• Session 2

    First thing this morning, I woke up home alone, went for a nice enema and back to bed with the Aneros. Same as yesterday, precum dripping and the nice feeling of a half hard on within 30 min. I could not help but barely touching my penis and eventually masturbating while enjoying the stroking caused by the sphincter contractions. Here I was moaning from the light inner wave of pleasure, they come and go but I cannot reach the big oh yet without touching myself. One thing is for certain, I feel that with experience a whole new world of sensation should be available to me, I just love the experience so far. I produce more precum and more cum then usual.
    Even if I had this nice explosion of seaman my body was begging for more, I could not touch my penis anymore since a strong orgasm makes me very sensitive for few minutes. So I went in the shower with the Aneros still in place. I am standing in the shower with no water running and I discovered that contractions while standing are giving me interesting pleasurable feeling too. Here I go again dripping precum. I got the phone shower running and started to massage my scrotum with the warm water, instant moaning again but no hands free erection.
    After a good session like that I notice that I can still feel pleasure from contractions without the Aneros.
    Now I have a general question. Where on this website can I find breathing and contraction step by step tutorials, a tips and tricks reference guide or even a tutorial video ?
    Is there such a thing as a Aneros group where men can meet on-line and have sessions together via webcams or even same room sessions when distance and chemistry permits ?
    I would really appreciate to get all the help if any available to reach the dry o and even hands free ejaculation. And oh BTW I will be in the chat tonight a 10pm EST, hopefully I will get to meet some of you.

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