• Returning with My Story

    Having achieved the ability to have prostate orgasms on demand, I felt I should to return to the Aneros world to continue to support my fellow Anerosians!
    In my mind, I feel like I never left! In reality I’ve been away from here for at least three years!
    I sought out the wisest and most agressive knowledge seekers in the Aneros world when I started! I aggressively pursued the idea that I could re-learn how to achieve an orgasm using only my mind and the Aneros, because of the number of others who had told their stories of how amazing their journey had become!
    I far and away exceeded any expectations I could have imagined as I progressed through the milestones outlined in the wiki pages.
    I became more than just a man! I became a living, breathing, walking prostate master!
    More to come…


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      01/15/2018at7:55 pm

      Welcome back. I fully agree. It is an amazing journey. With aneros or aless.

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      01/15/2018at11:26 pm

      @ThemeGasm, I salute you in achieving your goal in having orgasms by demand. In a way, I have done the same even though I still enjoy having regular Aneros sessions which are laden with pleasure! Here in Washington, DC, USA where I live we have had for nearly a month we have had exceptionally bitterly cold weather which prevents me from having frequent sessions. It is usually at night that I can induce orgasms when it is so bitterly cold!

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      04/14/2018at3:10 pm

      My prostate is my best friend! It’s always with me when I need it, and when it needs me, I’m ready! My prostate kicks in immediately after I lay down in my bed each night! It vibrates, it silently buzzes for me and sends wave after wave of pleasure radiating from my prostate to my head and toes! It took a LONG time to become comfortable with the sensations I get on a regular basis. The best part about it, it’s mine to enjoy without judgement, without fear of opinion, and it’s ever so sweet!
      Men…your prostate has soooo much potential! Your mind just has to let it happen! But wait, it gets better!
      My wife now shares my prostate experiences with me which has taken me to heights I NEVER IMAGINED!
      She plays with my nipples by licking and sucking, mostly on my left nipple. She’s seen the massive super orgasms I can have after I attain the heightened level of arousal and it’s amazing! My screens and grunts and groans mesmerize her to where we both achieve a huge level of excitement she’ll start orgasming spontaneously, which just takes my level even higher!
      We often don’t stop until she’s had at least 6-12 solid full body orgasms that leave her week but blissful! She then won’t stop helping me to have an unlimited number of prostate orgasms by flicking my nipples, fingering my ass or rimming me for as long as I can stand it!
      When we’re ready, she’ll stick two fingers up my ass, latch on to my left nipple and, as a vibrating pair, we both cum as I shoot my load in my hand and then eat it! So amazing!

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