• Sexy Massage

    I have always enjoyed giving J pleasure. However, since rewiring my delight in vicariously enjoying her orgasms has doubled. Rewiring has had a profound impact on my sexuality and my perception of her sexual pleasure. As I have said several times here I am a much more sensual and erotic man as a result of these orgasms and the mental state that accompanies them. I also have learned to realize intense joy from escorting my lady to experience erotic pleasure and emotionally fulfilling orgasms.
    I derive deep satisfaction from massaging her and getting her relaxed and in a mind set to embrace arousal and let herself slip into orgasm in my arms, even if I don’t climax.
    Such was the case a night last month. Whether from stress or overactive mind or passion, I couldn’t sleep. So I just laid next to her, watching her doze in the first moments of light sleep. Occasionally I would lean over and kiss her lightly on the temple. She was laying on her stomach with her head turned to me.
    After a few kisses which caused her to stir slightly, I slid my arm under her night shirt and rested it on her back. . Ever so slowly I began to stroke her back. She murmured quietly and snuggled closer to me. In her semi – awake state she sensed the warm loving touch of my palm on the soft skin between her shoulder blades.
    She was in the middle of the bed and was positioned so that her toes hung just over the end of the bed; there was room between her head and the head end of the bed. It was unseasonably warm on Saturday morning, the warmest day of the year so far. As the room was comfortable with the warm spring breeze blowing through the open window, I could get away with sliding the covers down to the middle of her thighs to expose her naked body. Her tee shirt was shucked up, exposing her torso as far as the middle of her back. She turned her head to the right, away from me and sighed.
    I began to gently knead under her tee shirt and on her exposed back, beginning at her neck and slowly working my down her spine to the top of her ass and then returning to her shoulders and upper arms. I then took her arm and massaged down to her fingers. I moved to the other side repeating the process. She stirred in half sleep – half awake haze enjoying the delightful friction.
    I finished with her left arm, raised myself on a elbow laying my naked leg across her thighs just below her buttocks. I ran my fingers very lightly over all her exposed skin raising goose bumps that were clearly visible on her ass cheeks and back; as the chills washed over her they caused her to squirm and mutter " I love you".
    "Me too” I gently responded and followed with kisses to her temple and forehead.
    I then moved to the end of the bed, sitting next to her with my legs over the edge of the bed. Her entire body was now visible up to the upper third of her back which was still covered with her shucked up tee shirt. I turned around facing away from her head; the next five minutes were spent on foot and leg massage, something that she adores. Foot massage is a sure way to juice her pussy up. Gradually I progressed up her calf then onto her thigh. I ran my thumbs up the middle of the back of her thigh, with my fingers wrapping round both the outside and inside of her thighs. Reaching the top of her thigh I was being careful to avoid any contact with her pussy,
    As I massaged her I pushed her cheeks to the side, giving me clear glimpses of her lips against the mattress. Before moving on to the other leg I gave her the light finger routine concentrating on her crease and upper, inner thigh. Soft sighs and giggles told me that J. was clearly enjoying this erotic morning wake up.
    The second leg proceeded as for the first, only this time, as I moved up the thigh, rolling the muscles of the inner thigh outwards, her legs parted with the pressure, allowing me greater access to her inner thigh. As my hands reached the top of her leg she rotated her head to watch proceedings in the mirror across the room from our bed. Subtly she lifted her pelvis as if to reposition from lying in the one spot all the time. When she rested back down, her legs were now further apart, giving me even greater access. With each pass of my hands up the thighs I moved closer and closer to her vulva.
    “Mmmmmmmm” was all she said, as my hands drew closer and closer to her pink flower. I was being extremely careful no to apply any pressure to her vulva as I wanted to tease her for as long as possible. It was very clear that she was really relaxed and turned on and was enjoying the sensuality of the massage.
    Using both hands, I ran my fingers over the backs of her thighs, but one hand concentrated on the cleft between her cheeks. My fingers slipped teasingly down the slope leading to her anus. Almost imperceptibly as I did these errant strokes she rotated her leg outwards, inviting me to pursue deeper access.
    By this time my own cock was beyond raging hard. I could feel the cool wetness of a stream of pre-cum leaking out onto my cock and dripping between my legs.
    I got up and straddled her so that my balls rested between the mid portions of her thighs. As I continued to lower myself my abdomen covered her buttocks and lower back and finally my chest engulfed her very sexy feminine back. I pressed down on her kissing her neck and her shoulders and temples as my hard cock was nestled in the warm crease of her ass crack.
    After a few minutes of my impassioned kisses, I told her it was time to roll over. I moved to the head end of the bed, kneeling with my thighs on either side of her head and my cock inches above her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at my stiffened penis, I knew that she could see the drool of my pre cum running down my cock, she sighed.
    She then closed her eyes as I began gently massage her arms, face and her temples. After a few minutes my fingers disappeared into her hair; I ran my fingers though her silky tresses, stimulating her scalp over her ears and along her hairline. I finished with a thorough kneading of the muscles in the back of her neck as I cradled her head in my two hands.
    As I reached for some oil she opened her eyes and looked up at me. She closed her eyes again and lay back down, as I squirted some warm oil across both of her breasts. As my hands began so spread the oil over her right breast, my cock hardened to the feel of an oak branch. Initially I avoided her nipples concentrating on the full soft fleshy mass of her breasts. Almost immediately her nipples stiffened. As soon as I saw that I included her areola in my ministrations. I slid her dark pink erect nipple between my fingers gently pinching it as my hand caressed and gently squeezed her breast.
    I shifted to the left breast where her nipple was already well and truly erect. I delicately traced circles in oil around the velvet skin of her other breast, this time running a trail directly across her aching nipple, causing her to flinch involuntarily. I carefully kneaded the peripheral tissue at the base of this breast before paying any attention to her hardened nipple. When this breast had received the same attention the right had I placed one hand on each and continued his gentle but firm massaging. I now moved to the fingertip routine. Using a hand on each breast I was lightly running my fingers around the base of her breasts in constantly altering paths. The effect on her nipples was amazing; they were so erect, they looked like hard candies.
    I placed my palms directly over her nipples, with my fingers spread widely. I then slowly lifted my hands so that my fingers contracted towards her nipples. On reaching the nipple my thumbs, index and middle fingers closed around the base of her aching nipple and gently pulled on them. I repeated the process a few more times. I watched her chest heaving, she really adores breast massage.
    I repositioned myself to her midsection next to her to massage her lower abdomen. My hands were working down the sides of her tummy, and then sweeping into the middle, regularly sliding my hands into the hair of her pubic mound and into the crease between her mound and her thigh. In response to my firm pressure on her soft abdomen, there was a slight raising up of her pelvis, thrusting towards each downward pass of my hands.
    Repeating the process, I now went back to her feet. Slowly I moved beyond her knee and onto her right thigh, using long strokes from the knee to the top of her thigh. With each stroke I moved my hands further to the in – and outsides of her thigh, I treated her left leg in the same way. In the process of doing this she demurely parted her legs giving me a delightful view of her swelling vulva and dewy pussy mouth.
    I told her to turn over again. I straddled her upper back facing her feet. I commenced firm strokes along the muscles on either side of her buttocks, fanning out as I reached her thighs. With each stroke I would move further onto the flesh of her thighs. I firmly pressed down and kneaded her ass cheeks and in the process parted her cheeks giving me a delightful view of her neat little pink puckered anus.
    I kneaded her flesh, one hand on the inside of each cheek, kneading pulling apart exposing her anus and the sweet mysteries below her anus. My hands now swept down into her perineum, between her anus and vagina to massage the sweet sensitive flesh in her warmest crease. As I stroked the velvet skin in her groin and crotch, she gave a little flinch and a stifled gasp escaped her mouth. The sensation of my hands stimulating that tender place flipped an imaginary arousal switch into an on position. Anticipating further stimulation she accommodated me and parted her legs wider.
    I told her to roll over again as I wanted to go back to work on her abdomen. She rolled over and laid her arms out from her body and parted her legs to give me access to her pussy. I began to massage her belly paying particular attention to the joint of her abdomen and her pelvic bone, then to the front of her thigh. As my right hand approached the joint in her groin it was immediately adjacent to her pussy lips. With each movement of my hand she let out a soft, barely audible moan, her left fist clenching and relaxing with each brush against her. She was really getting worked up.
    As I looked at her wet pink furrow, I could see that it was drooling her clear sweet passion; her clitoris was peering out from underneath it fleshy hood. I could tell that erotic tension was welling up in her trembling pussy. I ran my hands along the length of her thigh one or two times then started again at the lower end, slowly progressing up. She shifted slightly and at the same time clenched the sheets on the bed in her left hand. As she shifted she opened her legs totally in a wide vee exposing her smoldering cunt and her anus. She can be reticent concerning her anus when we have sex, it is only when she is extremely aroused that she will shed her inhibitions and expose her herself in almost vulgar ways to me. She was totally uninhibited at that moment under my hands.
    This languid awakening was proving to be highly erotic, for her and for me. My cock was rigid and aching with desire. I looked at her totally exposed pussy, it was swollen, her inner lips were thickened and sopping wet; her thick pussy juice was running a stream onto our bed, making a slippery mess between her thighs. It was oozing from between her lips and had formed a small puddle where her cheeks met the bed sheets. If she had stood up she would have trailed a clear string of her need reaching to the floor.
    My hands were slowly moving up her thigh the left and right hands rhythmically rotating around her entire leg. Her breathing became more rapid and shallow the closer I got to her pussy lips. My view of her dripping flower was perfect; the state of her aroused blossom was absolutely hot and incredibly erotic. I flattened my hand out and covered the mouth of her pussy with my palm. Her gapping hole leaked her hot juice onto my palm. As she felt my hands on her sensitive inner pussy skin, she let out a groan and shuddered.
    My large strong hands were now rotating and massaging the ball of her hip joint. The tips of the fingers on my left hand intermittently sank between her legs nudging against the clitoral end of her pussy. As they disappeared under her leg my right hand would sweep down the crack between her leg and cunt, the edge of my palm brushing back and forth along the edge of her mound.
    I got up and climbed onto the bed and kneeled between her legs, so that the back of her thighs were resting on the top of my thighs.
    I leavened forward and put both of my hands on her pubic mound, on hand on one side of her love hole the other on the other side. Then gently grasping her pussy lips, my pointer finger adjacent to her clit and my thumbs at the base of her slit towards her anus, I drew my thumbs and pointer fingers together, squeezing and flexing her pussy lips, her clit and the mouth of her vagina in the process. I repeated this process of kneading her pussy lips and squeezing her love hole gently and rhythmically. As I relentlessly kneaded her pussy, she groaned.
    Her breathing quickened and became ragged. She held her breath as my fingers danced around her aroused opening. When I was massaging the opening in little circles she drew her breath in and held it briefly before she exhaled in a long slow moan. As her body tensed and relaxed with my teasing, her pelvis arched to meet my warm hands as they were gently probing and squeezing her pussy mouth. I was maintaining a rhythmic squeezing motion on the sides of her cunt hole; the wetness that was being expressed out from between her lips was running down to the base of her slit. Still I had no direct contact with her clitoris and was not yet inside her sopping vagina.
    Finally she couldn't hold back any longer. Her breathing was erratic and uncontrolled. Her eyes closed as her whole body tensed. She hovered for a millisecond on the brink and then tumbled into the abyss of an intense orgasm, jerking abdomen as the spasms gripped her and squeezed the bliss from her aching pussy. I continued my kneading the flesh around her love hole as it fluttered and quivered. She thrust her pelvis up, gasping for air and clenching her vagina repeatedly as if she was trying to try to hold onto the ecstasy that escaping from her cunt. As her orgasm faded I changed to long gentle strokes up and down her thigh, lightly brushing her vulva as I passed. She was breathing hard and moaning ever so slightly.
    I stopped the massage momentarily and took a minute to remove her tee shirt which was bunched up around her neck. She was now totally naked, giving my hands access to the entirety of her.
    I began to massage her other thigh now, this time, as I approached her cunt lips my actions were less teasing and more deliberate. She was very highly aroused and her inhibitions began to fade. She became much more vocal than before. Her moans were louder and higher pitched signaling her heightened state of arousal.
    I began to lightly run my fingers over the skin of both legs tickling her more than massaging. Weaving my fingertips up her legs I deliberately avoided touching her pussy lips, which made her thrust her cunt up in the hope of initiating contact. The next time I stretched down to her ankles, bringing my face inches from her anus and cunt, I inhaled deeply. I love the sweet smell of her aroused vagina. My head was full of that sweet musk aroma.
    I told her to roll over onto her stomach again so I could get her lower body. I repositioned myself at her feet now. Taking the bottle of oil I dribbled more across her cheeks, allowing a pool to form just at the top of her crack. As it overflowed and a trickle ran down over her anus I quickly placed my finger on the patch of skin between her vagina and anus as though to stop the "accidental" flow. She flinched and then groaned as my finger moved upwards and tickled her anus, scooping up the excess oil but causing her sphincter to constrict involuntarily. I then took a buttock firmly in each hand, my hands moving in sweeps from the centre out, stretching her anus, then back inwards down onto her upper inner thighs, my hands following the crease between her buttock and thigh. This resulted in her pussy lips being forced together, and then opened wide, as my hands came together and moved apart deep between her legs. Her groan was hoarse and ominous. She wasn't going to be able to hold back from another orgasm for long.
    My strokes were now getting shorter, running much more vertically down the midline, still stretching her anus and now also causing the part of her pussy closest to her anus to gape, exposing both the opening to her vagina and the large quantity of her love honey pooled within. As my fingers moved further down the length of her slit, I lowered my head so that my face and mouth were inches above her anus and vulva. I was savoring the mixed aromas arising from both her puckering and relaxing ass hole, and her streaming cunt. Once inhaled, I blew warm breath on her anus as I exposed it.
    Each stroke was now causing her to expel a guttural groan; she was going to fully give herself to the next orgasm. She was humping the bed as I ministered to her aching pussy.
    My strokes were abrupt and firm now, just forming small arcs around her labia, her inner lips; and pushing up against her clitoris, and it was being pressed against bed and was being manipulated by all the pushing and pulling of her tender cunt flesh. Copious amounts of her pre cum continued to flow out of her hole and over her clitoris. She was breathing in short rasping breaths as she ground her pubic bone into the mattress.
    The next orgasm eased its way into her gapping pussy mouth, slowly at first and then with the force of a torrent.. Her opening quivered as the tension inside her canal became a tight as wrung cloth. Then as she felt that she could no longer contain the mounting bliss inside her aching pussy, she tensed and let the spasms of her orgasm flow over her as the climax ripped the raw ecstasy from her convulsing organ.
    "Oh god, fuckkk…yesss," she groaned, as she ground her pelvis down onto the soft mattress trying to gain extra contact with my finger, which was underneath her making tight little circles around and over her slippery clit. My thumbs were resting lightly on her anus. As her spasms and groans slowed so did my hands, having the effect of coaxing every last ounce of pleasure from her aroused body.
    As she was laying there in post orgasming bliss, I was delicately running my fingers over her thighs, buttocks and occasionally very lightly running over her swollen engorged labia and her anus, eliciting small flinches from the pleasurable sensation. She made no move to close her legs.
    This time as I needed her to roll over I knew that she needed help as her legs were weak and trembling. I rolled her over and I continued to gently massage her engorged pussy lips being very careful to avoid direct contact with her inflamed opening and clit which were obviously tender from her recent orgasms.
    She groaned and moaned: “oh my god it feels so good ….. not again?!” As I massaged her mound I noticed that her pelvis was again thrusting upwards imitating the motion of swallowing a cock in her sodden furrow. I knew that this was the last hurrah and that this climax clearly was to the finale in the fireworks show. Two orgasms for her is a lot, the third is very rare but clearly her erotic pelvic rocking was indicating that she senses it hiding deep inside her and she wanted it to come out.
    I bent over and parted her pussy lips and lowered my face to her hot vagina; it was quivering and wet with her cum. It was inflamed in the passionate aftermath of two hard orgasms and a lot of manual friction. I knew to launch her this time I would need to focus internally and on the aroused nub of sensitive flesh just inside her vagina.
    With her lips fully parted I put my lips on her throbbing clit and teased it with a dozen tender kisses and then I suckled it. The warm softness of my lips coaxed it to full erection; it was exposed and glistened with a coating of her post orgasmic passion. She stopped her rocking and held perfectly still mesmerized by my attention to her aching pearl. I straightened up and sat on her thighs facing her and looking into her eyes.
    I can read her mental state very easily by looking in her eyes. I t comes from many years and many experiences together. When I looked into her eyes that moment sitting on her legs, I saw a look of erotic desperation, confusion, lust and adoration. Without saying anything she was begging me to relieve of the ache that consuming her cunt. She desperately needed a last orgasm to satisfying the ecstatic agony that was gripping her open vagina; the mouth of her sex was open in an o shape as if it was silently screaming its erotic anguish. Her entire body was in erotic tension aching for this final deep climax, she was almost frantic in her need.
    Her nipples were erect and hardened to two tight little points of tough wrinkled skin. I moved my hands around them teasing her nipples more and more with each stroke. she was staring at me with particular desire and panic.
    She spread her legs wide apart as I began stroking her inner thighs, teasing a finger along her labia. I then extended my middle three fingers spreading them slightly and dragged them along the length of her vulva. she flinched at the firm contact with her clitoris and gasped. The next few strokes I touched only her labia. she mewled and tried to arch her pelvis into my fingers. I again stroked her clitoris on a downward stroke as she huskily groaned, almost as though in relief. A few more gentle strokes up and down, then I let my finger linger on the hood of her clitoris, drawing little circles so that the skin moved over the head of her swollen pearl, rhythmically exposing and covering it.
    Her eyes were now closed and she was clearly lost in white hot pleasure, totally consumed, and giving herself fully to the exquisite tension that creeping in to her pussy. Her mind was elsewhere, somewhere far away, she was in divine surrender.
    I was running my fingers up and down the length of her slit. I stopped briefly at the base of her clitoris and this time as my middle finger ran down the centre of her slit I applied a little more pressure. My finger slipped easily between the folds, half submerging as her swollen red lips parted then enveloped over the sides of my finger, swallowing it. She shuddered with the sensation of blissful intrusion into her warm wet secret place.
    At the end of the stroke I lifted my hand back to the top, trailing a long thick trail of her thick juice. I again partially submerged my finger in her cunt juice filled furrow; but this time I lingered, subtly flexing my finger, testing the tension in her hole and pressing against her swollen G spot. She inhaled sharply held her breath and tensed her belly as if an electric jolt had just shot through her.
    She began to breathe again, this time her exhale came as a desperate string of curses. My finger was fully up inside her hole. I kept still for a moment then started rubbing my other thumb against her clitoris. She began to thrust very erratically against my hands as she gasped.
    I leaned over and whispered into her ear in my sexiest voice: "Come on baby, that's it, don’t hold it, give in and let it go. Cum for me."
    I don’t really know if she heard me or not. She was in another place now; she was swimming in a sea of ecstatic rapture. Every neuron and every inch of her skin was awash in such deep bliss that she had no sense of where she was or for that matter who she was. All she knew was that there was a burning throbbing orgasm that was buried in her cunt and it would not leave. It was totally embedded deep inside of her and it was pumping ecstasy into her in rhythmic hard spasms that were causing her to twist and writhe as they flooded her body. In response her convulsing cunt was spasming hard and streaming her cum.
    As her body was caressed in spasms of sheer bliss she grabbed a pillow and covered her face screaming “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck me” into the pillow. As her orgasm came to an end, I eased my finger out of her letting her liquid passion pour out of her.
    She was sweating and her hair was glued to the moisture on her forehead. Her pussy was sodden, drooling her own cum onto the bed. The sheets were soaked and she was exhausted. She moaned I need a bath and a nap, and she sighed.
    I laid down next to her and embraced her holding her to my chest; my cock and my heart were swollen with my love and desire for her.

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