• Session 4

    Today’s session was better than Monday’s, but still not quite as good as either of the first two. I think the main reason these last two have not been as good is my level of arousal. I think I must have been more aroused the first two times. I was more aroused today than on Monday, and that helped, but I was also tired. I went to bed late last night, I woke up early this morning, and I exercised more than usual. So I think I was a bit drained as well, which offset some of my arousal.

    I did a couple things differently this time:
    – I used an eye mask to keep out the daylight. That was helpful. I did see light, but more a “seeing stars” kind of light due to the stimulation I was getting from my Aneros in the more intense bits.
    – I warmed the lube and Aneros beforehand. That made things more comfortable in the beginning

    I began my session more relaxed than on Monday. This was probably partially just because I was tired, but I also avoided thinking about work or other stress-inducing topics and generally tried to remain relaxed an mellow from the time I took my post-workout shower and the time I began my session. This helped me get “in the zone” more quickly. I was able to shut out the outside world and focus on what my body was feeling. The eye mask helped with this as well.

    Most of the session was fairly uneventful. Again, I think it was my level of arousal. At times when I was able to ramp that up a bit, I felt more. I tried different things to increase my arousal. One thing that worked well was to imagine I was receiving a massage. This helped relax and arouse me. The massage fantasy is an old stand-by for me. I also tried touching my body in different ways, such as stimulating my nipples or rubbing my inner thighs. That helped some, but not as much as it would if I had already been a little more aroused.

    It seems to me that some of these techniques, and perhaps just the general feedback mechanism of the Aneros as well, require a minimum level of arousal to be effective. I reached that level a couple of times, but wasn’t able to sustain it. I managed some p-waves from time to time, and during one brief period I was able to strongly feel the throbbing and tingling of my prostate much like I had in the first two sessions. This even briefly swelled into a mini-orgasm, and it even seemed like I was on the verge of something more self-sustaining and long-lasting. But then it faded away and I was unable to get back to that level of sensation for the remainder of the session.

    The brief and infrequent pleasant feelings were nice and encouraging. It was interesting to notice exactly how much more I felt from the Aneros when I became more aroused. I played with this a bit more at the end of the session when I knew it was nearly time to end and get to work. I tried doing things that I knew would be more stimulating, but potentially counterproductive in terms of the pursuit of a Super-O. I began to tickle my testicles with my fingers. That caused an erection and other signs of arousal, including the throbbing behind my perineum. However, it also drew my attention away from the internal sensations and more toward my penis, as I suspected might happen.

    Then, since I was about ready to call it quits anyway, I began to stroke my erection and drive myself toward a traditional orgasm. But I stopped as soon as I started to get close to the point of no return. Not even very close, really, since I know I am prone to losing control if I play too close to the line. I just wanted see if getting close to a traditional orgasm would somehow jumpstart me toward a non-ejaculatory orgasm as well once I stopped stroking my penis. It didn’t really work, but it still felt nice anyway.

    I ended the session without ejaculation, as I did Monday. I think that for a while I will avoid ejaculation unless I’m being intimate with my husband. And even then, it’s not guaranteed to happen. If it’s going to happen with him, I won’t hold back, but I won’t try to force it just for the sake of “finishing.” I would rather, for now, hold back and hopefully be at a higher level of arousal in each subsequent Aneros session. I would like to set my mind and body up for success with the Aneros. I believe that eventually just the thought of using the Aneros will provide plenty of arousal, but only after an association is made with the high degrees of pleasure I hope to achieve with it. Until then, better to stack the deck in my favor.

    Other than reinforcing the need for a high degree of arousal, this session taught me that the angle of my hips makes a pretty significant difference in how much or how little I feel the Aneros, particularly the pressure from the p- and k-tabs. At one point I wasn’t feeling much at all, but I adjusted how I was laying and suddenly the added pressure I felt under the p-tab triggered some nice throbbing around my prostate.

    As with my other sessions, I felt some pleasant sensations around my perineum and prostate throughout the day. On Monday it seemed like the after-effects were a

    I’m not sure when I’ll have my next session. I might try again Friday morning, but if, like today, I’m just not that aroused, I may decide to wait. Part of me thinks that it’s better to wait until I’m really horny and have a better chance at success, and part of me wants to give my body more exposure to the Aneros in case that helps with the rewiring of my nervous system. And I guess another part really likes the p-waves and mini-o’s and just wants more! So we’ll see how I feel on Friday.

    That’s about all for today. I suspect that my session summaries will be a little shorter from now on. There were many obvious new things to learn and report in the first few sessions, but as I continue, I won’t have as much to talk about without being repetitive.

    Thanks for reading.


    • Avatar for Armon-neat


      09/21/2018at11:06 am

      As they used to say at the Houston Johnson Space Center: Your parameters are “nominal”. What you describe is very typical of the beginnings of Aneros stirring. And appreciating the subtle feelings is very important. I do think that arousal and relaxation are also key factors. Though I have had good sessions even when not really relaxed and under stress. Keep on!

    • Avatar for Harper


      09/21/2018at6:13 pm

      I’ve had some surprisingly good sessions that were spur of the moment decisions. No pre amble or much arousal really, I just thought “why not?”
      Had some duff ones too mind you.

    • Avatar for synath


      09/21/2018at10:48 pm

      Thanks for the comments. It’s always nice to have feedback and to know people are actually reading this :).

      I like the idea of spur of the moment sessions, just doing it when the mood strikes. Spontaneity can be a turn on. Planning ahead can have a sterile feel to it.

      I was thinking of having a session this morning, but I wasn’t feeling “in the mood,” even though I really wanted to be. So this time I decided to just wait. Maybe tonight or tomorrow will be a better time.

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