• Semen retention, prostate milking, edging and back to basics

    Dear blog,

    I haven’t written anything for some time now. Summer was filled with activities and my libido has been low from time to time. After my last blog update I got into semen retention and managed to keep from ejaculating for at least three weeks in a row. I forgot the day count but counting days is not important anyway.

    It is good to regularly release the different seminal fluids and I decided to try prostate milking. I bought a Njoy Pure Wand and on my first try I managed to squeeze out a few drops of “milk”. Oh, the joy when the prostatic fluid came out! However, I didn’t manage to squeeze out any seminal vesicles fluid and I decided to try another technique instead.

    I tried edging with an Aneros device inserted. I played with my penis and balls and I learned when to stop just before ejaculating. When I was really close to cumming I paused for a short while. The Aneros device started producing dry orgasms, which grew stronger and stronger. The combination of penis play and prostate play was really fun! While being very close to the edge I could sense the Aneros device pushing into the prostate and by every dry orgasm there was a realease of fluid, first the thin white prostatic fluid and then the thicker greyish seminal vesicles fluid. It was very enjoyable when it was pouring out. However, the urge to empty more fluid is very strong and I eventually went over the edge and ejaculated. Somehow the release is very satisfying and I haven’t been able to successfully milk without a final ejaculation. Recently I have become stuck on this new way of masturbating.

    I woke up this morning with an erect penis and I let myself become horny. I inserted my Helix Syn and decided to go back to basics. I let my arousal grow without touching myself and the prostate orgasms started. I had almost forgotten have wonderful they were! I had a short session and I did not touch my penis at all this time. Now I have been horny all day waiting for the next session. Just thinking about it makes my cock very hard right now, but I will not touch it even if it is very tempting. Maybe after a few days it is time for the next milking session. I think I will try harder resisting ejaculation this time! And, I will certainly give the Pure wand another chance.


    • Ggringo

      10/15/2020at4:05 pm

      @kcmz8 great blog entry!
      If I may ask, what side of the Wand are you using to milk? I use the small ball end and I usually get quite a bit of thick whitish liquid (xtea to table spoon perhaps). I use the large side for prostate stimulation.
      For whatever reason though, my Wand doesn’t get used that often; maybe I need to pull it out a bit more more often.
      Good vibes to you.

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