• Rule Breaker

    The Aneros re-wiring process is a lot like learning to take quality photographs. Strictly follow a few simple rules and before you know it, you’re snapping photos that amaze your friends and family OR having mind-bending Super Orgasms!
    For the longest time all my Aneros sessions followed the re-wiring playbook verbatim. Especially once I reached the promised-land! No way I was going to mess with such a good thing! The same routine every time: Good preparation; Get aroused; methodical insertion routine; focus all attention on sensations; some contractions to get going… and NEVER EVER touch my cock!!
    This way I had consistent great sessions with numerous Super-Os. It all started to breakdown when I got my Progasm ICE. This monster took me to a level of ecstasy and desire beyond my imagination. At first, I resisted change, focusing on keeping steady routine for Supers, but my body wanted more!
    Reading a photography blog one day, I saw a question asking how do you take your photography to the next level. A Pro answered, once you become well versed in all the rules, BREAK THEM ALL!
    Now I’m a Rule Breaker! I freeform my Sessions now and it just keeps getting better and better! I can’t remember the last bad ride I had. Still make sure good preparation prior to starting, but once started it’s whatever enhances the ride!
    Fast insertion, Ohhhh so slow teasing insertion…. Back, Side, Stomach, Standing, Sitting… Focused meditative session, surf porn, watch Aneros rider’s vids’…. Alone, Wife, Aneros Chat, private chat….. Channel energy, just let it flow….
    AND, I frequently touch and engage my cock and balls! They just won’t be ignored! I leak so much precum now, I have taste it and slowly rub it all over my engorged member and balls making it all glisten. A few sloppy sounding slippery strokes ensue, bringing deep anal contractions and moans.
    At first I worried I would regress, but instead a more complete total body enjoyment emerged. My whole body is involved in rides now with my hands roaming all over, either channeling energy, tweaking erogenous zones, typing in chat, or stroking! To my surprise, even as I stroke, my body responds with Super-Os unless I directly focus on having an ejaculation.
    The real key here is how I’ve come to truly know and love my body. Since I am now completely open with myself and following my true desires this all comes naturally and I cum and cum and cum!!

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      06/17/2013at2:20 pm

      Fantastic insights, varmint.
      I agree – BREAK THE RULES!!!

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