• Sexual experiences with Mrs Con

    As i spoon with her I'm slowly rubbing my hands up and down her body. I begin teasing her body, stopping my hands at her breast and moaning in her ear as we grind our hips against each other. I start to kiss her neck and lightly bite her earlobe, all while pinching her nipple with my free hand. i hear soft moans coming from her as i do her breath deepens and her ass is plastered against my painfully hard dick. slowly turn her on to her back so that i can cup both of her breasts in my hands. i slowly put her nipple in my mouth, i feel her nipple swell, harden, and elongate against my tongue. while her nipple is in my mouth i tease it with the tip of my tongue … i can hear a deep moan escape from her. i then move up to her lips and start to kiss her she desperately, she reciprocates making out with me with fierce intensity. while continuing to make out i slowly bring my left hand down to her pussy, she stops kissing arching to the warmth of my hand. i start to tease her pussy slowly passing my finger tips up and down her outer lips. i can feel her pussy swell and feel her juices rubbing against my finger tips. as i feel her pussy moisten i move my lips towards her throbbing pussy kissing a trail down her body along the way. when i got to her pussy i gave her soft licks around her pussy. i can now taste the sweetness of her pussy juices as i slowly teasingly lick between her lips. i hear her a nice soft mmmm from her as i reach her clit. i know she wants more but i wont give it to her just yet, instead i trace my tongue back down her pussy slowly teasing her as i push a little deeper inside her with my tongue. i spread her lips apart her and take my tongue from insider her tracing it up to her clit. i start to lick her clit flicking it with the tip my tongue. i begin to feel the warmth of her pussy juice up against my chin it tastes so goood, so sweet and her pussy smells even better. almost like sugar with a bit of bitterness. i start to suck on her clit with my lips while teasing it with the tip of my tongue her hips begin to ride agasint my face as i pick up the tempo. i start to move the tip of my tounge fast and then flicking back and forth on the underside of my tounge her moaning gets deeper and she graps my hair and says, "ohhh Babbbeee" i go faster and faster and she is moving all over the place i hold on not letting her get away. she tells me she is going to cum, i keep at that pace and she lets out a loud moan. she clenches the sheets and then bends up almost sitting upright and then back down all while im holding on licking her clit with intensity. she cums hard and then i stop and sit her up and watch her glow and slowly rubbing her outer pussy as she comes down from her climax. i position my self between my wife's legs … at this point my cock is throbbing with pre cum and eagerness. she is now just coming down from her orgasmic high, ready and primed for another orgasm. i slowly put my thick cock inside her feeling her pussy tighten around my cock as i slide into her we both let out a gental moan. i start with slow shallow trust first… teasing the inside of her pussy ….. i can feel her pull me closer trying to feel every inch of me. i lean back so i can see her sexy body …. i watch her face twist in ecstasy as i go deeper and harder. she looks at me and tells me, "is that all you got?" i give her a little smirk and then hold one of her legs over my should and begin to fuck her harder. she arches her head back and lets out a loud moan " oohhhh gabe!" i then push my hands on the inside of her of her hips to open up her pussy more for what i am about to do next. i can see it in her eyes what she wants, i start to fuck her even harder, deeper, and faster. i get my tempo going … she looks me me in the face and saids " COME ON IS THAT ALL YOU GOT ! GIVE IT TO ME!" The head board starts bagging hard against the wall she tells me she is gonna cum. i give it to her just how she likes it, i surrender myself giving her everything i got. she lets out a huge moan, "OHHHHHHH" her back arches yet again and she then reaches up and holds me close to her body. i can feel her shudder under me as she lets out a deep sigh. she whispers in my ear "that was amazing babe, i love you so much" i gave her a gentle kiss and lay next to her. to my surprise i noticed there was a huge wet spot from when she gushed all over my throbbing cock.

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      03/25/2014at11:52 am

      Love the story. Even if you have to back away from this site in a little while )i totally understand( dont stop posting, you're a great writer and it can only get better!

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