• Rumel`s Ruminations – Part IV

    To Whom It May Interest,

    Over the last few years I’ve posted numerous comments in other peoples threads and authored a few threads of my own. In hopes it would aid in the understanding of the Aneros Journey I’ve decided to consolidate some of the more salient posts of my thoughts here.

    from “Do Nothing” What does that mean?

    Hi Guys,

    Frequently mentioned on this forum is the “Do Nothing” method but what does this really mean? It doesn’t mean stick an Aneros up your butt and stop thinking about it as you go about your daily activities, nor does it mean you should ignore its presence as if you were anesthetized or asleep. It is really about taking a very passive approach to your Anerosessions. It is one of the techniques found in the Relaxation group versus Sexual frenzy group.

    From the Aneros WIKI The “do nothing” technique is mostly for the Aneros only. The idea is to dispense with thinking about holding contractions, controlling your breathing, conscious relaxing, or anything else for that matter, in favor of just lying there and letting the pleasure and Aneros do their thing. This technique is probably best after you have at least started feeling pleasure from the Aneros.

    I’d like to expand upon that description a bit. Most descriptions of techniques one may employ during their Anerosessions are of the Sexual frenzy group and involve rhythmic (or mixed rhythmic/static) contractions of different pelvic floor muscles combined with breathing techniques and stimulation of “erogenous hot spots”. These are what constitute very active approaches.

    The “Do Nothing” approach basically means one dispenses with emphasis on these consciously induced activities but it does not mean you dispense with mental activity you would also employ with the active techniques. i.e. You still employ fantasy thoughts and erotic imagery to build your arousal, you still concentrate on the pleasurable feelings being generated, you still use deep breathing to maintain a relaxed, enervated level (though your focus is not on your breathing technique) The “Do Nothing” method doesn’t mean you are to remain inert either, an occasional very gentle contraction may be employed to jump start a series of involuntary contractions or to instigate a slight pleasure wave. The primary focus is on the pleasure being generated by your body as you lie back and act as the observer of your body’s action without being forceful in instigating action.

    When I say primary focus is on the pleasure being generated by the body, I am referring to pleasurable sensations being generated anywhere in the body, not just around the genitals. These various sensations are the language/vocabulary of your body communicating with your brain for the mind to interpret. At various times you may feel tingling in your limbs, the sound of blood rushing in your ears, itching on your body, goose bumps, mini-spasms of muscles in your limbs, cold chills & hot flashes, etc. It is being in a state of mindful awareness of the moment, not concerned with the sensations of one minute ago or the possible sensations to come in the next minute but only what is right here, right now.

    It is somewhat ironic the “Do Nothing” and the “Active” (for want of a better word) methods both require the same mental discipline where the goal is allowing your body to manifest a Super-O. Trying to do nothing is like meditating and focusing on quieting all thoughts into nothingness. Trying the various active contraction techniques requires focusing on the physical process. Both approaches require you to use mental focus, to be in the moment and in tune with your body.

    The “Do Nothing” method also includes all the same preparations you would make for an active Anerosession like a conducive environment, rectal clean-out (if necessary) proper lubing, etc.IMHO, the term “do nothing” is somewhat a misnomer, perhaps it should be “do little” because you are definitely doing “something”, more than “nothing”.

    from “Just Let Go !”

    Hi Guys,

    As many of you newbies may have read from my introductory PM, one bit of advice I offer is to “Give yourself permission to release egocentric mental control. ” Just Let Go ! “ to allow your body to generate this phenomena for your pleasure and enjoyment, just Go with the Flow ! “. What does ” Just Let Go ! “ really mean? How is this different from just relaxing?

    In the thread Identifying Obstacles to Progress, one of the listed conditions was “Mind Noise“. Some of the other listed conditions (“Expectations”, “Fears”, “Attitude & Beliefs”, “Erroneous Knowledge” and “Obsessive Thinking”) are all contributors to the Mind Noise problem. For myself and others, minimizing this mind noise is the biggest hurdle to entering the Super-O zone.

    Years ago, veteran member @darwin authored a wonderfully succinct post titled relax, relax, RELAX which primarily addressed the physical relaxation needed to get into the Super-O zone. Getting into a relaxed physical state, sufficient to allow the orgasm to come to you, is an important learned skill. This is likely contrary to the muscular tension/control techniques (western culture) men have become accustomed to in their masturbatory practices. Part of the “rewiring” is learning to ‘let go’ of the old techniques and learning new ones, like physical relaxation during orgasm.

    Moving into the psychological aspects of Aneros use may create new paradoxes for many men as they struggle to accommodate the necessary paradigm shift in thinking, Member @Cockadoodle gave us the Penis, NOT thread which made clear our need to ‘let go’ of focus on our penis as the center of our orgasmic world. Member @rook later gave us his wonderful insight into this psychologically influenced practice with the thread Whole Body/Whole Mind – the mental side which brought to focus our need to ‘let go’ of the self inflicted mind fucking we endure.

    Finally, one needs to ‘let go’ of the traditional notion of controlling the action and results as dictated by your ego consciousness. The immense interest in the Pegging thread attests to our members openness to alternative pleasure paths. This is another paradigm shift in thinking for most men, from assertive/aggressive/penetrative control to a passive/submissive/receptive surrender of control to your own subconscious. This is not about relinquishing control of your life to another human being nor is it a power exchange or any form of Dominance/submission scene, it is about suspending egocentric judgment so the powerful richness of your primitive self can be expressed through your body’s pleasure. So for your next Anerosession, why don’t you give your ego a few hours off duty, tell your mind to take a break from its machinations and let your creative subconscious come out to play.

    “Just Let Go and Go with the Flow!

    from “Aneros, Arousal & Abstinence/Semen Retention”

    Hi Guys,

    First let me preface this post with the statement that most published discussions on the web treat male “orgasm” and ejaculation as the same thing. Unfortunately this is an erroneous interpretation but needs to be kept in mind when reading material away from this Forum. Some recent threads and my ongoing search for understanding prompted me to start this discussion.

    A key facet of the Super-Ozone gem is maintaining high mental arousal levels (erectile state is immaterial, see Are you “aroused”?). One frequently cited method of raising arousal levels is viewing pornography, however, there may be some drawbacks to this approach. Another (less frequently cited) method is temporal abstinence, seminal retention, chastity or whatever you want to call it.

    The pornography topic has frequently been discussed here and its direct effect on Anerosessions was broached in a Community Poll question. As I recall, there seemed to be a minority belief such viewing during an Anerosession was counterproductive to achieving a Super-O. This was primarily due to the distractive nature of active viewing taking mental focus away from the internal sensations being generated. There may be an even more insidious aspect to use of pornography, namely addiction and desensitization.

    Some recent research has revealed a physiological basis for porn addiction which is equally applicable to potential Aneros addiction. Some psychological studies have pointed to the rise of internet porn addiction as a contributory factor in incidences of ED, decreasing libido, relationship problems, etc. Whether you have a porn addiction or not, the process of desensitization is nonetheless occurring with repeated viewing. Likewise, too frequent use of your Aneros massagers could lead to desensitization as well.

    The lesson to be learned here is that moderating/limiting your porn viewing may actually help your Anerosessions. Another one of those Aneros use paradoxes.

    So what of the temporal abstinence path to arousal? Ejaculatory control has been a part of Taoist philosophy and Tantric practice for hundreds, if not thousands of years. While the practice is primarily aimed at heightening spiritual energy, there is a physiological basis to support this as an arousal elevator as well. In western culture, practitioners of male chastity have been using this phenomenon as a basis for maintaining high arousal for quite sometime. Please read Kelmag’s blog entry Male Chastity – Pleasure and Devotion, the Science Behind It for a well researched blog entry on this phenomena.

    The key aspect of maximizing pleasure and arousal is to recognize your own cycle of neurotransmitter responses. The dopamine, oxytocin and prolactin components are intertwined and an ejaculation is a bodily “reset button” taking the body back to a sub normal state of being. There is a necessary recovery time extending beyond the penile refractory period for the neurotransmitters to return to a homeostatic condition. This time period seems to average around 7-10 days for the average healthy male. So what does this mean for Aneros users?

    Reducing the frequency of your ejaculations will heighten your arousal levels and heighten your pleasure levels as well. If you avoid ejaculations entirely, after a certain period of time you will be in a continual high arousal state, primed and ready for Aneros use. You may enjoy as many Super-O’s as you can handle and they will likely be more frequent and intense as well.

    However, there are some drawbacks to this :
    1.) You are going to be “hornier than hell” once you reach your homeostatic ‘normal’.
    2.) The Epididymal Hypertension (‘blue balls’) syndrome is likely to kick in and the temptation to obtain ejaculatory relief may be difficult to resist.
    3.) The hormonal/neurotransmitter induced mood change after an ejaculation is magnified.
    4.) The prospect of building back up to the previous high level may seem too daunting or frustrating to pursue.

    For some of us older Aneros users, with the biological imperative minimized and naturally diminished testosterone levels, temporal abstinence/semen retention is a very viable path. However, for the younger members, this may prove problematic.

    from User Theorems – The Tao of Aneros

    Guys, Theorem : An idea accepted or proposed as a demonstrable truth often as a part of a general theory.
    I’m thinking we can come up with some theorems for Aneros use. So put on your philosophers cloak and add to those presented here. I’ve taken the liberty of simplifying/condensing/emending some proposed User Theorems from a previous thread, I wasn’t as clear as I should have been in explaining this. Hopefully, we can establish some basic theorems to guide new users into their Super-O Nirvana. These theorems need to be simple statements of basic, generally accepted truths to be of universal applicability. If you look at the Aneros WIKI Milestones you will notice all the listed events probably occurred as a result of accepting one or more these practice theorems.

    The Tao of Aneros – User Theorems

      • Orgasmic success is inversely proportional to one’s level of expectation.
      • Orgasmic success is proportional to one’s level of arousal.
      • Orgasmic success can not be forced or coerced to occur.
      • Orgasmic success is proportional to the level of mind/body relaxation.
      • Orgasmic success can begin anywhere along the erotic spectrum.
      • Orgasmic success is the gift of awakened body/mind energies.
      • Orgasmic success can be triggered or amplified by multiple stimuli.
      • Orgasmic success is dependent on trust in body and mind.
      • Orgasmic success is proportional to internal body language receptiveness.
      • Orgasmic success is affected by all life choice practices.
      • Orgasmic success is proportional to one’s level of patience.
      • Orgasmic success is achieved following your own unique path.

      If you can morph your expectations into intentions,
      if you can morph your anxiety into patience,
      if you can morph your demands into desires,
      if you can morph your mind noise into a mind mantra,
      then you’re ready for a Super-O to morph into you.

      from Are you “aroused”?”


      @macjim stated in a recent post “B Mayfield says to start the aneros aroused, which I take to mean an erection, for us beginners.” I have a slightly different understanding of that term “aroused” but I am curious how the membership interprets this word.

      The WIKI does address the Arousal factor and makes note of “…do not involve direct penile stimulation:” but it doesn’t mention ones erectile state in association with this. I am aware that I need to be highly aroused in order to enter the Super-O zone but I also know that my erectile condition (usually flaccid) for experiencing pleasure and a Super-O is not related to this. There have been questions regarding this in the past as members have expressed disappointment or dismay that they lost (or never got) erections during their sessions and it has bothered me they were equating their penile state to their ability to have a Super-O which simply is not valid.

      The Penis, NOT thread by @Cockadoodle does well in explaining the relevance of penile stimulation in the process but does not address ones fluctuating erectile states during an Anerosession.

      A couple of online dictionaries yield the following definitions:
      arouse –
      1.) To awaken from or as if from sleep.
      2.) To stir up; excite:
      3.) To stimulate sexual desire in.
      aroused –
      1.) To awaken from
      2.) To rouse or stimulate to action or to physiological readiness for activity
      These are not very helpful.

      Wikipedia has a page on Sexual arousal which is a generalized discussion and in this forum we are dealing with a more specific aspect of behavior (males & prostate massage).

      On this Forum, I have been using the terms “arousal” and “aroused” in the global sense as per the Wikipedia discourse, applying to the body as a whole and not specifically to ones penile state. IMO, it is both a physical and a psychological state of being. Signs of physical arousal may include elevated heart rate & blood pressure, increased rate of breathing, perspiration, hot flashes, cold chills and (yes) erections. Psychological signs of arousal may include Desire, lust, longing for physical contact, fantasies etc. These are all signs of arousal but one may be aroused without simultaneously exhibiting all of these signs.

      My questions to the membership are :
      Should we include a specific “aroused” definition in the WIKI Glossary or in the WIKI somewhere? And if so – Should there be a specific notation of the irrelevance of ones penile state to the Super-O experience?

      What’s an Orgasm?


      In a recent thread @Korkelz said “…I was asking if I could consider my experience a dry orgasm. The problem is that I can’t find a definition of the “orgasm” part of “dry orgasm.”, ‘Korkelz’ has indirectly raised the issue of semantic differences in the terms we use on this Forum and I’m fairly certain this has lead to some confusion and misunderstandings of the information we are attempting to communicate here. I have been pondering this for a short while, did some web searches for definitions of an orgasm. Here’s one that I thought was pretty OK, but limited – “orgasm : The peak of sexual excitement, characterized by strong feelings of pleasure and by a series of involuntary contractions of the muscles of the genitals, usually accompanied by the ejaculation of semen by the male.” I think the Wikipedia definitions for orgasm are probably better yet but this is a term which may not have universal agreement. The Aneros WIKI does touch upon the expanding nature of the term orgasm but doesn’t provide any specifics. We’ve had numerous discussions here about what constitutes a Super-O but not much about what constitutes an ordinary Orgasm.

      When I use the term orgasm, I am using it as an expanded term, to encompass a wider range of phenomena, inclusive of but beyond the association to sexual activity. This includes the euphoric rapture experienced by people from religious practices (i.e. Whirling Dervish, Shakers, etc.), convulsive, hysterical laughter, or other pleasurable involuntary body tremors brought about by various stimuli. To me, these are all forms of orgasm and all are characterized by some form of pleasurable, involuntary (non-consciously directed) muscle spasms/contractions. I would not characterize epileptic seizures as orgasmic events and there are some events which may or may not be considered orgasmic depending upon the association to pleasure (i.e. electro-ejaculation).

      Just as we say there are various intensities of Super-O’s, so too are there various intensities to ordinary orgasms, from almost undetectable to howling great. I think each of us establishes a personal criteria for where our particular experience falls along the orgasmic spectrum and one man’s mini-orgasm may only be a pleasant sensation to another. YOU get to decide the scale you wish to use, my scale won’t likely coincide with your scale but that is perfectly OK. I hope we don’t get too hung up on trying to establish a definitive boundary for such a wide ranging experience as an orgasm, this is an experience which is really beyond the ability of words to convey meaning.

      So let’s hear from the membership and give ‘Korkelz’ some additional feedback for him to establish his personal scale of mini-O to Super-O.

      from Identifying Obstacles to Progress

      To Newbies, Grinders and Skeptics,

      An often heard refrain on this forum is “I feel nothing…” or similar statements lamenting a lack of success with an Aneros massager. Upon some reflection, it occurs to me there are many more reasons for lack of success than there are for actual success. For those who have crossed over into the Super-O zone, congratulations for navigating your way around, under, over or through the myriad of obstacles in your path. For those of you who haven’t yet crossed over, but don’t quite know why, here is a list of some of the obstacles identified by your fellow travelers in this personal journey. This list is by no means exhaustive or in any particular order, nor does it imply everyone will encounter these obstacles, it is meant to help you identify possible detours along your path. Once you have identified your particular blockage(s), you are in a much better position to take positive action to surmount the issues facing you. Many of these issues are interrelated and can have multiple solutions, discussions about them are punctuated throughout these Forum threads, You are encouraged to read the Aneros WIKI and utilize the search function to read about how some of your fellow members have dealt with these issues.

      1.) Relaxation – A relaxed mind/body state facilitates your allowance of the Super-O experience. @darwin ‘s post relax, relax, RELAX is a nice introduction and he touches upon some of the following issues as well.

      2.) Expectations – Expecting to experience an instant Super-O is a common misconception. Expectations of any particular type are likely to lead to frustration and anxiety, thwarting your rewiring progress.

      3.) Fears – A common latent fear is related to homophobia, there is a nicely written post by ‘Trojan’ which addresses this topic. A common fear is the ego’s sense of loss of body control, this is sometimes referred to as “Terror at the Gates”, when this occurs one’s ego applies the brakes to the unfolding orgasm and shuts the whole process down. Some other common fears revolve around hygiene issues, guilt feelings for indulging in this activity, fear of discovery by another person, fear of being negatively judged for one’s behavior, fear of doing harm to one’s body, etc. Overcoming one’s fears is a necessary step to successful orgasmic pleasures.

      4.) Mind Noise – Over-analyzing and distractive thoughts, (as identified by @darwin), can impede progress. Our own body sensations can be distracting as well, sudden, unexpected twitches or spasms can break our reverie or instigate a series of internal dialogues leading away from our orgasmic buildup. The common internal dialogue we carry on often interferes with our perception of the sensate information that our body is constantly sending to our brains. Relaxing the mind is as important as relaxing the body in order to fully appreciate the subtle sensations being transmitted by our bodies. Our minds can also become too focused on the mechanics of applying a preconceived set of techniques. In addition there are numerous paradoxes involved in the rewiring process, e.g. the concept of being relaxed yet attentive. There may also be times when things present themselves in a manner that is counter-intuitive. For instance, the idea that applying more stimulation can produce less sensation in return. It is necessary to accept such paradoxes at face value, to in effect marginalize ones critical mind in favor of a more open, vulnerable and intimate state of being. For some this will be the most significant obstacle that they face.

      5.) Impatience – In an age of on-demand availability of goods and services we have become a culture accustomed to instant gratification of our desires. Unfortunately our bodies have not evolved to respond in an equally accelerated manner. Aneros use requires time, time enough to learn about your own body’s inner workings and language and time enough in each Anerosession to fully enjoy the sensual experience possible. This time period is not fixed by the clock on the wall but by one’s own internal clock. You can not coerce you body to learn faster or respond more rapidly by increased stimulation, trying to do so is generally futile. Being patient with the process, however slow it may be for each individual, is essential. Aneros use is not a race or competition to win or goal to be achieved, it is a journey from one state of being through to another state of being and it is always evolving. This also applies to time management, knowing you only have a set amount of time available for your session may make you more anxious and impatient for results, you need to allot sufficient time for an Anerosession to unfold in a natural, relaxed, unhurried manner.

      6.) Arousal – An important key to experiencing enjoyable Anerosessions is being both mentally and physically aroused. This does not mean you need to be sporting a rock hard erection or an erection at all actually. It means you bring to your session an erotic desire full of lusty energy, this is the ideal state of being for Aneros usage. The Aneros is less an arousal generator than an effective arousal amplifier for focusing your sensual energy toward orgasm. So don’t expect your Aneros to get you excited, while this may occur, more commonly it functions by optimizing one’s existing level of arousal. Paradoxically, hyperactivity or being too excited can also interfere with one’s session.

      7.) Attitude & Beliefs – A positive attitude of hopeful adventure and lighthearted playfulness will go a long way toward ameliorating the inevitable ‘dud‘ sessions, reducing anxiety, frustration and accompanying depression. Progress and learning are sometimes slow and not always obvious or linear, having faith in yourself and persistence in experimenting will return rewards over time. Allowing your mind to become fixated on aspects of unmet expectations will only impede your progress. Personal belief systems can also impose impediments to progress. Religious dogmas, cultural conventions and social taboos all have an influence on one’s ability to openly and freely accept the concept of male anal/prostate pleasuring, These underlying belief systems may have a profound effect on one’s ability to achieve pleasure at any level of sensual play.

      8.) Health Issues – Optimally, being in robust physical and mental health is ideal but most of us suffer from various minor to major health related issues. Some health related issues can negatively impact your ability to respond to Aneros stimulation. Recreational drug use such as alcohol or the opiate based nervous system depressants can dull your responses and block progress. One’s own body chemistry may be out of balance or nutritionally deficient. Certain past body traumas may have temporarily or permanently damaged any of the various networks of nerves necessary for transmitting/receiving nerve impulses to and from the brain. Almost any type of disease or physical injury can have an impact on your ability to have enjoyable sessions. If your body is not able to function at a nominal level any of the factors mentioned here may become exaggerated in their influence over your reactive behavior. If you are being treated for psychological disorders of any type and part of your therapy includes psychoactive medications (particularly anti-depressant medications) you may find yourself unable to experience the same level of pleasure, the same level of arousal or the same level of libido as you might otherwise due to these medications side effects.

      9.) Erroneous Knowledge – Not knowing or understanding your body and how it works can waste time, energy and even possibly cause bodily harm. It is important to have a basic understanding of your reproductive anatomy, the what, where and how your organs function in the pelvic area. Your internal organs and their relationships are much more delicate and subject to trauma than skin, muscles and bones. Getting the facts about your own body in lieu of ‘locker room myths’ may save you from self inflicted pain or damage.

      10.) Pain – Pain or discomfort are session killers. Your Aneros use should never involve pain. Please do not try to stoically endure pain for the sake of your ego, it just won’t work. You can not expect to push through some pain barrier into a blissful orgasmic state. If you are experiencing any pain you need to cease Aneros use immediately and resolve the cause of the pain source. There are some physical conditions under which Aneros use could trigger pain such as hemorrhoidal flare ups, prostatitis, G.I. tract or urinary track infections. Get these checked out by a doctor before resuming Aneros use. That being said, there is a difference between pain and the initial discomfort one may experience from the new sensations associated with anal/prostate play, avoiding discomfort is usually just a matter of getting accomodated, using plenty of lubrication and learning to relax the anal sphincter and rectal muscles.

      11.) Obsessive Thinking – Obsessive thinking may take many forms. Being fixated on attaining the goal of a Super-O may establish an obstacle in and of itself. ‘Chasing the Orgasm’ is obsessively thinking that ‘trying harder’, ‘contracting longer or harder’, ‘add this or that stimulation’, etc. will push one into the Super-O zone, but it doesn’t. Like ‘Mind Noise’, obsessive thinking diverts the focus of your attention away from the feelings and sensations that are the basis of your enjoyment and ultimately the Super-O. Thinking that a Super-O is some type of massively intense multi-fold ejaculatory orgasm is simply incorrect, it’s a misconception of what a Super-O really is. It is obsessive to believe in this misconception for it distorts your ability to enjoy all the intermediate sensual awakenings one may experience along the journey and may even obscure the actual Super-O event itself when it occurs. This journey requires a paradigm shift in thinking away from one’s penis as a focus of pleasure.

      12.) Non-Acceptance – Accepting who you are and your own level of experience is essential. The journey toward a Super-O is unique for each of us. We can share our stories, share our tips and techniques, share our wants, dreams, hopes and desires but ultimately the journey is a solitary one through the landscape of your own mind. Avoid charting your progress and the quality of your journey by comparing yourself with other users. Just remember, there will always be users who catch on faster and slower than you do. Trying to make your experience match that of one you have read about or seen a video of is futile and in the long run frustrating and counterproductive. Although there is a great deal of information to be learned by reading of others experiences, one must appreciate their own path in it’s own right. It is important in this journey to make note of all the minute details you experience, never discount even the smallest of sensations for these are the marvelous seedlings which will later grow into a magnificent jungle of abundantly rich feelings.

      from Identifying Facilitators to Progress

      Hi Guys,

      A couple of years ago I wrote a post titled Identifying Obstacles to Progress. This post and thread, will hopefully present ideas for the flip side of that older post. Namely, how and what techniques can facilitate one’s progress toward achieving Super-O’s. Obviously, due to the uniqueness of the Aneros journey, every man will not find each item of the following list a facilitator. For those of you who haven’t yet crossed over, but don’t quite know why, here is a list of some of the facilitators identified by your fellow travelers in this personal journey. This list is by no means exhaustive or in any particular order, nor does it imply everyone will find these ideas useful, it is meant to help you enhance progress along your path. Once you have resolved your previous blockage(s), you are in a position to take positive action toward heightened pleasure states and Super-O’s.

      In Identifying Obstacles to Progress, I listed a dozen general categories of obstacles – 1.) Relaxation 2.) Expectations 3.) Fears 4.) Mind Noise 4.) Impatience 6.) Arousal 7.) Attitude & Beliefs 8.) Health Issues 9.) Erroneous Knowledge 10.) Pain 11.) Obsessive Thinking & 12.) Non-Acceptance. As one can see two thirds of those categories (items #2,3,4,5,7,9, 11 & 12) were directly related to mental aspects of the journey and the remaining one third (items #1, 6, 8 & 10) are quasi-related to mental processes. For most men, it is overcoming the mental obstacles which opens the doors to the Super-O experience. For the purposes of this discussion I am going to assume you’ve already largely resolved those identified obstacles and they are no longer holding you back. When you’ve accomplished that you can “Just Let Go !” and enter zoneros.

      1.) Arousal is a key component leading to Super-O sessions. Most men learn at any early age that they can force an ejaculatory orgasm to occur through intense physical stimulation of their penis despite low levels of physical/mental arousal. This learning becomes deeply ingrained and reinforced through years of repeated conditioning, unfortunately this technique/approach will NOT work to generate Super-O’s and a man needs to learn alternative methods to get into the Super-O zoneros. The old mental scripts need to be set aside and a new script written.

      The new script requires you to develop and build your body’s arousal levels, this is more than acknowledging your ego’s desire to experience pleasure, it is about tuning into your body and listening to its subtle language of desire. Your body is simply NOT going to be ready to release its sensual orgasmic energy (perform) based on egotistical demands, this is about nurturing your libido and having your body (and subconscious mind) as desirous of pleasure as your conscious mind. While physical stimulation is certainly a part of this process, it is not the dominant part and your Aneros massager is only a part of the physical stimulation aspect. I believe it was ‘BF Mayfield’ who originally said that the Aneros was a better arousal amplifier than an arousal generator, this is very true. Your Aneros acts like a catalyst to facilitate a much more complex chain of events leading to the Super-O but in and of itself plays a rather minor part.

      So how does one go about building this arousal? In this internet connected world, the ready availability of video pornography is frequently cited as a generative source and indeed you can find pornography depicting nearly any type of sexual practice or fetish you can imagine. This may be the most popular form of arousal generation though it may not be the best. Reading erotic literature is another form of arousal generation that can spark one’s imagination and fantasy to enhance the physical/emotional buildup. Taoist practices of refraining from ejaculation are also cited as arousal generation methods (see Aneros, Arousal & Abstinence/Semen Retention & Are you “aroused”? for related discussion).

      Merely being in the presence of a lover or desirable partner can generate arousal as you subconsciously pick up pheromones, you clue into the unspoken body language of flirtation, even minor physical contact can take on erotic implications leading to arousal generation. The planning and preparation for an upcoming Anerosession can contribute to your arousal as well, the anticipation and care you put into setting up your environment and preparing your body should add to your excitement. If these seem to be tedious tasks then you are not sufficiently aroused to have a good session.

      The point I am trying to make here is that you are far more likely to reach a Super-O by starting your session highly aroused than you will by thinking that you can simply insert your Aneros, perform some contractions and cross into orgasmic bliss. That may happen for a rare few but it is not the norm. Whatever means you use to increase arousal can only help improve your chances of obtaining a Super-O. Providing yourself with an environment of privacy and sufficient time will allow this heightened arousal to work its best magic.

      2.) Sensuality – Developing and using all of your senses before and during an Anerosession will facilitate your journey. Your arousal level and mood are greatly affected by your sensual states. Setting up your personal environment to optimize your Anerosession is another important factor. Employing measures to engage all your senses in the sensual pampering of your body will prove worthwhile, you need to learn how to seduce your own body to unlock the Super-O therein.
      a.) Touch – Obviously the stimulating effects of physical touch play an important part of the excitement leading to orgasmic states. In addition to the normal erogenous hot spots, you should explore your entire body to find your other particularly sensitive areas for stimulation. Mapping all these areas of your body will give you multiple options for stimulation and will help to avoid desensitizing any one particular area. Practice varying the intensity (pressure) and frequency of your hand caresses. Consider employing other tactile media in you caress such as a fur mitt, a silk scarf, a feather, an artists paint brush, etc. you can be as creative and imaginative as you like.
      b.) Sight – Viewing pornography or erotic image slide shows is often used but it can be distractive, there are other mediums where sight is engaged in a different manner for stimulating effect. One such medium is simply viewing abstract images such as video screen savers or video (often combined with audio) entrainment devices/media. One can even use a special form of visual stimulation to create an altered state of consciousness.
      c.) Sound – Music and sexy sounds have long been associated with erotic activities as well as being used for their relaxing/healing qualities. See Aneros Aural Accompaniment for user nominated selections for your next Anerosession.
      d.) Taste – While foods are rarely referenced in use with Aneros devices, there is a long history of the use foods as erotic accompaniment to couples play. There has been mention of the auto-erotic act of ingesting Cowper’s gland emissions and the equally erotic effect of ingesting Skene’s gland emissions. Obviously the use of one’s tongue for erotic stimulation is going to cause the concurrent effect of being exposed to a wide variety of unique flavors, most of which are pleasurably stimulating as well.
      e.) Smell – The olfactory sense is unique in that information delivered from these nerve sensors go directly to the brain and into one’s subconscious before being processed by our conscious mind for interpretation. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries for relaxation and healing purposes, Lavender, Jasmine, Chamomile and Peppermint are used for anti-stress, anti-anxiety and as an anti-depressants. The use of various incense scents can help create the illusion/mood of an exotic/erotic locale. Women have long used perfumes (acting similar to potent pheromones) to help them attract potential mates. If you are single, you may be interested in acquiring an extra “special scent” to provide a boost into erotica.

      3.) Relaxation – The traditional build-up toward orgasm usually creates a build-up of tension in the muscles of the body as well. At the onset of orgasm, muscles go into involuntary spasms, if a man also ejaculates at this time certain hormones are released that rapidly dissipate this tension and cause the muscles to relax and leads into the typical refractory period and termination of the pleasure waves.Multiple orgasms are possible when men learn to avoid the ejaculatory reflex and instead ride the waves of the subtler orgasmic spasms, one of the ways of accomplishing this is learning to relax your muscles even while they are being stimulated during orgasm. The onset of pleasure waves begins before orgasm and continues through and beyond the orgasmic peak, extending the duration or number of orgasms obviously also extends the pleasure waves.

      The attainment of the Super-O (multi-orgasmic, non-ejaculatory experiences) for most men is dependent on learning to relax, not only your muscles but your mind as well. This may be much more difficult than one might think. The deep relaxation needed here is what one might experience after a deep tissue, full body massage or the state of relaxation which one might experience in a hypnotic trance state. So how do we get into this deep relaxed state?

      There are all manner of relaxation techniques offered on the internet, so what I am suggesting here is by no means the only or best approach, just one approach you can use to set up your session to your advantage. Getting your environment prepared to provide a nice, comfortable atmosphere is one starting point. Making sure your space is warm enough you can play in the nude is a good idea, Prepare your bed, chair(s), bench, floor or whatever furniture you like to use. Some of the same sensory elements listed above which contribute to your arousal can also contribute to your relaxation. Dim the lights to darken the room, this will reduce visual distractions, perhaps light some incense or use some essential oils, play some erotic music or soothing sounds as ambient background. Have everything ready for your Anerosession beforehand. Be sure your environment is private and secured so you won’t be disturbed and make sure you are not time constrained.

      Get yourself prepared (see Preparation), if you have a hot tub, sauna, etc. make use of that beforehand, if you have a partner who can provide a massage, so much the better as well. If having a glass of wine or other spirits helps you to relax and get in the mood make use of that too. If it is legal for you, perhaps a little marijuana (particularly cannabis ‘indica’ varieties with a high CBD {cannabidiol} content) as an alternative to alcohol will help. Practicing a little self-hypnosis or a short meditation may further relax you. Do some simple stretching exercises to get yourself limbered up and the blood flowing freely.

      OK, now you are ready to begin your Anerosession, you’ve got yourself lubed up and your Aneros in place. There are a variety of breathing techniques you can employ but the most effective and frequently mentioned method is deep belly breathing. This technique has repeatedly shown itself to be effective at reducing stress and inducing the relaxation response in the body, Let yourself spend 10 minutes dropping into the relaxation zone, deeper and deeper before you even start any contraction techniques. Your body will enjoy the healthful side effects of stress reduction as much as you will enjoy the enhanced pleasure from your Aneros device usage.

      Whether you follow the contraction exercise guidelines found in the WIKI, the Quick and Dirty Path… or the Aneros Learning Center (older version) contraction exercises or any desired combination that is effective for you, even if you’re using the “Do Nothing” method; relaxation is important. Learning to relax your muscles as you build the orgasmic energy does a number of good things for you. It will reduce the frequency and intensity of involuntary large muscle spasms, which in and of themselves are not particularly pleasurable. It will reduce the likelihood of triggering the ejaculatory response, which will effectively terminate your Anerosession and stop the rise to the Super-O. It will allow even the subtlest of pleasure waves to be easily perceived as the cloak of muscular tension is removed. It enables an easy transition into the blissful “Calm Seas of Orgasm” state of being.

      OK, fellow Anerosians, I hope you’ll add some more facilitating ideas to this list and expand upon what I’ve started here.

      from Aneros Aural Accompaniment – WIKI listings?

      Guys & Gals,

      Music is frequently mentioned as an accompaniment to Aneros sessions. Although some users do not use music and/or find it distracting, I think it helps relax you and provides a method to keep you from over thinking the mechanics of technique in regard to the session.

      Currently there are only two musical resources listed in the Related Products – Music section of the Aneros WIKI – ECSTACY is a music CD by Kelly Howell employing brain wave entrainment technology to induce Alpha and Theta brainwave states in the listener. Many Aneros users find this recording an aid to relaxation and obtaining Super-O states. Gamma Meditation System is a music CD by Dr. Jeffery Thompson also employing brain wave entrainment technology to induce different brainwave states in the listener.

      IMHO, both of these albums are excellent, but I think we can provide some other choices to recommend as well. I’ve decided to start this thread in hopes of establishing a more definitive list of Aneros Aural Accompaniments that may eventually make their way onto the WIKI. I’ve done a little digging through some past threads and started a list of additional possibilities. If you have found an album that you can highly recommend please post the album name, artist, music genre and, if you like, a short synopsis of why you think it is appropriate for Aneros sessions. (HypnAerosession used Stasis & Box of Fysh” by Etherfysh as well as Karooshi Porn by Bjorn Fogelberg)

      Here’s the list so far [in no particular order] :

      “Colour Glow” – Ashera Anthony Asher Wright
      Tantric Sexuality & Reiki Gold by Llewellyn
      “Rings of Saturn” – Steven Halpern
      Voyageur by– Enigma
      Touch by John Klemmer
      The Year of Living Dangerously Original Soundtrack by Maurice Jarre
      Tantra Drums by Al Gromer Khan
      Eternity by Deuter
      Liquid Mind VI – Spirit by Liquid Mind

      A couple of recent finds of my own are Future Forever by Ion & Dreamscapes by Rejuvenescence.

      Several classical musical compositions have been proposed :

      1st movement of Mahler’s 9th symphony
      “Bolero” & “Daphnis and Chloe” Ballet by Maurice Ravel
      “Diabelli Variations” by Ludwig Von Beethoven
      Brahms’ First string sextet
      “Gnossiennes 1-4” & “Trois Gymnopédies” Erik Satie performed by Pascal Roge
      “Fantasia On a Theme by Thomas Tallis” by Vaughn Williams
      “Carmina Burana” by Carl Orff
      “Grande Messe des morts” & “Symphony Fantastque” by Hector Berlioz

      Individual instrumental pieces suggested include the following :>/p>

      Astronomy Domine, The Great Gig in the Sky, Interstellar Overdrive & Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun by Pink Floyd
      Third Stone from the Sun by Jimi Hendrix
      Himalaya & Summit by Vangelis
      Aurora Borealis by Wendy Carlos
      Phase Dance by Pat Metheney Group

      Individual pop vocal pieces suggested include the following :

      Teach Me Tiger by April Stevens
      Damn, I Wish I Were Your Lover by Sophie B. Hawkins
      Jungle Boogie by Kool and the Gang
      Love to Love You Baby by Donna Summers
      Telephone Man by Meri Wilson
      88 Lines About 4 Women by The Nails
      Me So Horney & My Seven Bizzos by 2 Live Crew
      You Can Leave Your Hat On by Joe Cocker
      Luv Song by Jane Jensen
      Speed Racer by Aphex Twin
      Pasties and a G-string by Tom Waits

      Some Meditation programs have also been proposed :

      Ultra Meditation: 5-Level Transcendence System – (5 CD set + user guide, very expensive)
      Hemi-Sync® Support for Journeys Out of the Body

      Other artists have been mentioned but unfortunately members have not identified the albums, the artists are :

      Enya, Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Keiko Metsui, David Sanborn, Miles Davis, Sade, Seal, Zero 7, Air, Jam Nation, Grove Armada, Massive Attack, Electro Dance, Madonna, Philip Glass, Steve Roach

      Natural sounds recordings are also employable :

      Echoes of Nature collection, available on the Laserlight label, CD titles include : ‘American Wilds’, ‘Ocean Waves’, ‘Morning Songbirds’, ‘Thunderstorm’, ‘Rainforest’, ‘Jungle Talk’, ‘Wilderness River’, ‘Humpback Whales’, ‘The North Coast’ & ‘Tropical Lagoon

      In addition to the above mentioned professional recordings, there have been some user created binaural erotic recordings made, please see @p3rv ‘s threads The Aneros Audio Experiment & The Erotic Audio Challenge.


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      12/01/2012at12:58 am

      Good stuff but all the HTML makes it a difficult read. Either my browser doesn't parse it or the site doesn't recognize it.

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      08/02/2014at2:47 pm

      Thanks for taking the time to ruminate! I am finding direction and a sense of being more at ease along the journey as I educate myself along the way. Your blog has been a breath of fresh relaxing air that is helping me to settle down, relax and focus without worry and anxiety about what is next.

      I'm hoping to be able to be in the moment with my next anerossession.

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