• Rolling Dry O's?

    Wore the Helix for like 3 hours last evening while doing yard work. Had to stifle desires to moan out loud while walking around the yard!
    This morning when I woke up in bed, I figured I'd get a little prostate massage time in before I got up. I'd been massaging my testicles every couple days for over a year to bump up my testosterone )diagnosed with a very low normal level(, but it's NEVER felt so good as since I've discovered my prostate!!!
    Started with massaging my testicals and feather touching my right nipple, and the fun started right away. Pleasure waves. Then the desire to thrust, pre–cum. Played around with that for 15 min. Once the prostate started getting aroused, it felt so good to rotate and move my hips around. It's as though I could feel the inside of my rectum rubbing the prostate, like if the Helix was inside, but it wasn't. Enjoyed that and just moving, thrusting hips for a while.
    Then I remembered that I could shake my scrotum )like you see on some of the videos while the guy is having a super–o(. So I started doing that and rubbing my nipple, and things jumped to a higher level.
    Really started having the desire to thrust just like during ejaculation, but no semen. Just maybe 5 drops of pre–cum. Dick went from rock hard initially to flaccid. I originally felt like I was building to an ejaculation, but just to be sure, rolled on my side so my dick wasn't touching anything. Shook the scrotum for maybe another 15 minutes on and off.
    By this time, my prostate was really woken up! Could feel every move. Really felt the urge to make ejaculatory movements – the thrust, the muscle movements internally to propel the semen – but no ejaculate! Just played with the thrusts for a while. Slow, fast. Stop, Restart. I dropped something and was distracted, but the thrusting feelings kept up right through it. Felt like I was ejaculating but sort of analogous to dry heaves – nothing coming out. I hope this was a rolling Dry–O, because then I can at least say I experienced one!
    But regardless, it was a great feeling. It felt SOOOO good to massage my testicals with the prostate activated like it was.
    I can still feel my prostate as I write this, and as I walk around the kitchen. Wonder how long this will last today!

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