• Return of the Jed…Super-O

    After a lengthy Aneros chat session with the boys–which by the way was an experiment in shared energies…something I was a bit skeptical about, but the energy or my mind worked me up something fierce. It was past 2:30am and time for bed…and another session.
    As I jumped into bed I started my usual session music, lubed up and away I went. The chat and some of the porn I'd surfed brought me to the front of the P-wave line as it took less than 5 minutes to get into that groove. A couple of mini dry-o's later and I was in the promised land. It could have been an hour (two maybe?), but things were ebbing a bit and I thought it would be good time for sleep.
    Now I'd read some things on in the forums and thought I'd give it a try, so for the first time I thought I'd try to turn the Progasm around to see what difference it might make. The music started working on me and I was drifting off to sleep on my side. The feeling was about the same I noticed as I drifted off peacefully.
    Now I don't know how much time had passed–which is why I put such a long session length–but I snapped awake to feel my knees hitting my chest with a thud! I had awakened to a killer super-o! I was throbbing there with my knees at my chest, quickly thinking about how to stretch the feeling. I relaxed as much as I could and as it subsided I was able to extend it a bit longer. Wonderful! As I settled down and brought my leg down and swooned while recovering another wave crept up on me and I'm back into the fetal position…oh boy…this one is less intense, but no less welcome. If this is all from inserting it backwards, I may have become a convert.
    My head started to clear and I could see that the dawn was here…I think if I was lucky I may have been asleep for three hours. I wasn't tired in the least. However something in me denied that and I started drifting off again.
    Uh oh…a building wave brings me around again. I fight to stay in control and I lock my legs where they are. The wave builds and while I can feel my body locking the feeling again shifts and takes on something different. I'm shuddering now and warmth travels across my body like James Bond evading black cars in the Swiss Alps. This one may have been the longest to date…so difficult to tell when you're in the middle of it.
    That was the last super-o of the session…but what a session. As usual my count recollection is foggy at best, but I'd guess six solid super-o's and a larger number of minis and P-wave joyrides. I drifted off to sleep for a bit again and a few rumblings helped open my eyes, but at that point I was pretty much done. I glanced at my laptop's clock and it was 9:30am. I stayed in bed for another couple of hours because I just had to work a manual release in there somewhere. 😉
    More to 'cum' I hope.

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