• So Excited

    Hey guys hope everyone is having a great Sunday. I come to you all today very excited and full of joy. My precious Progasm Ice will be arriving Tuesday. YAY I am so ready. I have been listening to my brothers here tips and advice and my body is really craving this new experience. But I am going to put my body, mind, prostate and erotic phoenix on hold for a while. I got my progasm as a birthday gift from my dad. Yes he bought it as a a thank you gift for his beautiful experience he has been having. So to prepare I will withhold all sessions til my birthday which is Sept. 11th. I know thats a long time.
    No wet orgasms, no riding, no erotic reading. NOTHING! I know it will be hard an I will be extremely hard but I will just fight through it and take a lot of cold showers. I can't devirginize my ass for anal play so If I don't play for a while I will become tighter and newer again. My last ride and beautiful orgasm was last night. I enjoyed it and will have to cherish it to I am able to cum again.
    I know with having a awakened prostate this task will be very difficult to achieve but I have the strength and the capability to not touch or think anything to get me going. PRay for me guys. I will need all the help I can get but do not send me any waves or pleasure I might just combust. lol

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