• Second attempt at a Super-T, late 8/4-5/16 session, again with caution!

    Hi guys,
    Super-T experimentation continues tonight, this time in order with Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Progasm Classic, and now DeVice. I used this models first on my futon, then standing, and finally seated at my PC with two towels in my chair. Actually the DeVice which I haven’t used in two years is the most comfortable model while sitting. This session is really an exploratory, get-acquainted session in my attempt in achieving a Super-T. I must say that tonight there were glimmers of crescendos toward this goal. I shall persevere from time to time in reaching for a Super-T. But right now I break off. Take care!
    Although it is now 1 a.m. in the morning, I am back to give an assessment and reflections of my second attempt at a Super-T.
    [1] I believe that Super-T’s happen naturally when a guy using an Aneros has sex with a partner, or has a robust libido to masturbate successfully and naturally.
    [2] Hence Super-T’s cannot be manufactured or forced, such as what I was attempting tonight. I was putting myself at risk for serious injury.
    [3] Also manufactured or forced Super-T’s are counter intuitive to Aneros principles. Aneros principles, as I have experienced them, during my five year plus journey aim at subtlety. Subtlety in Aneros usage is a paradox to much sexual expression which is indeed forced or manufactured. As a confirmed bachelor, this is reflected in masturbation quickies, i.e. getting your rocks off as quick as possible. The best masturbation sessions I have experienced are unhurried sessions during which I love myself in my masturbation. So also that best Aneros sessions I have had over the years are those which are unhurried and so natural.
    [4] I have followed close the Aneros directions for use in leaving my penis out complete because the penis is a distraction especially to Aneros newbies. Perhaps I have forgotten how to masturbate too. I will have to remedy this.

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