• Session with the great Progasm Ice

    Hello guys,
    Last night, I again had a session with a prostate Aneros Progasm Ice and stimulation American brand Pipedream. The entire evening was all excited just at the thought that I could play with my prostate and my l favorite toys, it was finally been 8 days since I had been active.
    After I had taken a hot bath to relax a little, I’m at about half past ten gone to bed and get some pornography. I started this time with a prostate stimulator of another brand, this I had about 3 years ago as first bought and I really like it, after some time (15 minutes) with this Massager on my back to have located, came the first light shocks in my legs, then followed quickly the first light and soon followed by solid orgasm , which succeeded each other rapidly.
    All this has such a 1 ½ hours and then switched to the Aneros Progasm Ice prostate Massager my favorite and this had not as much time to make sure everything began to move into my body, my balls, penis and of course my prostate and I was lying on my stomach now, surely this is 1 of my favorite poses. I’m all that time of my penis alone, because I was so excited that I wanted to direct it, but was I really don’t, the dry orgasm were becoming more violent and followed each other fast on, also I got cramp in my legs and feet, but at a certain time was my penis so hard, that I thought he would break and it seemed like I just no longer on this world was, but it was all that time a wonderful feeling what I didn’t want to miss. Because I am doing this for only 3 years, everything is still fairly new to me, also I have actually not yet as long ago the Aneros website and read all about how great and delicious everything can be, provided you have for yourself certain rules persists.

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      06/24/2017at1:19 pm

      Great blog @rlin! The P-Ice is also one of my favorite in the pack. I look forward to reaching your level of pleasure.
      Good vibes to you.

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