• Session with the great Progasm Ice

    Hi Guys,
    Last night I had a great session with my Progasm Ice.
    After I had taken a relaxing bath, I started around midnight with applying a water-based lubricant in my anus and on the Progasm Ice,.
    When very relax on bed to lie down with my thoughts at the wonderful session that would follow in the next night and that was so.
    After about 45 minutes to have located the first short dry orgasm, this followed by several smaller and larger dry orgasms, all this took about 60 to 90 minutes until there all of a sudden many orgasms came one after the other and I started to sweat like crazy, but it was a very pleasant feeling.
    Have been about 2 years and have now finally got the right feeling to unwind and fully enjoy these sessions.
    I love my Progasm Ice a great stimulator.


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      06/14/2017at7:19 pm

      @rlin, Congrats, lucky guy!
      After that blissful session I would recommend to do an Aless session the other day to deepen your experience. You will see, that you have programmed your prostate and its memory now will reproduce the pleasure for you, even without your beloved toy. Nevertheless from time to time a reinitialization can push things even further.
      My last ride on my Progasm Ice on Sunday has caused awesome Aless every following day, for three days by now. Yeah! That feels great!

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      06/17/2017at12:53 pm

      @rlin great to hear about the success you had with the Progasm Ice. It’s a great model that is guaranteed to give you great feelings and good results. It is one of my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

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