• Second session and more

    I am married and have kids so finding time to use the aneros is difficult. I had the house to myself for a few hours so immediately got naked and inserted the aneros.
    I was expecting immediate results after my amazing session 2 days before.
    It didn't happen. I lay there for an hour, got close but couldn't go over into an orgasm. I was disappointed and tried to push it and gave up after an hour feeling very disappointed and frustrated. Every time I had any feelings I think that I just expected it to transform into an orgasm, it had seemed so easy the other night. The more I tried the harder it got and the harder I pushed the less likely it was to work.
    I had a rest but had to try again. After another hour I was ready to give up again, the family were due back in half an hour anyway, but decided to have one last try. It was worth it and at last I was rewarded with an orgasm lasting about 20 minutes. I was looking at the clock all the way through thinking I'm going to have to end this soon, which made it a bit subdued compared to my last orgasms but it was definitely a full orgasm.
    In my first few orgasms I just rode it, and didn't really notice individual orgasms, this time the waves came and went, and I managed to have 2 orgasms that felt like a normal ejaculatory orgasm by using strong anal contractions to push the aneros up hard against my prostate but these were way more intense and longer lasting.
    I think I am addicted.
    I went to bed 'early'. Family at home. I thought why don't I just try to do it without the aneros? so just lay on my back and concentrated on allowing the feelings to build again. Within 5 minutes I was orgasming without the aneros!! It was almost as good if not the same. I had to stay quiet and was aware of my breathing and my legs jumping and didn't want anyone to her me. It lasted a good 10 minutes.
    My wife then came to bed, went to sleep, and I tried again and had another one very quickly. Don't think she noticed I really tried to keep my legs still.
    I am definitely addicted.

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