• Session 6

    I had another session. It wasn’t so much a session as a marathon, or maybe two sessions on either end of “retaining.” I dunno, define it how you like.

    I got my Progasm Red Ice and Eupho Trident in the mail. I tried both, as well as using the Helix Trident, during this session. I like all three! I’m still very inexperienced, but they are all very different.

    I started Thursday evening with the Eupho Trident. I figured I’d go small to large. I lubed up and inserted it and laid on a towel on the floor. I was on the floor this time instead of the bed because someone I chatted with recommended it. Being on a firm surface gives more control. I am not certain I noticed a difference, but I’m not sure I didn’t either, and I agree with the theory.

    The Eupho went in nice and easy, of course. It’s quite narrow. I have fingers fatter than that thing. I laid on my back and relaxed and tried to focus on what I was feeling. I mostly just breathed deeply and concentrated, but I also played with flexing different muscles in different ways to see how it moved. It’s a very agile little device. I think I’m going to very much enjoy learning how to make the most of it. As for this first session, I had low expectations because nearly everyone I have talked to has said it’s a device for experienced users, but I still managed to feel some pleasurable sensations with it. I am getting a little better and feeling where the device is and what it’s doing.

    I didn’t use the Eupho for very long. Maybe 20 minutes. I wanted to get to the Progasm Red Ice. But first I enjoyed some time with my Helix Trident, maybe another 30 minutes or so. It was interesting to feel the difference in size between it and the Eupho Trident. When I only had the one Aneros, I had no point of reference for comparison. The Helix definitely felt bigger (though not big) and I felt more constant pressure on my prostate with it.

    I would like to note at this point that the same person who recommended laying on the floor also said that for him the Eupho is much more “direct” in stimulating his prostate. I had heard that it was more subtle because it’s smaller. Less is more, etc. But I think I may have misunderstood what people were saying. It IS smaller, so there is less constant pressure on the prostate, but it also moves more easily, and I suppose if you know what you’re doing, you can really get it to give you a nice poke in the p-spot, which would match what this person had said.

    I tried one other tip from this informative chatter. I complained in the chat that I had been feeling less pressure from the p-tab than I remembered from my first session. This gentleman suggested tugging the skin on my perineum upward to create some tension against the p-tab. That did seem to help.

    Back to my Helix: I had a similar level of sensation with the Helix as with the Eupho, with the difference of more constant pressure on my prostate from the larger head of the Helix. That feature is, I believe, why the Helix is recommended for beginners: it is easier to feel it pressing against that magical gland, which is helpful when you’re learning how to feel anything at all in there.

    I didn’t achieve any particularly strong sensations with either the Eupho or the Helix in this session, but I did feel some low level tingles and such. I’ve been a little disappointed that my sessions after the first two haven’t been quite as good, but I suppose my body/brain are still figuring things out, and I am just going to keep on going while it does. The first two relatively successful sessions made me think I might be on the fast track to Super-O’s but I’m afraid that’s probably not true. But that’s okay. I’m still enjoying the journey!

    Now, onward to the Progasm. The reason I was riding in the evening, which I usually would not, is because my husband was out with some coworkers that night, so I had some alone time. I wanted to try riding at night because I wondered if mornings just weren’t the best time for me. At least not after exercise and all of that. I’m not sure I had any better results because of the time of day, but I’ll need to experiment more. Anyway, I got a text from my husband letting me know he’d be home in a bit, so I decided I’d better move along to the Progasm.

    The Progasm is definitely quite a bit larger than the Helix. But it’s not unmanageable. If you consider the size of things that come OUT, it really shouldn’t seem so impossible for something that size to go in. All it takes is enough lube and relaxation and time. I have practice, so it went in pretty easily. But for anyone reading who does not have a lot of experience but wants to go for something bigger, just take your time. Focus on relaxing your anus. If it clenches, back off and let it relax again. Take note of what that feels like and focus on it. Do NOT try to push through while it’s tight. That can feel pretty awesome if you’re warmed up and really aroused and/or near orgasm, but if you are not in that state, it will almost certainly lead to a unique kind of pain that literally takes your breath away. I do not recommend it.

    It went in pretty easily for me. I was warmed up from the other two, and I know how to relax. But boy, it does feel pretty big. Not painfully so, but it’s not a toy you can ignore. Also, the p- and k-tabs seem to me to be a bit more aggressive than on the Tridents I have.

    I didn’t really try to do that much with the Progasm. I flexed my anus and PC muscles a few times to get a feel for it, but I mostly just laid there. Someone had told me that for him the progasm was kind of like a pacifier. I didn’t really understand that statement until I had it in. I guess it must be the firm and constant pressure on the prostate, but it had a very relaxing effect on me. It felt very nice. I don’t really know how to describe it. I just felt really… Mellow…

    I laid there for a while, but then decided I’d better get up before my husband got home. But the Progasm felt really good, so… I decided I would keep it in. I got dressed again and went down to lay on the couch to wait for my hubby. That very pleasant lassitude continued as I waited. I just laid there enjoying the quiet warmth.

    When my husband got home, he came with food, which I ate. Afterward I returned to the couch and relaxed until he was ready for bed. As we were getting ready for bed, I noticed that in addition to feeling very relaxed and mellow, I also felt particularly cuddly. I guess it wouldn’t be surprising that I’d be feeling sexual with a toy in, but it was more a desire to just be close and snuggly than to actually have sex. It was pleasant, whatever it was.

    I still wasn’t ready to stop feeling that way when it was time to bed, so I decided to keep the progasm in overnight. I had been planning to try my first overnighter this weekend when my husband was away. I figured that it might be better to do it when he wasn’t around just in case something happened. But I went for it with him there because it just felt so nice.

    I had a little trouble getting to sleep, which was another reason I had planned to wait for a weekend. I figured I might not sleep particularly well with an Aneros in, and I was correct. Though it wasn’t quite a sleep-disturbing as I thought it might be. Fairly early in the night, however, I woke up to a mini-O. It was really nice, but I think I spoiled it by getting a little too excited about it, hoping it might escalate to something more. It didn’t, which is fine. I’ll take what I can get.

    The mini-O was the most spectacular event of the night, unless you count the nightmare. Not long after the mini-O I woke up again from a nightmare in which someone was in my house, robbing it, and they were looking at me as I woke up. I opened my eyes and still seemed to see him there, so I closed them again and pretended to be asleep, still half in the dream and convinced there was really someone in my house. I laid there with my heart pounding as the dream receded and reality reasserted itself. I have dreams like that fairly often, the kind that seem real after I wake up. But I got over it and managed to get back to sleep. I was still enjoying the sensation of the progasm.

    I woke up a few more times during the night. I live next to a rail line, and two trains came by that night. I usually sleep through them, but I guess having the progasm in made me sleep lighter, so I woke up for both. I might have awoken for one of them anyway. The conductor really pulled his horn as he approached the crossing. The nicer ones try to keep it kinda quiet when it’s the middle of the night, but there’s one that just lets it rip.

    When it was finally time to get up, I was still pretty content with the toy inside me. However, it was time to go to the gym. But I wasn’t ready to be done. Maybe I’ve become hooked on Aneros. I thought the Progasm would be a bit much for the gym, so I switched to my Helix Trident and went to the gym. I used the elliptical trainer. I felt a few twinges of pleasure during my workout, but exercise is pretty distracting, so I couldn’t really focus on it.

    I went home from the gym when I was done and did some normal morning routine things: fed the dogs, ate some breakfast, said goodbye to my husband as he left for work. Then I went back to my bedroom. By that time I had begun having a little chat with a friend I met on the Aneros chat, and I confessed to him that I was riding while talking with him. He was kind enough to offer some pointers. They were pretty useful techniques that I intend to practice in the future. The first tip he gave me was to tighten my anus and pull in the toy as deeply as possible, then to shift my hips back and forth, and finally to relax and focus on the sensations that followed. That last step is especially important, I think, and one that I think I mentioned in a previous blog post but had forgotten. Sometimes there’s a delayed reaction to stimulus, so it is helpful to let the body catch up.

    The other very useful technique this gentleman had to offer me was something I had done in my first session without really realizing the significance. His suggestion was to try to put my mind inside myself and move the Aneros with my mind. I was not to try to do anything physically, just make an attempt at telekinesis, I guess. It worked. I imagined the Aneros sliding back and forth over my prostate and I could feel it happening. I don’t know if it was just my imagination or if my body somehow knew how to make what I was imagining happen for real. Either way, it felt good.

    My friend had to go, but I continued my session for another 30 minutes or so after he left. No magic or fireworks after that. In fact, I nearly fell asleep a couple of times, probably because I didn’t sleep as much as I should have during the night. I finally decided I had better get up and get ready for work.

    And that was the end of the “session.” A lot longer than I intended, but I enjoyed every bit of it. Even without super-O’s and such, I am happy with my experiences with Aneros so far. That said, I think I’ll take it easy with the Progasm. Going all night with it left me feeling it all through the next day. It wasn’t a bad thing, but I don’t want it to become one in the future.

    Here’s a review of the interesting tips and tricks mentioned in this post:
    1. Lay on the floor instead of the bed for greater control. The firm surface helps.
    2. Tug the skin of the perineum upward and get it to catch on the p-tab for a more pronounced sensation there.
    3. Riding technique: pull the Aneros in as far as you can; rock hips back and forth a few times; relax and enjoy the sensations that follow; repeat. Especially good for the Progasm, which can be difficult to get moving around due to its size.
    4. Imagine the motion of the Aneros. Put yourself inside your body with it and make it move with your mind. Don’t do anything physical to move it, just let your body do what it needs automatically.

    Thanks again for reading. And thanks to those who comment, either on the blog itself or in the chat. And special thanks to the experienced Anerosers who offer such helpful advice to newbies like me!


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      06/26/2020at4:30 pm

      Awesome stuff. Thank you.

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