• Sixty Nine

    Every couple has a repertoire of sex acts. Like favorite meals it is easy to fall into a rut. I love Chinese food, Italian and Thai; I eat them whenever I travel and want to indulge myself. However, even though I don’t particularly care for steak, every once in a while it has a mouthwatering appeal to me. When that happens I will buy an over the top cut of beef and put it on the barbeque with a favorite rub and some barbeque sauce and go to town with an ice cold beer and some potato salad.
    After 45 years of intimacy we know each others sexual preferences, orgasmic responses and erotic anatomy very well. Getting into bed aroused has become an opportunity to choose from the “chinese menu” of sex for the best way to expand erotic pleasure and get each other to an orgasmic conclusion quickly yielding a maximum flow of cum and quaking torsos.
    Sixty nine is one of those sex acts that is “on our menu” of preferred acts. I must admit that it is me that took it off our sexual menu years ago because having her sucking my erect penis distracts me from giving her open dewey pussy mouth the orgasmic pleasure I would like to. I love making her cum and I can’t pay attention to the intricate responses of her pussy when the warm sucking of her mouth on my cockhead enshrouds my mind in orgasmic rapture.
    I love the effect of long slow licks on her pink flower cause it to drip, bloom and open. As her arousal escalates her vagina opens, her pussy lips thicken and darken and glisten with her honey.
    I love the way that my attention to her vaginas intimate needs transforms her from being a reserved, proper and reasoned woman making her lose control and slide into orgasmic rapture. As my probing tongue invades her pussy I melt away her vulnerability and self consciousness and draw the raw desire and craven lust from her sopping opening. There is nothing else I experience with her that has that profound of an mind altering influence on her.
    Beyond the visual impact of her losing control of her body as she falls into an orgasmic abyss is the olfactory impact her pussy in orgasm has on me. With my mouth kissing her pulsing cunt I can smell the orgasm flowing from her spasming vagina. The musky tang of her orgasm is highly arousing for me. She gets to witness my own response as my rigid cock leaks my precum into her mouth as I kiss, lick and smell her orgasming pussy mouth. I love holding her ass cheeks, burying my nose in her cunt and embracing her as I ascend the ladder to my own crescendo.
    My relentless probing opens J’s pussy mouth and forces it to swallow the torrent of pleasure resulting from my tormenting tonguing of her clit. As I suckle her pearl she becomes a vulgar slut who will thrust her quaking, drooling cunt down to my face to show me the anguished ecstasy that is growing deep inside her pelvis. As she does she will intone a filthy narrative of the depth of her depravity and the steamy rapture that she feels smoldering deep in her vagina.
    I relish the opportunity to witness the unveiling of the wanton slut who visits our bed when we are mutually orally intimate. Sixty nine is that opportunity When the sweet torture of her tongue stroking and massaging my oozing cockhead sends waves of erotic pleasure to my brain it combines with the enjoyment and the gratification I get from making her pussy convulse in anguished ecstasy. The result is sexual euphoria.
    When her cunt mouth contracts and releases and regurgitates her girl cum down into my mouth as agonizing ecstasy drills into her trembling opening and fills her with aching ecstasy, my semen begins to boil and steam in my balls. The euphoria that comes from her orgasm electrocutes her with pleasure; it turns her into quivering dishrag when it is done, squeezing every ounce of erotic sensation from her pink fur lined lips.
    I have been doing an MMO session every night for the last several months. Those sessions are like a great treadle driven whetstone that I lay at every night. As the whetstone turns slowly and sensually, I touch it with my cock yielding excruciating pleasure that makes precum weep from my cock slit. The touch of the heavy wet weight of sensual pleasure in an MMO session hones my arousal and it generates erotic heat that inflames my sex drive and turns my cock and my sex drive to gleaming alabaster stone. It is these sessions that whet my appetite for the pleasure of 69 with J and for the deeply satisfying vision of holding her and licking her steaming pussy as she twists in orgasmic agony.
    A few nights ago when I went up to bed to find her waiting for me, there was a glint in her eye that told me she didn’t expect me to go to sleep. So when the lights went out in our room the glowing street lamp outside our window took the responsibility of revealing her passion to me as warm glow of romantic intimacy cast over her nude body laying in our bed. Her legs were shameless parted, giving me a quietly alluring message that her pulsing pussy opening was wishing for a soulful kiss and the penetrating wetness of my tongue.
    Silently she leaned over to me and kissed me as I got in bed. That kiss was the serve in a volley of kisses that cast away her modesty and vulnerability. She lay there nude ready for my amorous advances. J is not usually the sexual “aggressor” in our intimate encounters but sometimes when she is highly aroused she will assume that role. As her kisses heated her up her mouth moved to my neck and then to my nipples where they transformed to sucking nibbles alternating between both my erected nubs. As she sucked my hardened teats they turned to two pebbles as intense erotic desire began to fill my body, tingles of a MMO made my prostate swell and throb deep in my anus.
    As she sucked my tit, the sap of my lust began to dribble from my cock slit like the sweet sap of a maple tree warmed by the sensual heat of the suns kiss on its trunk. As she sucked the pebbles of hardened flesh on my chest the heavy oaken log between my legs did indeed begin to exude the clear sweet nectar of my desire in big fat drops. The harder she sucked the more profusely the stream oozing from my cockhead flowed.
    J has a lurid craving for my pre cum. She has developed a connoisseur’s taste for it. When she sees the clear warm syrup drooling from the slit in my cockhead she is drawn to it like a bee to the sweet fragrant nectar of a flower. My tendency to have precum flow faster and in greater volume when I am aroused (since I was rewired) has not gone unnoticed by her.
    As she coaxed the sap from me by taunting my nipple with her tongue her hand sought out my cock. Her fingers found my swollen crown glistening with precum and immediately began to lick the slippery emulsion that coated it. In a matter of moments her mouth was on it sipping my man honey directly from my slit as it oozed out. When it was gone she wrapped her lips around my helmet like tip, locking it in her mouth by settling her lips just behind my coronal ridge. Sucking on my cock head like it was a soda straw she began to stroke my sulcul cleft underneath with her tongue. My anus yawned and quivered, awakened by the warm suction that encased it. Ripples of tingling erotic electricity crept down the core of my shaft to seek out the source of my cum, taunting it to release.
    As her adoring oral ministration of my cock becalmed me and hypnotized me it also sent me into a quiet frenzy of erotic urgency. As she sucked me sensually and slowly the pleasure that was caressing my balls and cock drew my attention to within me to savor the relaxing chaos of growing arousal. I was suddenly shaken to awareness as I felt the bed shift and bounce. I opened my eyes to see her leg swinging over my face to put her pussy directly over my mouth and nose. Suddenly the luxurious and arousing sensation of J nursing on my cock was swept from my mind as I considered the steaming pussy that was open and glistening just inches from my face.
    J is very self conscious about her girly bits. Like many women of our era she was raised to think of it as not attractive, and unpleasant smelling. As a result when she knows we are going to be intimate she knows that cunnilingus is almost always on the menu. She will scrub her pussy to the point that it really lacks any scent at all. But when she is aroused the inert cleanliness of her pussy surrenders to her sexual biology and her natural juices and scent flows.
    Her flower opened wide and oozed the creamy nectar of her own escalating arousal. The scent emanating from her open pussy mouth was sweeter than usual. Since menopause her sexual chemistry has been very changeable. This new sweet scent was accompanied by the usual uniquely tangy odor of her pussy in heat that I love. It intoxicates me as it inflames my cock.
    Her aroused pussy has a uniquely complex and very memorable scent. The French call a woman’s pussy scent her “cassolette”. J’s cassolette is a big part of my love of doing oral sex on her, I adore her cunts odor in passion and the taste of her pussy juice when it her vagina is swollen and dilated with lust. As her desire deepens her pussy drool changes from clear and thin pearlescent and viscous. The creamy discharge of her arousal is the clear message that she is primed for orgasm.
    She was so aroused that she unapologetically hoisted her thigh over my face and straddled it. The urgency of her sexual need betrayed her sense of lady like sensibility. Then with the grace of a ballerina she lowered her blushing open flower to my lips. Inhaling the heady aroma of her lust my senses dulled. The odor of her arousal stilled my mind and held my body immobile, coaxing me to focus on nothing but the sodden feminine cleft that hovering an inch from ny nose and lips.
    With the dispatch of a hummingbird I extended my tongue and deftly parted her delicate pussy lips and parted the delicate petals of her steaming flower, collecting her sexy secretion and swallowing it as a parched man slakes his thirst at a desert oasis. When the petals of her bloom were clean and swollen, I dipped my tongue into the dripping mouth of her pussy. French kissing her vaginal mouth I probed it and tasted her ooze, she has a unique taste that drives me insane with desire. My nature must have programmed me to need the rich tangy honey that eminates from deep in her cunt as my insane desire to taste it forces me to tongue fuck her and massage the inside of her pussy opening.
    My frenzied effort of probe her cunt with my tongue and taste the intoxicating cocktail of her desire was suddenly rudely interrupted by the unmistakable sensation of her slippery finger massaging the exterior of my anus. Like my nipples, my anus has become exceedingly sensitive since I was rewired. She knows that anal massage as I am having my cock sucked is a riveting erotic sensation for me. If I was ever able to have two women making love to me, one sucking my cock and massaging my anus as the other sucked my nipples I think my head might explode. The sensation of her delicate finger dancing in slippery steps around the outside of my opening as her tongue was stroking my cock head coaxing my cleft to betray my will to focus on her pussy put a hasty end to my lingual probing of her cunt.
    Like a deer in the headlights I froze as erotic desire caused my anus to tighten up; tingling energy crackled around my anal opening and danced on my cockhead in her mouth. Desperately I tried to cope with the pleasure that was simultaneously coursing through my cock shaft and up my anal canal to meet at my prostate top control it. It was useless though; caught in the cross hairs of exquisitely sensual stimulation my prostate swelled and hardened as it readied to convulse and release my hot lusty cocktail. I latched onto her erected clit and sucked it into my lips as I wrapped my tongue around it. I heard her groan but she did not let up her relentless suction on my cock and the cruel pleasurable torture of my anus.
    I froze again this time with her clit in the gentle suction of my mouth; I was like a baby sucking on a pacifier. My nose was in her pussy opening, as I breathed the warmth from her cunt, my nostrils and head filled with the thick sweet aroma of her lust. I succumbed, filling my head with her pungent scent; the sweet muskiness made me drunk with lust. As the intoxication of sexual need immobilized me I gave into her relentless tongue and fingers and let her work my anus and cock. The waves of chilling ecstasy that precede ejaculation began to ripple from my anus to my cock, back and forth and back and forth in a choreographed dance of imminent ecstasy.
    Her fingers taunted my asshole mercilessly and her tongue coaxing my cock head was soon more than I could bear. As the pressure to ejaculate built up, a shrill crescendo deep inside my asshole rang out; the great bell of my orgasm pounded inside me in a resonating chime. The gates of orgasmic release in my anal canal opened and anguished euphoria flowed from my prostate and balls in equal measure.
    A torrent of cum that had collected deep inside of me began to make the inexorable trip to volcanic like freedom at the tiny slit at the tip of my cock head. Forceful pumping of my prostate sent pleasure waves of excruciating bliss radiating throughout my pelvis and down into the root of my cock where hard muscle contractions pumped it to explosive release. My cockhead, cock root and anal tract were flooded with the blissful pleasure of orgasmic euphoria. The massage of my convulsing anal opening only made it convulse harder adding to the euphoric chorus that was echoing inside me. Pumping and pulsing my prostate pushed the long thick ropes of my cum to my cock slit.
    I arched my back pushing my cock deeper into her mouth as I readied for the rapture of expulsion. Suckling on her clit I struggled to breathe, as I breathed I inhaled her sexy odor driving my desire to a whining crescendo. In the seconds before I exploded in her mouth she did the “coup de grace” and stuck her finger deeply into my asshole to seek my prostate and stroke it. In the midst of its frenzied pumping the teasing touch of her fingertip made my pleasure wracked gland redouble its rush to ejaculate and it intensified it contractions.
    The explosive sensation that detonated inside of my anus made me release her clit and bury my face in her sodden pussy mouth as I moaned in anguished rapture. Chains of cum spilled into her mouth as I hugged her waist and pushed my face into soft wetness of her cunt.
    As I spewed a stream of cum into her mouth she began to grind her pussy on my face. There was no semblance of propriety to the vulgar dance she was doing on my nose and mouth. She pushed her clit down on me humping my face and forth rubbing her clit against my mouth to itch the erotic desperation of imminent orgasm.
    As the orgasmic convulsion waned the last rope of my semen flowed onto her tongue. My awareness returned and I realized she had not cum yet. I latched my lips onto her clit and sucked it into my mouth and began to stroke her glans with my tongue. The smooth bumps on my tongue provided enough friction to cause her to still her desperate humping and surrender to the divine torture of having her clit sucked. She suspended herself over my face as her convulsing pussy opening was feeding me the pleasure she was feeling. My flacid cock was still in her mouth, she sucked it like a baby nursing on a pacifier.
    Figuring that one good turn deserves another I reached around her thigh and coated my finger in the slippery juice that was rolling out of her tormented pussy. Then deftly and gently I slid my finger into her anus.
    Under most circumstances anal sex or anal stimulation is not J’s thing. Except when she is at the crescendo of arousal approaching orgasm, anything is fair game. So as I slid my finger into her rectum she attempted to recoil, but couldn’t as I was holding her hips too tightly. Although she shrank from digital penetration she didn’t say no, so I pursued it farther. Slowly I pushed my finger into her tight asshole and continued to suckle her clit. The vulgar insult of the invasion of her anal opening was matched by her desire to be sensually violated.
    Suddenly I could feel the spasm start in her asshole. Rhythmically her anus began to suck and squeeze my finger. In seconds she uttered “ oh fuck oh fuck” as the orgasm took control of her. She thrust her pussy against my face and began to curse, vocally admonishing me for making her feel so filthy and making her do depraved things to seek the sweet agony of orgasm. She gently humped my face as the orgasm held her and invaded her cunt ruthlessly strumming the chords of her ecstasy.
    When it was over we both lay in sweet post orgasmic repose faces on each others thighs inches from cock and pussy.
    Laying there in reverse direction savoring the waning glow of mutual orgasm kissing each others spent genitals is what I love most about 69. It is perhaps the most intimate part of 69. Once the desperation of lust is sated and I am left there inches from her quaking pussy, I know how self conscious she might be feeling. It is the sacred trust that she has with me that allows her to expose her vulnerability to me. In its unclean vulgar elegance her spent pussy is shamelessly beautiful to me as is she.

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