• "Satisfied…"

    Whoa! Interesting night. Last evening around 8pm, had a session with the Helix with very intense rolling DO's. Took 20 min to warm up the prostate before inserted. After maybe 15 min, had a series of very intense Solid FULL ON prostate DO's that just wouldn't dissipate for I suspect 20 min. That was followed by series of strong running DO's for the remaining 15 min. Then I got up removed the Helix, and continued my evening with family.
    Later at midnight when I went to bed, wondered if my prostate was still warmed, and decided to see what would happen A–Less.
    Did some kegels to start off and kept them up occasionally. Felt like the prostate was still active and after short time, had another long rolling set of intense DO's, but this was different, because afterwards I just felt good and satisfied. Think it was actually a mild Super–O, because I could just feel a slight overall body warmth, but just barely perceptible. At one point I wondered about my poor right nipple. I'd been pressing it pretty hard, the orgasm feelings wer quite strong, I wondered it it would feel hurt, but no foul! Just very sensitive later on.
    After I tired out, I just felt really good, rested, peaceful, and went off to sleep soundly.
    Think I'm starting to see that for me, when the prostate feels like it's constantly swelled and like it's got that electric tingle whenever I move, that good things happen whatever I do if I follow the pleasure and let/help it build more intense usually by pressing "up" my groin area, almost like trying to thrust your penis during intercourse.
    When I woke up around 6am, I wondered again if the prostate was still warmed up, and took a few minutes to get it to where it felt swelled all the time, but at one point, I distinctly felt like it all of a sudden swelled up over a period of a couple seconds, then it was ready to rock & roll!!!
    Found LOTs of sensitivity on the base of my penis, so was feather touching there, and just felt extreme but very subtle pleasure waves. Kept it up, and also the abdomen just north of the penis base )guess its an acupuncture point(. Found I could put my pointer and index fingers in a "V", on both sides of the penis base, fingers resting between inner thigh and scrotum on either side, and slowly move in/out and then massage scrotum, inner thigh, and the crack between to intense pleasure. Then had an intense )double up pleasure( rolling DO's for half hour or more. Noticed that when my penis brushed up against my leg or the bed spread, it added intense pwave pleasure. So I rolled partway over and had another couple DO's with my penis on the sheets. WOW – started drooling. NO ejaculation, but suspect it would go down that road if I kept up, so rolled back over. Fooled around a little more, then dropped off to sleep again.
    Woke up again around 9am, and once again, wondered, so did some kegels to warm Fred up again… Then I noticed I REALLY had to pee, but wanted to procrastinate, so started rubbing my flaccid frenulum. Then started feeling the pwaves, so let it increase and went into a penis DO for 10 min. I wondered if it would start to turn into an ejaculation, but I backed off for a min or so, and my scrotum wasn't turtling, so kept it up, and had maybe another 10 min penis DO.
    I'd started to notice feelings from my Glans during moving around with the penis DO's, so wondered if I could get away with massaging the Glans to get another penis DO, and it worked. Different pleasure than the frenulum, but also intense, and had several double up penis DO's, and I felt I better hold off for a few min between then otherwise an ejaculation would probably suddenly and without stopping burst out. But holding off worked and had another DO before feeling done with all this and ready to get up.
    My groin and penis feel like they've had a good pleasant workout at the gym. I suspect the Dos with the Glans massage caused me to be edging because my penis feels wired like if I had been. Don't really like that. I would rather do the frenulum thing instead.
    It has been a fun and educational 12 hours. I wish I could get to achieving that "satisfied, feel good" feeling after every session!!!! Love the doubled up pleasure waves that come from some of these DO's. Knocks my socks off!!
    Thanks Lord for making us that we could experience these things….!

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