• September 9

    For quite a while I maintained two separate sex lives, MMO and sex with J. However, the last two weeks have witnessed a curious joining of the two. They have come together to entwine in a complex tango of sexual intimacy, sensual experience and mindful emotions. The wall between the very internally focused and intensely pleasurable sensation of MMO and its ability to turn my thoughts into molten waves of orgasmic rapture and the highly emotional intimacy of coupling with J or coaxing her pussy to convulse in orgasm with my tongue has broken down. Those two worlds now are twisted together like the strands of a rope. It is impossible to discern one from the other as I look down the rope.
    I have also written many times about my sexuality being like a kaleidoscope. In MMO or in the sensual diversity of my sexual activity with J, each moment reveals an exquisitely pleasurable sensation, profoundly moving emotion or a riveting sexual response. Each day is a new experience; the magnetic pull of eroticism on my iron cock and the tender merciless song of sweet erotic rapture tantalize my prostate and anus changes from one day to the next.
    In one moment it is the vision of J with her well worn jeans clinging to her derriere as she does simple things around the house, or the vision of a silky nightgown clinging to her breasts and outlining her nipples in elegant detail as it drapes over them. Yet other times it has been a video image of a beautifully erect cock standing upright on a forum site or a video clip. That vision of a handsome hard penis erupting cum, its head swelling with each pump as the shaft lurches in cadence with the ejaculation does indeed harden my own member. Over the last few years each day was a surprise revealing some erotic vision that tantalized me and hung in my thoughts later that day as I suckled J’s clit or swam in a thick warm ocean of seemingly endless prostate orgasms.
    The dance between the strands of my sexuality has indeed been a complex and wonderfully varied one. I have relished each step in the intricate choreography.
    However a strange and wonderful thing has come over me in the last three weeks. My attraction to her has blossomed and reignited in a way that it hasn’t in years. It is as if J has cast a magical erotic spell over me. In the past intimacy between us has taken a back seat to MMO for me at times. There have been periods when the orgasm from intercourse or the erotic release of an ejaculation from a hand job seemed to lack the depth and pleasurable clarity of an MMO. Sure I bonded with her emotionally as her pussy sucked the cum from my cock as I lay in her arms, but the mind numbing pleasure of MMO seemed to coax me away from our intimacy.
    Yet magically these last three weeks the siren song of her sexuality has forced all MMO and homoerotic visions from my mind and it has stilled my craving for solitary anal pleasure. There were several nights in the last three weeks when I passed by and did not do a session. Even when I did an MMO session many of them were mediocre, lacking the sharply pleasurable resonance that makes me gasp as I quiver under the weight of MMO induced ecstasy.
    This spell that J cast over me has had me drinking the pleasure from her trembling pussy lips as she gasps in the arms of orgasm. It has enabled her to suck my erotic mind into the depth of her pussy as her orgasming canal milks my cock and drains my balls of all my cum. It has been the intoxicating warmth of her mouth on my cockhead as she nursed from my cock spigot, coaxing the warm milk of my orgasm to fill her mouth and slake her erotic thirst.
    It has been a wonderful three weeks of erotic rapture and cunt focused intense pleasure. Seemingly I could not get enough of her. So much so that MMO was pushed into the mezzanine to wait for a command performance. However MMO is a willful mistress. She cannot wait her turn with any level of patience. And as J innocently enticed me to drink pleasure from the warm well of her femininity or lured me to dip my cock into that well so that it might squeeze it sensually and force it to release its orgasmic secrets in the gushing whisper of ejaculation; so many time these last weeks the cum in me was sucked from me repeatedly, sapping me of orgasmic desire until her siren song awoke my arousal and made my cock regurgitate in bliss yet again.
    But MMO is not only willful, she is cunning. Those of you who can have prostate orgasms will understand what I mean. MMO does not need a refractory period to fuel it for pleasure. In fact MMO thrives in me when the cum has been drained from me yet the inferno of my desire is still smoldering quietly.
    So it was this week that J’s erotic spell on me reached its zenith. It is now Saturday morning. Between last Sunday and yesterday I had 4 ejaculatory orgasms with her. Three were from impassioned and very hot extended love making sessions that lasted almost one hour each, these three times our mental connection and physical connection arose and intertwined just as our legs did. In the culmination of these sessions I pumped a steamy hot torrent of my creamy cocktail into her pussy as she trembled in ecstasy. I watched her face contort as the agony of exquisite pleasure twisted her pussy and made her mewl in the anguish of erotic euphoria.
    The foreplay to those rapturous climaxes consisted of me making teasing and languid love to her pussy with my mouth. I delivered her to the thresh hold of orgasm with delicate probing and stroking of her pussy opening with my tongue and the warm sucking tug of my lips and tongue on her lustfully aching clit. When I pierced her pussy with my hard flesh dagger she cried out in anguish as my penetration vanquished the craving ache that had control of her helpless pussy.
    Thursday night her opening was chaffed, it could not sustain the aggressive sexual treatment of our younger years. So the evening in bed culminated with a languid and soulful ritual of her kneeling between my thighs and drawing the cum from deep inside of me with teasing lips and tongue, taunting my cockhead, daring it to spew my load in her mouth. When my orgasm succumbed to her will and released my steaming cream, she released my cockhead from her lips and sipped daintily from the warm stream of my lust as I pumped it desperately onto my belly. When is was done she kissed me with her cum coated lips.
    So last night I slept soundly, my balls drained of desire; yet my prostate was warmed and ready to run like a marathoner in training. This was just the opening Miss MMO was looking for. So at 4:30 AM, a little more than 4 hours ago she woke me. She was not waiting for me to start a launch effort; she took control on her own. My anus was already spasming gently and ripples of tingling erotic pleasure were working deeply into my anus, lapping against my prostate which was already swollen in a crouched start poised to burst off the starting line in a race for pleasure.
    I slid over to J and docked my iron hard cock in the warm caress of her derriere, nestling my cockhead against the warm kiss of her anus. I wrapped a hand around her and cradled her soft breast in my hand. She felt the gentle intrusion of my cockhead against her opening and my hand caressing her warm tit. Unlike in the past when she was unaware of my orgasmic exploitation as she slept, this time she was aware of my need and she silently acquiesced offering herself for my pleasure as she lay relaxed, sleepily drifting in and out of sleep as I lay quietly behind her letting the pleasure rush into my body.
    The sensual hands of MMO held my anus open allowing the bliss of anal pleasure to fill my body. As MMO took control of my anal canal, my prostate was overwhelmed with the welcome sensation of sensual MMO euphoria and began to make my anal tract spasm gently.
    I breathed rapidly in time to the rhythm of the spasms that were now trumpeting up my anal canal with such elegant clarity and complex resonance, it took my breath away. The sharply reverberating ecstasy of orgasmic prostate pleasure was taking control of me. It began to contract and release my gland in a funky syncopated rhythm that sent waves of white hot ecstasy to my cock root and perineum.
    As they all danced an erotic cha cha, the resulting sensations chimed resoundingly in my pelvis and caused such excruciating sensations of rapture it was hard for me to breathe. However I persevered and continued to breathe underneath the orgasmic spasms, forcing them to rise higher and higher as if I was blowing an inflated balloon to keep it aloft.
    I undocked from J and lay on my side. I was now fully engulfed in the orgasmic conflagration of Miss MMO. The orgasmic riot in my pelvis was making chills of erotic bliss run up my spine as my semi erect cock flopped and lurched in time to the silent music of the rapture that was playing deep in my anal canal. My anus was flexing hard and releasing with each new arpeggio that my prostate trilled. The pre cum was oozing from my cock in a stream. My nipples tingled; I teased them gently with my fingertips using them to taunt the MMO even more.
    I breathed into the MMO taunting it brazenly, daring it to express itself in it’s full glory. With the fierce defiance of a willful child the MMO embraced the challenge of my taunting breaths and raised itself to incrementally higher levels of excruciating ecstasy. I tried to move as far away from J as I could as I did not want to scare her )thank god for king sized beds(. My legs began to tremble as the pleasure became a deeply erotic ache that was driving up into my anus. As it penetrated my asshole it sent waves of indescribable euphoria throughout my body.
    My breathing no longer controlled the MMO. It was a caged beast that had just been set free; I was at its mercy as it wandered and unapologetically exerted its will on my body and mind. I lay passively immobile, a sacrificial offering to the fire of orgasmic desire. The MMO consumed my body relentlessly bearing down on me and forcing me to experience the most intense and riveting erotic sensations I have ever experienced. I don’t really know how long this went on for but it was a long time. I was pushed into that place in the very deepest of MMO sessions where time and place cease to have meaning and all that exists is pure clear orgasmic sensation.
    It was almost 6:30 AM when Mistress MMO released me from her grasp. I was sweating and my cock and leg were slimy from the precum that was flowing from my cock. It is now 9:30 AM and my anus, prostate and perineum are still throbbing from the workout they got.
    I suspect that Mistress MMO is back and she is not about to let me go again for a while. It will be interesting; now that she and J are bed partners what the next few nights will portend. The kaleidoscope is about to turn again.

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