• Saturated

    Things keep getting better. I had held off a day on using the Helix because of a little soreness. I was rewarded for my patience today. I got warmed up with the larger Peridise as I've been accustomed to lately. It was a little longer warmup than usual. I didn't have any dry O's; I just closed my eyes and felt a humming in my head as I occasionally added a little PC or anal movement at times. The humming had started almost as soon as I did. This lasted for half an hour or so.
    After a while I needed a break to have a BM. I wanted to wait until I got that out of the way and cleaned up to switch to the Helix. I took my time in getting back to the session even then.
    Once inside, the Helix had an immediate effect. I didn't have contractions or anything, but I felt a general wave of pleasure rise through my body as I got situated in bed. It was a good sign.
    I've been keeping a T-shirt on during sessions so that I don't chafe my nipples and it has a side effect of limiting the amount of sensation my fingers can give my nipples. I think this is a good thing as it slows the progression a little and lets things happen more on their own.
    I let things build for a while before touching my nipples. There was a nice feeling of pleasure like the wave I felt as I got in bed. I wasn't trying to do too much with contractions at this point either. A small amount was keeping things where I wanted them. The pleasure grew somewhat before I finally got to the nipples.
    It took very little time with the nipples to get a real good p-wave going. The preparation was starting to pay off. I don't know how long it took to reach a Super O, but it wasn't as long as normal. I didn't even have merely a dry O before it like I've usually done. This *first* one lasted perhaps 5 minutes or less. There were the usual vocalizations and not much in the way of involuntary movement. I think at some point I felt a little extra warmth "downstairs", but that didn't lead to anything different. This wouldn't have been a bad session if a 5 minute Super O was all I had, but there was more.
    After a short dip in the sensation where I relaxed and took in what just happened I worked back up to another Super O )or did *it work *me*?(. This one lasted as much as 15 minutes, I believe my longest yet. I couldn't get enough of it. I had more of a thirst to see how far this could go. It still meant not forcing things, but I wasn't going to be satisfied with only 5 minutes today. The only active method I had to keeping it going was to relax my PC muscles if I felt I was starting to over tighten on my own. I was having a little bit in the way of involuntary movement but not like when I had my first few Super O's.
    I looked at my alarm clock to get a gauge of when this stopped. I was getting curious about how long this had lasted. I had looked at in that short gap between the first 2 O's, and guessed how long things went on. I haven't really tried to track my time before except to get a rough estimate of the entire sessions, but I felt something special was going on this time.
    The third )and final( Super O blew me away. There was an even shorter gap between the 2nd and 3rd O's. I was still in a groove. Throughout this all I don't know that I noticed the movement of the Aneros or what particular contractions might be going on all that much. They seemed subtle by the standards of what I'd experienced so far. Subtle was plenty for my body this time.
    I couldn't to let go of the pleasure this time. At times it would grow and grow. At others it just stayed there as I engaged it in waves. I was writhing around a lot this time. I was also extending my legs straight out toward the ceiling with my arms at times to try and find some sort of outlet for the continued. The most memorable moment was went I arched my back to raise my belly and pelvis toward the ceiling. I was supporting myself with my arms and feet trying to release a huge surge of pleasure in my pelvis. It was the strongest continued orgasmic wave I've felt with the Aneros. It stayed strong as I got my pelvis as far up as I could manage. I'm shaking here just writing and thinking about it.
    On and on and on it went. I would back off a little. The pleasure would continue and let me right back in when I felt I could engage again. It was there even when I couldn't tell it was there. Pleasure was the new norm for a short while. I thought I might drop out of the orgasm by relaxing a little at times to recover from the previous wave, but it was still there to greet me when I was ready. My god, I'm in awe right now! How could this have happened to me? I thought something along these lines during the throes of this last Super O. I was verbalizing asking "Why, why, why?" at times.
    Over 25 minutes it took. Twenty-five f**king awesome minutes. No need for a T this time. Thank you sir, I've had all I could ask for and more already. You can leave the check.

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