• Session #4, a huge leap.

    Session 1's big milestone was getting the Progasm in.
    Session 2's big milestone was understanding that a Super-T doesn't work on its own.
    Session 3's big milestone was feeling my prostate finally wake up.
    Session 4, however, was the biggest milestone yet. I got my first contractions and my first P-waves.
    The most important thing I learned was the difference between all the muscles going on in my pelvis. The contraction section of the wiki should be required reading that comes with the device. I also managed to figure out how to properly apply my lube so I would have no discomfort during insertion.
    So there I am in Session #4, finally using my PC muscles correctly, finally noticing an interesting sensation coming from my prostate. It's this strange pleasurable feeling combined with the feeling of holding back pee while also occasionally getting an urge to purge. While I'm holding a stronger contraction, I notice that the muscle begins to move on its own. Finally, my first involuntary! This combined with the pleasure makes me ecstatic that I can actually get this thing to work. I didn't care what happened next, I was just glad I finally got to this point.
    I get to this level a couple more times and realize that I actually feel like I'm on the verge of a dry-O. However, the urge to purge and holding back pee feelings are getting stronger as well. I had been in the session for 50 minutes already and could feel an odd pressure building. I decided to end the session by jerking off to see how close I could come to a super-T. The orgasm itself was about the same as a normal one but I had a larger than normal amount of semen spill out. There's definitely something going on there. I removed the Progasm and called it a night.
    This is an exciting time for me. I'm very eager to try again but am giving my anus a rest first. I'm certain I felt some P-waves in there and am simply relieved to know that I have enough control over my muscles that I can achieve some kind of sensation instead of doing what I did the first 3 sessions and just sit there waiting for something to poke through.
    Also just thankful that the hems aren't interfering at all. Still hoping that over time they'll disappear someday.

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