• Runaway Freight Train

    In the 8 years that I have been a practitioner, I continue to be amazed at the continual learning process involved in anal / prostate orgasm. There seems to be endless opportunity to experiment with stimulation, erotic imagery, and breathing to climb to new heights of pleasure. Each session as I learn more and more I get greater skill at coaxing serene ecstasy from my anus, cock, and perineum.
    The key seems to be getting the pleasure to a level that is intense enough that it can fall back into latency, requiring only simple encouragement to get it to reemerge, blossom and express excruciatingly divine euphoria. For me performing A Less it can take me 20 minutes to get to that point; with my Tempo inserted or an N Joy Phun Plug …. It can take 10 minutes.
    So after between 10 – 20 minutes of pleasure waves my anus will be primed. In that state I can stop urging the orgasms to rise and fall and leave the erotic sensation to just idle quietly. I can leave the orgasmic ecstasy laying just beneath the surface of my awareness, where it waits for me to release it. When the super o is loaded deep in my anal tract and ready to fire, I can experiment and manipulate it causing indescribable bliss. The hardest part about being poised in that mental – physical state on the verge of super o is maintaining mental clarity and focus and remembering to breathe. I will also sustain erotic images in my mind to keep the pleasure teetering on the edge of an ecstatic precipice. It is all too easy to become totally passive and let my body do what it wants as opposed to being relaxed and aware and consciously controlling what I am doing to keep the orgasmic fire stoked and make pleasure flares soar to yield agonizing orgasmic euphoria.
    So it was two nights ago, when I woke with an aching erection and the familiar craving in my anus for pleasure; my opening was twitching and tingling in its hunger. I knew that a super o was on my thresh hold waiting for me. It was 2:30 AM and my wife’s bare derriere was exposed as she laid on her side facing away from me.
    My cockhead becomes ultra sensitive when I crave anal orgasm, it is a strange connection. So I wasn’t surprised when I slid up against her bare crack and slid my cock into the warm caress touching her anal opening with my bulbous cock head; she stirred slightly at the pleasant intrusion. I wrapped my arm over her shoulder as in her half sleep she held my hand and pulled it to her chin.
    With my swollen cockhead In the warm embrace between her ass cheeks the warm softness triggered the response in me that I have come to expect. In less than 1 minute the anal spasms were ignited. Rhythmically my anal opening began to clamp shut and shudder, and clamp shut and shudder over and over and over. I breathed quietly envisioning that I was blowing on the flames of an orgasmic fire. Externally the metronome like convulsive spasms were beating with mechanical regularity. But as the reflex action of my anus marched to its silent beat, the sensations deep in my anal tract were growing in a shrill chorus. The ache of desperate orgasmic pleasure rippled into me in a torrent. Lulled into submission by extreme orgasmic euphoria, my anus stopped flexing, it quivered, paralyzed in euphoric desperation, wide open allowing a flood of excruciating ecstasy to flow into me.
    I backed away from my wife and began to do rapid cleansing breaths. The breathing pushed my anus to resume its convulsive contractions. The pleasure inside me was rising as I continued to breathe quickly and fully. The sweet ache of orgasmic tension was squeezing my prostate making my cock slit drool a river of precum. As I continued to breathe the sweet ache diminished but the orgasmic spasms of my anus continued. I knew from many years of previous sessions that despite the loss o f pleasurable sensation, I should continue my breathing to let the pleasure return; I did and the pleasure returned with a vengeance.
    I brought my right hand to my left nipple and my left hand to the underside of my cock head. Then with careful timing linked to my breathing I began to simultaneously gently tap on my cockhead and my nipple. The sensation was other worldly. My anal tract convulsed hard in urgent orgasm following the rhythm of my taps, and then it subsided and squeezed my anal tract hard again. I breathed and tapped and breathed and tapped. The orgasm grew in force and in speed of contractions. In a matter of minutes the convulsions were like machine gun fire or the chuffing of a steam locomotive at full throttle, roaring along a track and leaving billowing sensations of agonizing euphoria behind it.
    For a full 30 minute I tapped and breathed causing the sweet anguish to spread from my anus to my perineum and cock root. My cock root and shaft were lurching in a lurid dance; the silent music that drove my cock to lurch and jerk emanated from deep in my anal tract. Then as the din of pleasure reached a crescendo it wrapped around my cock shaft and crept up to my cockhead teasing my cockslit and taunting it to spew.
    Like tingling electricity the orgasmic spasm teased my cock head as I continued my tapping torture. My anus, perineum and cock were now spasming in wild rapid fire abandon. The pleasure was so deep and intense I feared that I was going ejaculate in the bed. Somehow I didn’t cum though. However the precum was flowing a stream making a wet spot in the bed.
    As the session deepened my mind clouded over and carried me to that mystical place deep inside me that I find in the most intense of sessions. I continued my breathing and bathed in the warm sweetness of orgasmic euphoria. I felt it deep in my anus and I felt it tug on my cock.
    I lost track of time as I was tempest tossed at the hands of a tsunami orgasm. When it released me I was overheated and trembling. I threw off the covers to cool down. My cock was slimy and my anus was quivering. It was 4 am and I hoped that I could get a couple of hours sleep before I had to get up.
    Another lesson learned.

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