• Sessions 8, 9, and 10

    It’s been a while since I posted. I have had a few sessions since my last post. I’ll call it “three” sessions, but two were on the same day. I’ve just been too busy to write about them.

    Session 8 was last Wednesday. It was not particularly exciting. Very relaxing, but no particularly powerful sensations. I also fell asleep. I tried some of the things I’d tried in the past and didn’t manage to spark anything exciting. Toward the end of that session, I thought I might be making some progress by just trying to maximize the motion of my Helix Trident using kegel-like motions, but then my time was up and I had to get to work.

    Yesterday I decided to try riding my helix incognito on the couch. Usually I wait for alone time, but I didn’t feel like waiting this time, so I tried to ride in the afternoon while pretending to read/nap. It didn’t really work out that well. I did feel some things, but there were just too many distractions. I couldn’t really focus. I did find that the positioning while laying on the couch did have some benefits, so maybe in the future I’ll try laying on the couch again. Something about the angle of my hips or the slope of my back seemed to help the Aneros hit some nice spots.

    I tried again at bedtime last night. But I switched to the Eupho Trident because I figured that worst case, given the size, I could just fall asleep and it wouldn’t be that sleep-disturbing. And that’s eventually what happened. I kept it in the whole night. I fell asleep for the last time around midnight. But before that final longer rest, I had a very enjoyable experience.

    Returning to when I went to bed, I laid in bed on my back dressed in warm pajamas (it’s fall now and we haven’t turned the heat on yet, so it has been pretty cool in the house). I just tried to relax and let the Eupho do its thing. I tried a few different adjustments to my positioning and found that having my ankles close together but my knees bent and spread seemed to work pretty well. My left knee was resting on the body pillow I sleep with. In that position I felt some occasional tingles of pleasure and sensations of motion or non-voluntary contraction.

    I eventually fell asleep that way and woke a few times to pleasure waves. They weren’t strong, but they were noticeable enough to wake me. Each time it happened, I would get excited, which probably spoiled it, but I tried to just let it happen naturally. The first few times, the sensations just faded after a short time and I would eventually fall back to sleep. But finally, after trying a few different things, I stumbled on a technique that allowed me to sustain and amplify the pleasure.

    It is difficult to describe what I did. The best analogy I can think of is this: imagine you have a large, wide straw in your mouth (wider than any straw you’ve probably ever actually used), and that it’s resting on your tongue. You’re trying to suck a really thick milkshake through it, and the suction pulls your cheeks in such that they make contact with the straw. That’s sort of the feeling I was getting, but in my rectum. I somehow managed to create that sensation of suction around the Eupho. I am not sure which muscles I used to do this. It was not the muscles that constrict my anus, nor were they my PC muscles. Those muscle groups remained mostly relaxed. I tested this by flexing those muscles as well and found that leaving those relaxed and tightening this newly discovered group of muscles gave the best results.

    And the results were great. There was a sense of compression around the Eupho. It sort of gave me a feeling of an itch being scratched all around the Aneros. It felt really good, and if I held those muscles tight, the pleasure would grow and build. I’d begin to feel throbbing around my prostate and pressure from the p-tab of the Eupho. I had some involuntary muscle spasm and worried that I might disturb my husband, who was in bed next to me.

    The pleasure seemed to wane if I relaxed these new muscles. I experimented a bit with flexing other muscle groups, but that seemed to be unproductive. So I tried to just keep tensing these new muscles, focusing on the feel of it and trying to isolate them and gain better conscious control of them. I think I had some pretty good success with this, though I’m not sure I’ll be able to reproduce it immediately the next time I try. Still, I think I know what to “look” for in my next session. That sort of “sucking” sensation was pretty distinct, and even if it doesn’t bring the same kind of pleasure next time, I think it’s a very good technique to practice. I imagine those muscles are fairly weak and need some exercise to really get the most out of them, though I could be wrong; maybe they’re important muscles I use for other things and just don’t know it. Gaining consistent conscious control over them will be the key, I think.

    I managed to keep myself in a state of pleasure for around 30 minutes. It wasn’t the strongest pleasure I’ve ever felt, but it was sustained and certainly the best thing I’ve felt from the Aneros since my first or second session. I am feeling very encouraged by this result. I hope I can replicate it in the future.

    I will try to be more precise about which group of muscles this is for anyone interested in trying it (or for people who have already experienced this). In terms of location, I would describe the feeling as beginning behind and perhaps a little below the navel. It extends downward to around the pubic bone area. It doesn’t go lower than that, so it’s definitely distinct from the anal sphincter, and it feels as though it’s more internal (I guess?) than the PC muscles. It feels sort of like it creates pressure from the left and right sides of my body toward the center. I’m trying to activate them as I write this, and it seems to be giving me some low-level pleasure. Maybe these are some of the muscles used by people who have a lot of success with A-less pleasure.

    I hope that explanation made sense or will help others find these muscles. As with other muscle groups which we don’t use often, gaining initial conscious control over them at first seems like we’re actually just imagining the movement. So if you are going to try it, I suggest imagining the sensations and seeing if your body figures out what you’re asking it to do.

    I feel like this might be a pretty significant breakthrough for me. It could be that it will be difficult to reproduce these muscle movements, or that they don’t generate the same pleasurable sensations every time. But it will be fun to experiment. I really enjoy the fact that there is so much to learn and explore with the Aneros.
    That’s about all I have to share for now. Thanks for reading!

    P.S. For those that frequent the Aneros chat who might have noticed I haven’t been around, I will be back eventually. I’m just particularly busy right now trying to apply for jobs and prepare for interviews.


    • Avatar for gdunn


      10/15/2018at7:35 am

      @synath thnx for sharing. I recognise the mild muscle contractions at the lower front. Love those contractions and sometimes they are a prelude to a super orgasm. It is an amazing journey full of surprises.

    • Avatar for Armon-neat


      10/15/2018at6:55 pm

      Beautifully and accurately written. The sucking has been described in conjunction with pressing one’s tongue to the roof of the mouth and doing that (for me) just had the effect of creating the most pre-cum flow that I have ever had. Waiting to read more, synath.

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