• Sleep paralysis, not enough orgasms

    Last night was a downer. I was good and did as I was told. No orgasm.
    At 1 am I had a very scary sleep paralysis. I felt like my arm had become a snake. Bit weird.
    Still looking after a sick child whilst wife goes out for the day again. I manage 20 minutes maximum to myself and have taken to pretending to read on the bed to get some time alone.
    I must have been desperate I had one orgasm today and got into it within 30 seconds of trying, but got disturbed by children again so it was disappointing. I couldn't get back into it after. This is supposed to be my week off work I have done nothing but be stuck in the house looking after children, the wife has been out most of the time, and she's out again tonight. Back to work soon and 14 hour days. Fun.

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