• Salsero

    Hi there i am about 10 months in on my journey no orgasms as yet but plenty of pwaves and involuntary contractions.
    Whenever is sit down now on the perineum area i start to mildly throb and pulsate in that area which is pleasant,i just wonder how those sensations play out the longer you use Aneros , does your body become used to these sensations and they calm down or is it hectic from here on in.


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      11/22/2021at11:36 am

      These sensations , that you’re feeling from your taint, will start to happen inside. You at first might feel a build up, like in intercourse, the sense of no return . It’s essential to go with it. This will bring on a Super O. Yes, experiences vary but they are all great. With time, you may have numerous O’s one after another.

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      07/29/2022at8:44 pm

      A couple things you might try if you aren’t already doing them. About two to three inches below your bellybutton are a pack of nerves connected directly to your prostate, it seems to me. Skim a finger ever so lightly over this area, about the force of a fly’s feet. Be prepared for sensations you can’t imagine, and don’t rush. Then do the same with your nipples and the area around them. Use one hand for bellybutton and the other for nipples, both at the same time for even better effects. Hell, I often don’t even need to use my Aneros to get going.

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