• Rumble in the Jungle

    So…just a tad bit about me. I work in the IT industry as an executive. I’m super hands on so the past 48 hours I have been working with my team doing a series of deployments and upgrades to our environment. I was exhausted. So the wife and I went out to get some last minute items for the Xmas party we are hosting at our house. She cleaned up the house so she said no cooking. We went out to a local bar…I had one drink…shit knocked me out by 8pm once I got home. The key note here is that in the past 48 hours…I hadnt done anything from my routine. No kegels…no cool draw…no edging…nothing…

    I woke up at 11pm. Nothing out of the ordinary. Opened up Reddit and just laid there.

    Well Mr Prostate woke right up and almost immediately I was getting constant pleasure. My prostate was super sensitive to the lightest of touches and it wasnt too long until I was MMOing…like just a constant orgasm that just crashed down on me. I could feel it in the back of my throat. The pleasure was mounting and without warning my entire body tensed up and was trembling the only thing moving was what felt like the softest dildo up my ass. Just gently touching my prostate and sending me into Super-O stratosphere. After a minute I would come down from the high but it was not the crash that would normally happen…it sent me just right back to the edge and kept me there…a few seconds later….full tense again…my prostate begging for a little more speed….a little more push. This went on for the next 45 mins. My back was sweating. I literally had no breaks…I had to come here and write about it.

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