• Session 5

    I just realized that my last blog post never went through. Usually I write my posts in some other editor because sometimes web forms screw up. Like this time…. when I chose not to take precautions…. Go figure.

    So I’ll be brief and try to recapture most of what I tried to say before but much less verbosely than usual because I’m tired and don’t remember everything I said anyway.

    So…. Session 5, two days ago, Monday morning. Not a great one. I thought it could be, but it fizzled. I started out pretty aroused, but stress I’ve been experiencing crept in and spoiled it. So I didn’t get much out of the session sensation-wise. But I still learned things and it was relaxing until the end, when I blew it. More on that shortly.

    Lesson #1 from this session: having a routine/ritual is helpful. This is something I had read in the wiki and/or forum posts, but someone in the chat reminded me of it by sharing their routine with me. I took a leaf out of his book and imitated some aspects of it. I took a long hot shower. I warmed up with kegels. I did some stretching. All through this I kept my mind on what I was about to do, trying to generate and maintain an erotic mood. And it worked. I will try to keep that up, create a routine that works for me to get me ready for a session.

    Lesson #2: music can be helpful. Or not. I thought I’d try listening to music, and some songs were helpful while others were not. I have been thinking of making a sensual/erotic playlist or Pandora station or something for when I use my Aneros, or even when being intimate with my husband. I just haven’t gotten around to it. So I thought about music I might already have that might work, and Moby came to mind. It’s not the kind of music I usually listen to, but it has erotic connotations because of the person who introduced me to it. It was my first “boyfriend.” I use quotes because we very much insisted to each other and ourselves that we were NOT in that kind of relationship. Our love was brotherly and pure and we were going to help each other NOT be gay. Or masturbate. By spending lots of time together and having sleepovers and cuddling and creating a firestorm of sexual tension. It’s really an interesting story with a pretty dramatic/tragic ending. Feel free to ask me about it if it you’re curious. Anyway, that is what I associate with certain Moby songs: all that sexual tension with that guy. Unfortunately, not every song on the albums I have are conducive to relaxation and sensuality, so I had to sorta interrupt the flow of things to skip tracks.

    As for how I blew it at the end, well, that wording is not accidental. I had been avoiding ejaculation to try to increase my level of arousal. I was about 8 days in. I didn’t intend to ejaculate that day either, but I was kinda frustrated at the end of my session and just wanted to feel something, so I stroked my cock a bit, rapidly but intending to stop before I went to far, except that it happened more rapidly than I expected. I tried to stop and the result was a fizzled orgasm but complete ejaculation and onset of the refractory period. Darn…. Oh well.

    Anyway, that’s all I have time to write. Tomorrow I will probably have a session in the evening, during which I may try out my new Progasm Red Ice and/or Eupho Trident. That darned sale…. couldn’t resist. So we’ll see!


    • Avatar for Harper


      09/27/2018at11:12 am

      @synath. I don’t think you will be disappointed with your new purchases. I’ve had the Trident for a while and recently added the Progasm Ice Clear to my collection. The Trident is tiny compared to the Progasm and moves delicately and teases, whereas the Ice just packs a wallop.
      Have fun!

    • Avatar for synath


      09/30/2018at3:54 am

      @harper I was not disappointed a bit! Happy with them both!

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