• Shaking All Over

    I’m sure most Aneros users have seen some form of video on the Internet – the ones where during use of an Aneros product the user is thrashing around like a fish that has jumped out of a pond. A couple of times I have filmed part of my session using my iPhone and was surprised to find looking back how still I was during an orgasm. In my mind I am moving around and shaking, but my body is doing something different….until now.
    The opportunity arose to be alone on Sunday morning – the wife and kids were out and I had about an hour before I needed to be out so I made sure it wasn’t wasted. The Progasm came out, was lubed up and I was ready to go. A couple of good strong orgasms were had, but this time there felt that there was more shaking – but then along came the next one – easliy the most powerful I’ve had but then the shaking and moving and thrashing began. I had no control over my body and was actually shocked at the violence of what was occurring. The bed was shaking and moving so much that I’m sure I am going to have to tighten some of the nuts and bolts up if this continues.
    I had a couple more similar experiences in the session – but what I did come to realise is that all the shaking and moving was actually prolonging the orgasms – they were now lasting at least of couple of minutes if not longer.
    Every time I use the Progasm there is a different experience – Where next??


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      09/09/2016at12:16 am

      @Citizen71, sounds like you had a heck of aSuper-O! What good use of a spare hour!

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      09/23/2016at9:49 pm

      I think maybe this is what’s holding me back from experiencing a Super-O. I’m not in the best of shape, and I think the thought of shaking uncontrollably is causing me a bit of anxiety. I guess I’m afraid it will be too much for me. hehehe.

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      10/23/2016at5:08 pm

      @kadien77, like @citizen71, last time I too was shocked by the violence. I was anxious to go on, as I winerly grasped my mattrass to get hold of something in my rampant ecstasy. Preferably I would have had an emergency doctor at hand, to gain sufficiant courage to carry on. The best will be, not to compel and not to become stressed. Good luck and good vibes!
      @citizen71, thanks for sharing, I agree to @GGringo. Besides I placed the matress on the floor, 😉

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      11/28/2016at10:51 pm

      Next time make a vid for future reference.. Newbie

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