• Shower Surprise

    As many re-wired dudes can attest, getting clean in shower can be extra dirty!
    After run in summer needed to really scrub myself clean in shower. As I washed between my legs slight touch on taint made my legs go weak as surprise ‘cold chill’ rocked my body; Cock jumped and low moan escaped me. I was home alone, clearly knew what I had to do now!
    Scrubbed some more and spasm with groan let me know my dick was hard. Gave it some attention, then my balls a little massage. Soon, my ass cried out. Reaching between my legs, ginger circled my taint, then got sucked in by hungry butt! Cried out and started furiously pumping my cock.
    Always awkward to finger yourself, butt didn’t care. Spreads legs wide and squatted to for better access as water sprayed all over me. Soon one finger wasn’t enough, slipped in another; more moaning and harder dick pumping. Then another finger! Soon all fingers together making wedge stretching my hole and pleasuring me!
    Wasn’t long before giant pleasure waves were rumbling throughout my body. As I felt giant tsunami building, had to take hand out of my ass to hold myself up. Tsunami hit and WOW! Thundering orgasm rocked my body. I was up on tippy toes, back arched, hand feverishly jacking, other hand pressed on shower wall as my ass sucked in energy and delivered ecstasy to me.
    For good minute just hung there groaning and shaking in wonder, my head swimming in delicious wonderment of full orgasmic man. Then cock jerked and Pow, pow, pow!! All the energy crystalized at my cock base and shot out my dick as I cried out in joy!
    Was completely spent afterwards sweating and breathing harder than when I got in the shower! Great to be re-wired man!


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      09/05/2016at4:27 pm

      @varmint1, Hurray!!! This blog entry is downright hot!!! Until age 63, when I began my Aneros sessions in early June 2012, it was not at all into anal eroticism. But now what I do to prep myself for a session is take the middle finger of my left hand and coat it with extra virgin olive oil (my lube of choice) and “f**k” my bunghole with it! That action lasts maybe fifteen seconds or more before I take one of my Aneros tools and coat it with lube too. All this before I begin a session!

    • Avatar for goldenboy


      09/05/2016at7:27 pm

      @varmint1 A great post for several reasons: it was spontaneous, thoroughly written,and downright sexy! It goes to show that the Aless “feeling” can hit us at unexpected times and locations; we just need to be ready and (if possible) act accordingly!

    • Avatar for gdunn


      10/18/2016at8:24 am

      Thx for sharing. Since being rewired I rediscovered fingering again. So different thnx to new anal sensitivity. Just reading your post creates a build up to aless. I guess you know the feeling.

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