• Right before work!

    The last few weeks I have been having a fairly consistent schedule of sessions.

    One day out of the weekend I have an Aless/Aneros session. Its typically 4-6 hours of pure orgasmic pleasure. Every 2 weeks I would couple that with a traditional ejaculation.

    Typically every other day I go to Crossfit. I looked at this mornings workout and did not feel up to it. So I stayed home and decided lets have a mid week session.

    I decided to go with the Helix Syn. I slid this bad boy in…it made contact with my prostate and away I went. About 10 mins in everything started to rub the right way and for the next 50 mins I was basically having a super-O. It went in peaks and valleys but the orgasm never really stopped. This is where I am at with my training. Its now all encompassing. My cock is typically rock hard and there is now a consistent bead of precum that forms. In fact today as I went to the reatroom at work I noticed my underwear was stuck to my cock head. I looked down only to find a massive spot where some precum after the fact came out.

    Its such a pleasure to know of this pleasure.

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