• Session 3, New Sensations.

    Started off really nice, tried the “do nothing” thing again, and got some really nice p-waves. Although they were more immediate, maybe 2 or three minutes after inserting, and were way more intense than the last time. Also tried holding a contraction for as long as possible, this seemed to do the job for me. Definitely felt a full body wave of pleasure, made me feel like I was just starting to float out of my body, and felt something building in my ass, right at the tip of where i imagine my helix sits, it definitely felt like the beginning of an orgasm… And then my family came home and fucked it. Just my luck. Rode for about an hour after that and never quite got back into the swing of it but i did move to lay on my side, and my helix started rubbing against the side of my rectum and for a second that was this EXPLOSION of pleasure, but it fizzled out. Wanked off. I await the possibility of the same “buzzing” in my prostate that may start up later.

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