• Session for July 8, 2015

    Hi guys,
    I must have pulled a muscle somewhere in my right hip when I had my first Super-O, subtle as may have been on the morning of July 4.
    Sunday afternoon after my ride from church let me off at the east entrance of my apartment, I climbed the three flights of steps to the entrance doorway. I felt a tinge of pain in that area, but I gave no notice of it. I was able to go the neighborhood 7-Eleven effortlessly after changing into my summer casual attire afterward.
    Then Monday July 6, I had a session during which I experienced several strong Super-O's with my Progasm, and Classic and even a couple with Maximus. I had wonderful Aless afterwards like never before, but it all exacerbated what seemed like an injury. I limped during my couple brief jaunts that day. This continued yesterday Tuesday and it seemed that my Aless had intensified pain.
    This morning, I awoke about 4:30 a.m. and listened to my pocket sized radio for about an hour. I found the news very depressing and yes, my charlie horse was still there. So I went back to sleep and fell into a deep slumber during which I had two profound dreams. When I came to about 7 a.m., I had a throbbing, delicious erection. And wow, the pain was gone!
    So to celebrate, I had a session with Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, Tempo, and Maximus. I do not think I had a Super-O this morning, but I had close to one with Helix Classic as I focused how this model was hitting my prostate. Progasm Classic didn't perform as well as I wanted, so I switched to Tempo and Maximus both of which performed exquisitely. What is so wonderful for me is that I can Aneros with my tools so effortlessly now just as what happened when Maximus rode me!
    I hardly have dud sessions now, but almost always I come away with Aless that is so exquisite, sweet, and strong. Another development from my recent Super-O's is the springiness I feel in my body.
    Finally I am so grateful for the support from other guys who are on the Aneros journey.
    Take care!

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