with work and riding my time is really consumed. But I'm back. Here to tell my new knowedge of what I have learned and the new things I do in my sessions to get me t the high peak of orgasm.
    Firstly I now only ride on the weekends. That came about because I am always taking long persion breaks fro riding or cumming or doing anything sexual because of my work obligations. Yes I'm just a daycare teacher but I feel like my job consist of scopping the minds of our new children little minds that ae here with us and I try to make that exciting for them. So after work I like to relax and be so tired that I dont have the energy for nothing but a shower and a gass of wine and a deep sleep. I also found out that when I stretch out my sessions when I eventually ride there that more intense. So my negative became a plus.
    So when I ride on the weekends I have way more free time to spend with all of my toys including my aneros and other products like dildo's. I'm single so they keep me company. lol So as I ride I just ride my desired toy at the time with no touching. I leave my nipples and dick alone. I also found out that when i breathe deeply in while doing kegels and exhaling very slowing great p waves and sensations run all over my body. By doing this i have HFWO'ed an just got extremely hard and ready to jerk and finish it off with a T orgasm. Mentioning kegels they have really helped a lot as well. It keeps me tighter down there and just makes me feel great inside. Also when I just do kegels on the fly i can conjure up a a-less ride really quickly.
    A-less rides have gotten intenser. With kegels they just appear and I don't stop them til they are ready to leave. Since I know that kegels are like my jump start to them now I try not to do them everywhere. Did kegels at work one day and i squirted out pre cum into my underwear. I now wear thick cotton briefs to solve that problem. Also the porn is so not a factor. I was spening a lot f money n porn sites that updated there sites daily. But now since I can conjure up my own fantasies and men with long huge dicks who only want to do me and do me well I have no need for porn. Now i still do watch it sometimes but they dont fuel my sessions at all.
    Also the urge to jerk off is gone. I mean i love my dick and I love being a man with a nice tool and nice ong balls. But my ass and prostate and have stolen the show. I just now have to play with my hole. I just have to play with it. I stay sticking a finger up there and since the weight is slowing sliding off and my eating habits are changing the bowel moments are different so the clean up is quick and to the point. At night i can just rub it and get crazy waves and my nips get hard and just tap my prostate and just orgasm the night away.
    I am coming up on my first year with Aneros at the end of March and I know that I am a different person. my faily and friends see it and I love it. My cum is thicker and my orgasms are greater. I am so glade to be a member and apart of this brother hood.

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      03/16/2014at3:52 pm

      I hear what you are saying BigOlover and I agree entirely with what you are saying about loving your cock and being proud of your nice tool and long balls. It is great that you like your body and enjoy it so much without hang ups about what you are doing and enjoying. In my brief time of owning my Helix Syn, less than a month, I have become like you. I just want to put my finger into my hole and play with it. I cannot resist its attraction. I think less about orgasm and more about Anerising an milking my prostate. I love to feel my cock get big and then shrink to what is the smallest it has ever been as all my sexual feelings go from cock to my prostate. I feel as though I could play all day.
      Enjoy it all.

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