• Sexual Yin and Yang

    J loves the sensation of her vagina being filled by my cock; penetration is a huge turn on for her. It was not always so as my erect penis is amply proportioned. In later years however, she has developed the ability to accommodate my girth and length. Beyond penetration she loves to feel the weight of me on her pelvis as her pussy mouth stretches open to swallow my cock. The sensation of having her vagina packed with warm pulsing cock and embracing my weight between her legs as I grind on her vulva is both thrilling and gratifying for her. However erotic and wonderful it feels, she has a really hard time orgasming by being fucked in missionary or in almost any other position except for one. To compensate for the difficulty she discovered the advantages of riding me cowgirl to have an orgasm. As a result her favorite position has always been cowgirl.
    I can identify with the mind focusing thrilling and gratifying sensation of having me penetrate her. Her need to hold my cock in her vagina during arousal and orgasm is akin to the feeling i have from anal penetration from an Aneros. I hope someday to experience the exact same sensation she feels when I am fucked by a guy.
    When she does oral or a hand job on me I feel the intensely gratifying thrill of coaxed ejaculation. Despite my ability to hold back my cum there are situations where that is almost impossible. She has learned to force me to succumb and experience the profound rush of release. She has developed a technique that I find unable to resist. She will use one of her hands to envelop and supports my balls while the other is holding my rigid cock shaft firmly upwards. She will then envelop my cock head in her mouth and massage my cleft with her tongue. She can read my arousal like a book and at the crucial time she will release my balls and use her lubed middle finger to massage my anal opening. Regardless of how much I resist the sensation of her tongue stroking my cock cleft as her finger strokes my anus forces me to release a stream of hot cum in her mouth. That sensation of being totally enveloped, and massaged in those two hyper orgasmic points as orgasm approaches makes me spew a very heavy load.
    Just as she loves to make me feel good I love making her feel good. That is why I try extra hard when we fuck. To some guys fucking is like a walk in the park. To me being the mindful sexual person that I am fucking is like being an orchestra conductor. I am keeping track of a spate of sensations in my own body and thinking about all I need to do to guide her as well. J has incredible orgasms but she is slow to warm up because she has a hard time clearing her mind for pleasure. It has always been my job to relax her and guide her to orgasmic rapture. It is a job that I love, but it does take concentration and effort.
    In the last several years I have become this sexually mindful man who walks a very sensual path through life. Sex has become a thing of the mind for me. As my arousal and subsequent pleasure increases, the onset of sexual euphoria makes me retreat into the comforting quiet of my mind. I find myself unable to focus on anything but the exquisitely calm excitement of escalating arousal. As my orgasmic response has grown so has the link between my mind and body. The immobilizing and body stiffening sensation that washes over men in the moments imminently before orgasm have been enhanced in me. As I roll from orgasmic wave to orgasmic wave during MMO, my body has gotten accustomed to the sensation of pre orgasmic paralysis. So now when my arousal grows it has become harder and harder for me to be the controller of J’s orgasm.
    In the landscape of my own sexual pleasure now I find myself craving relaxation to savor the kaleidoscope of sensations that flood my body as orgasmic pleasure mounts. It is indeed like talking during a movie or being asked to answer a complicated question during a fire works show. I crave the experience of savoring my pleasure.
    It is for these reasons that my favorite sexual interaction with J and my favorite sex act to deliver her to the arms of agonizing ecstasy is cunnilingus. When I want to focus on her that is all I want to do. Kissing and sucking her pussy and slowly guiding her to the delirious pleasure of orgasm is also a huge turn on for me. It does not require that I think of anything but pleasing her pussy and guiding her thoughts through my words and the actions of my tongue, lips and fingers.
    So last night after several days of very intense MMO sensations my arousal and my cock were keened to razor sharp edge and my balls were heavy with cum. The kiss that I got from her when I came out of the shower all warm and clean was the kiss of a wanton woman. It was punctuated by the comment: “ I love the way you look”. In the seconds after that comment I found myself standing before a kneeling woman who was covering my slowly erecting cock with kisses. As she caressed my balls with one hand she held my hardening shaft with the other and directed her kisses to my cockhead which was swelling to its full proportion by her loving attention. That attention was also making the warm clear expression of my passion drip from my pink cock slit, she collected it on her lips and tongue. I stood there relishing the adoration that she was lavishing on my cock. Soon I was fully erect. Time stood still; I was finding it hard to stand as the paralysis of arousal began to take control of me.
    When she stood up she knew that getting both of us to bed was better than having my legs buckle if she continued what she was doing. So as we lay on the bed she reverted to kissing my lips; these kisses were flavored by my precum which coated her lips and tongue. In my rewiring scent and taste has become a huge part of my sexual response. The silky sensation and taste of my precum on her lips and the scent of it on her breath hardened my cock to stone.
    Lying naked in bed we were all over each other. Kisses turned to tender suckling of each others nipples and probing each others sexual openings and massaging erogenous spots. I knew as I lay there that this lovely interlude would not end in me fucking her. This was going to end in oral sex on one or both of us.
    What I did not expect however was that it would end in sixty nine; we hardly ever do sixty nine. It is too distracting. We have always found it hard to do simultaneous oral sex. It becomes a test of wills, who will succumb to the immobilizing pleasure of arousal first.
    So as I lay on my back it was a total surprise to have her turn herself around and straddle my face putting her vulva over my face. Her lust moistened pussy mouth was less than a foot from my eyes, mouth and nose. The familiar scents and sights of her cunt in arousal began to work their magic on me.
    I realized that she had this tryst in mind as her outer pussy lips were shaved bare and she had trimmed her pubic hair to be very short. The resulting image was of the bare skin of her pussy mouth framed by a sexy muff of downy soft hair. The dew of her arousal was gathering around her lips which were starting to thicken and swell with her swelling desire. As her Mons swelled her vaginal opening was dilating, revealing its glistening hot pink interior. Her arousal and the opening of her canal released the heady scent of her arousal. The scent of her passion has a pungently sweet tanginess that intoxicates me. Laying there inhaling her arousal had the effect of calming me and inflaming me at the same time, lulling me into a deep relaxed state. I inhaled deeply attempting to get as much of this narcotic scent into my lungs as I could. Erotic visions of her filled my head as she held the source of her scent over me a tantalizing distance from my mouth.
    As I drifted in and out of bodily awareness I was startled back to reality with the sensation of her warm mouth engulfing my cock head. The jolting warmth of her mouth surrounding my swelled pink mushroom head made my anus twitch and my prostate begin to pulse deep inside me. The iron grip of arousal was holding me down; the scent of her passion filled pussy blossoming and opening for me perfumed the air with her desire. The divine sensation of her hot mouth nursing on my cockhead and sucking my desire held me firmly down on the bed.
    I opened my legs in surrender. Without releasing her warm mouth from my pleasure engulfed cockhead I felt her finger tickling and teasing my anal opening. It responded by twitching closed as she teased it tenderly. Taking some of the copious saliva and precum from my shaft on her finger she returned her finger to my aching anus. The hunger for penetration began to gather in my anal canal. She gently began to massage my anal opening with her lubed finger. My anus pulsed and contracted an d released in response to the intensely pleasurable sensation.
    I wrapped my arms around her hips and pulled her pussy to my mouth. The silky wetness of her inner lips on my lips completed the erotic tableau for me. Fighting my way to awareness I began to kiss her open flower and probe her opening with the pointed tip of my tongue. Like a hummingbird sips the nectar from a delicate blossom I probed her flower with my tongue, tickling and tantalizing her hot spots and eliciting deep sighs from her.
    Emboldened by my newfound focus I moved my lips to her fully exposed clit and engulfed it between my lips sucking it into my mouth. I then began to stroke it and suckle it. The suction on my cock stopped and the teasing of my anus stopped; I could feel her hot breath on my cock and balls as she surrendered to the intensely pleasurable anguish of having her clit suckled.
    My nose was now in her vaginal opening, the scent of her arousal was beyond intense it was overpowering. I was drunk on the heady aroma of her desire.
    However in this game of intimate ping pong we were playing I learned that I can’t ever assume that I have prevailed. With my nose lodged in the mouth of her glistening pink folds and my lips locked on her clit I was suddenly torn from my focus on her by the exquisite sensation of my anus being penetrated by a finger. That was followed by the sensation of the intense heat of her mouth surrounding my cockhead. The third punch in the knockout was the sensation of the powerful suction of her warm wet mouth sliding up and down my cockhead as her tongue stroked my cleft and sharpened the urgency of my arousal.
    I was frozen by the waves of anguished euphoria that began to wash over me. Each wave pushed me further and further out in the sea of sexual ecstasy that I was now adrift in.
    Her finger reached the depth of my anus and began to gently stroked my passion swelled prostate. The combined sensation of my cock in her mouth and her finger massaging my cum filled gland pushed me into the deepest most isolated part of this ocean. I felt like I was miles away from my body the only connection with reality was my mouth clamped motionlessly on her clit.
    The arousal was rising in me. I clung to her hips and buried my face in her pussy as the pleasure became so intense I could’nt contain myself. I moaned repeatedly into the mouth of her pussy. My balls pulled into my body and I could feel my prostate filling with cum. My penile bulb began to tingle with the familiar sensation of imminent ejaculation. I began to frantically kiss her clit and her open pussy mouth as the thunder of the orgasm began to build.
    Her probing finger was deep in my anus and was coaxing my prostate to regurgitate its contents as her mouth was sucking at them from the outside. The combined impact was more than I could endure. I stopped kissing her pussy mouth and gasped as the flood gates of my passion opened. My prostate was filled to capacity from five days of MMOs. The steaming hot cum was pumped from deep inside of me in an initial pulse that was so hard I shuddered as I felt the wad begin its journey. Each inch that it moved inside me caused an echo of orgasmic rapture to reverberate through my body.
    There is this moment in oral sex when I know that I am about to cum and her mouth is on my cockhead. That moment of immanency forces my conscience to deal with the reality that I am about to fill her mouth with my cum. The dilemma of succumbing to my base erotic needs vs being a gentleman comes to a head at that moment.
    So as the immanency of my ejaculation made itself known, my anus began to rhythmically clamp onto her finger as the first pulsing stream of my cum splashed into her mouth, followed by another and another. I groaned as I arched my back and held her hips; the pumping deep inside of me became desperate as the pleasure that resulted from it became agonizingly sweet. She struggled to swallow each hot gushing mouthful of my cum as I pissed it in her mouth.
    After four or five hard spasms my balls and prostate were emptied and the orgasm was over. My cock deflated but my resolve inflated. The sexual ping pong match was back in my court.
    I latched my lips around her clit again. It was still erect, aroused no doubt by the intensely erotic performance I just did. She was all warmed up and ready for her own crescendo. So holding her around her hips I began to suckle her clit again and stir the steamy cauldron of her sexuality.
    She is a very reserved person, but in the throes of mind numbing arousal culminating in desperate orgasm she loses all inhibition and is transformed. So we began the climb to that peak together. As I suckled her clit I returned the favor of massaging her anus. She moaned around my post orgasmic soft cock which she still held in her mouth like it was a pacifier. In its deflated state it was a comfortable and comforting thing to suck on as her own pleasure mounted.
    Her sucking was punctuated by the gasps of acknowledgement that she was being filled with incredibly erotic sensations and thoughts. As the claws of orgasm begin to dig into her pussy and take domain of her mind, she acknowledges their presence by murmuring lurid sexual narratives. So with my flaccid penis providing comfort and succor she began to mumble incoherent fantasies around it taking moments between utterances to suck on my penis for inspiration and then continue her erotic mumblings. Her pre orgasmic utterances serve her own arousal and climax more than they do me as I really was cut off from hearing them fully.
    I took intermittent breaks from sucking her clit to probing her now wide open vaginal mouth to tantalize the sensitive flesh at her opening. Each time I returned to her hardened clit, the initial contact of being sucked into my lips caused her to shudder and gasp a throaty OMG.
    The relentless stimulation was filling her body with sensations that made her thrust her pelvis and press her clit on my tongue. Soon my head was being held down on my pillow by the downward force of her vagina. The thrusting gave way to gentle grinding against my mouth as she began to hump my face. Rhythmically she began to rub her clit on my tongue as she described the feelings that were invading her with her mouthful of my now semi erect penis. Her growing arousal was beginning to harden my cock.
    She stopped sucking my penis as her moaning became a more sustained intoning that would not allow her to close her mouth. Releasing my cock from her mouth she buried her face in my balls and prepared for the song that was rising in her throat. The grinding of her cunt stopped and she stilled it to welcome the invasion of the orgasm.
    Her narration became louder and higher pitched as the orgasm was on the threshold of her pussy. With a refrain admonishing me for making her such a filthy whore and a dirty slut she announced loudly : “ Oh My God ………I am going to cum”. With that her whole body began to quiver as the orgasm rushed into her spasming vagina in a torrent. I felt her anus flexing and releasing on my finger which was gingerly still massaging it. Her hips thrust in time to the orgasmic spasms as if she was trying to grasp at them as they squeezed her insides.
    The pearlescent white honey of her orgasm was dribbling from her pussy mouth which was clamped shut as she tried to grasp the agonizing pleasure that had lodged itself inside her. I licked the drooling love nectar from her quivering pussy lips as the waves of pleasure took her on an anguished joy ride.
    When it was over she rolled off of me and lay next to me satisfied and spent. My own balls were drained, the fullness that had been plaguing me for the last few days was replaced by the pleasant ache of emptiness.
    Sleep came quickly, I can’t remember the events in detail that lead to the lights going out and covers being pulled up. But this morning in the dim light of early dawn as I lay in bed pondering the sexy interchange of the night before, I began to write this entry in my head.
    I called it 34 and a half because for us sixty nine is not mutual oral sex, it is half of mutual oral sex. In effect a match of passing the pleasure between us. It suits me well as I get to focus on her pleasure and lay back and experience my own as well. The only difficult in this orgasmic dance we do is deciding who goes first.
    I can’t complain though because the way we decide beats the alternative oif deciding who orgasms first by having an arm wrestling match.

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