• Saturday Morning Syn

    I woke up Saturday morning in the mood for a session, so I got up, took a shower and cleaned myself inside and out. My Helix Syn was already in the bathroom so I thought I would go ahead and insert it so as not to disturb my girlfriend, who I thought was still sleeping. All the lube supplies were in the bedroom, so I searched to see what was available in the bathroom. Ended up finding some petroleum jelly and vitamin E oil, so went with that…
    To this point, I have had limited success with the Helix Syn. It was my first Aneros device, and was lucky to experience some minor contractions and sensations on only it's second use, but it was nowhere in comparison to the experiences with the Tempo and Progasm Jr.
    Helix Syn inserted, into bed, I start by relaxing and just clearing my mind of everything, including the Helix Syn inside me. I find if I try and concentrate on it too soon, I clench up and things just don't move along. Instead of then starting out with the Kegel exercises, I like to use slow gentle hip thrusts to try and move the Helix up and down over my prostrate. The slower the better, you can also incorporate slow breathing to help further manipulate the device in rhythm with your hip movements.
    Stage 3 of this process is to start incorporating anal contractions and Kegel exercises with your hip thrusts and breathing to move the Helix from shallow to deep inside your anal canal. At the bottom of your hip thrust, you are doing anal contractions and as you move up in your hip contractions, you are releasing your anal contractions and starting a slow Kegel til you reach the top of your hip thrust. It is like stoking a fire, but in extreme slow motion. Another way to think of it is your anal contractions are playing catch with the Helix with your Kegel exercises. The hip thrusts are the continuity between the 2 regions.
    If your Helix is not moving free at this point, you need more lube. As you are doing all this, it is ok to stop when the head of the Helix hits your prostate, it is an amazing feeling, and you'll start to feel that "tickle". There is no right or wrong amount of time for any stage of this exercise.
    Of course, my girlfriend was awake this whole time, and enjoying in secret the fact I was enjoying myself so much. I have to say a big word of thanks to her, she has been so supportive throughout these sessions and so far, she has been a beneficiary multiple times over. She begins her light touch of my chest hairs, nipples, head and just about everywhere else. She has enjoyed the learning process and finding all the new buttons I have now that I have been rewired by the Aneros devices. As I explained in a previous post, my brief instruction to her was to imagine what I do to her that she enjoys so much and do the same touches and motions to me. Of course, all this without touching my penis. I start having deep contractions and mini-o's that were amazing, by this point, the Helix is moving on it's own, completely involuntarily and without thinking!
    She then pulls out a vibrator and lays it on me between my abdomen and my penis, this is an amazing feeling that brings on several more mini-o's, each building in intensity. She slowly moves it up and down my abdomen and penis and I continue with the intense orgasms. I use my hand to help her re-position the vibrator on my perineum. The mini-o's continue to intensify, wave after wave until I have several super-o's, they keep coming, each more intense than the last. I am completely out of breath and you could tender a fire in my month since it is so dry.
    By this point, I can't breath anymore, so I breathlessly ask her to go down on me. The combination of the vibrator on my perineum and her sucking me keeps the orgasms coming. The mini-o's keep coming, so much so, they are almost distracting and fighting for attention from the blow job. I finally have to ask my girlfriend to turn off the vibrator so I could concentrate more on the sensations in my penis. The mini-o's keep coming, how many I've had to this point, I have lost count. I am just in this blissful state of euphoria that is hard to describe.
    I finally ask her to get on top and ride me. My penis is super sensitive now, not in a bad way, but in a way I can feel every inch of her inside, every movement, it is an incredible feeling, like it felt when sex was new. My prostate problems must have desensitized my penis, but after a week of using the Aneros devices, it is fully awake!! As she rides me, I continue to have mini-o's and they play with the nerves in my penis, it is like a continuous orgasm for as long as she is riding me. The mini-o's are so distracting and overwhelming, you almost cannot have a traditional penis orgasm.
    My body by this time is so blown away by the experience I am ready to come, so I start concentrating on my penis and the feeling of being inside of her, the mini-o's continually try and distract me, but I concentrate harder and finally I have a super-T that goes on for what feels like several minutes, all while the mini-o's continue. This is what I call a Super-OMG!
    My girlfriend rides me awhile longer, she must have several orgasms during this time and we finally both collapse. The feelings of afterglow and euphoria continue throughout the day and it must have been the most relaxing and peaceful Saturday I can ever remember…


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