• Rising Pleasure (Repost)

    This is a repost of my first blog post – March19. I’m trying to add this to my blog since it did not take the first time
    Hello Aneros Bloggers. I am a divorced middle aged guy who acquired a Helix Syn about 5 weeks ago. I am certainly a newbie but am not completely devoid of previous experience with anal play. Even before I was married I had read that stimulation of the prostate could increase the intensity of a regular penile orgasm and had used a finger on my prostate a few times when I was particularly horny.
    After I became separated and then divorced about 10 years ago , with newly acquired freedom ( and privacy) I purchased a little flexible anal vibrator at a sex shop that was about 5 inches long and the diameter of my index finger which I used maybe 5 or 6 times. I threw it out before I picked my daughters up for a visit because I didn’t want them to accidentally find it. I had found my youngest rummaging through drawers looking for a marker and it occurred to me that one of them might come across my little toy and prompt a very embarrassing conversation I didn’t want to have with them. That was several years ago.
    I have had the Helix Syn since about Feb 10th and have used it approximately a dozen times. I wanted to share my experiences in hopes of possibly helping other newbies. I read the Aneros Wiki and quite a bit of the writings on the Forum and the blog and have found much of the information to be helpful. I want to thank especially Brian Mayfield, Rumel, Darwin, and Goldenboy, for sharing your experience and knowledge.
    I had a breakthrough last Friday. Maybe breakthrough is a little too dramatic a term because it has seemed as though my sessions with the Helix Syn have been improving steadily over time although not necessarily linearly. I had a 90 min or so session Wednesday in which I noticed that my prostate felt fuller somehow and I responded to this new sensation with very light and slow paced contractions instead of the harder contractions that I had used in previous sessions. I noticed very subtle pleasant sensations in my groin periodically just going about my business at work and at home on Thursday which I found myself somehow questioning whether they were “real” which is kind of ridiculous. If you feel something, it is “real” to you.
    On Friday, I discovered a video that someone had posted on the Aneros site that featured women giving each other sensuous massages which was extremely arousing to me. The person who posted the video used the term “edging”. Throughout the afternoon I was anticipating watching that video and inserting the Helix and I would get a partial erection sitting at my desk at work

    Friday evening I searched “edging” on a porn site and came across a video of a pretty woman giving a guy a very slow and deliberate hand-job which was every bit as arousing as the massage video. I was erect when I inserted the lubed Helix and I lay on my side and watched the video. My prostate again had that full feeling and pretty quickly I started to get a warm sensation in my groin. I was having moderate involuntary contractions of my anus which were simply due to being highly aroused by the video. When my anus would become quiet I would just barely contract the slightest amount, trying to use the pubococcygeal muscles and not the rectal muscles. As I did this I was feeling distinct pleasant sensations throughout my groin. Most of the time I would not flex at all and just feel the warm pleasantness radiating from my prostate and anus. I was lying pretty still on my side most of the time, and periodically I could feel very slight twitching of my prostate.
    The video was a little over 20 minutes long and every time it got near the end I would push it back a few minutes. I did this for maybe an hour. I was getting kind of sleepy so I turned the video off and just lay on the couch in a low-lit room and closed my eyes. I was considering going to bed but was feeling so warm and cozy that I just lay there for awhile. As I lay there perfectly still I was feeling little tingling sensations in my prostate that were barely perceptible.
    When I went to bed, as soon as I was really still and comfortable the tingling sensation returned. The next morning I was quite surprised to find that it was still there and I as I lay there and thought about what had transpired I started feeling the pleasant sensations I had felt the night before when the Helix was inserted. One of these grew and became very distinct and lasted several seconds. You could classify it as either an intense pleasure wave or a mini-orgasm. I’m not one to get too hung up on terminology. It felt pretty damn good whatever you want to call it.
    I had a weekend hiking / backpacking trip planned in the southern Appalachians. As I was driving to the trailhead, I was feeling ticking and subtle p-waves in my prostate. I and my friends backpacked about 8 miles and camped by a river Saturday night. The biggest surprise was Saturday morning, lying in my tent on a sleeping pad, the p-waves returned yet again! This is 36 hours since the Helix was inserted!
    I wanted to relate this experience to other Newbies like myself. This is my advice for what it’s worth – Read everything on the Aneros Wiki site, and read as much of the blogs and forum posts as you have time for. There is a wealth of information there. Some of it will apply to you and some of it won’t. Filter what you read through your own experience of what you know about yourself. If you are feeling kind of disappointed and let down, don’t give up. I was feeling a bit of that myself, but I am not anymore.Take your expectations down a notch. Take them all the way down to just doing a little experimenting to see how it feels.
    I know I am at the very beginning of the learning curve, but I feel like I have some ideas to work with. I am not going to ejaculate after an aneros session, at least not for the next 3 weeks. Ejaculating brings my arousal level down. Arousal is important maybe even essential for me to have a good session. I need to use contractions very lightly and sparingly. Too much food and/or drink is counter-productive for me. Less is more. These are things that I know about myself. We are all individuals, and these things may not be pertinent to your experience. Let your intuition be your guide.
    I wish you all the pleasure in the world!

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