• Reprograming apparently will be a long process

    When my wife went to visit family, I finally had an opportunity to dedicate some time without limitations. Because of my recent non-events, I acquired a Helix Classic and a VICE in the hopes I could finally achieve a p-orgasm.
    I have concluded that the neuropathy that I have in my feet from my chemo twenty years ago also affects my anal area. Because no matter what device I used, no matter how I relaxed, no matter how frequent or infrequent I tried contractions, no matter what setting I used with the VICE, all I got was great edging.
    I have been careful to not get my penis involved. I tried early in the evening, at bed time, in the middle of the night, and in the morning. I plan to persevere, but it is rather disheartening.
    After a little down time, my next effort will likely include the enhancement of marijuana. I am hopeful that it will push me over the edge.
    Advice appreciated.

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      10/25/2021at6:34 pm

      Try the MJ. You probably won’t go back to doing it sober. I think I’ve had 3 or 4 super O’s after having used an Aneros (2 or 3 from the Helix Syn Trident, and one from the Vice 2, but the vibration rhythm matters more than the intensity) for just over a year. It doesn’t happen all the time, so you’ll need to learn to live with some great edging, and just enjoy the super Os when they come. I’ve even been able to have LARGE ejaculatory spasms of clear, mildly sticky liquid. Basically, a stream of the liquid shot up unto my chest, with the tail end of the stream filling my entire belly button cavity. I didn’t orgasm, per-say, but it felt very good.

      Here is my strategy. Do your MJ however you do it, and take a minute to set yourself up for success. Get some paper towels right next to you, lay on a towel so you don’t mess up your sheets, and watch whatever gets you in the mood. You might try some binaural beats audio and/or repetitive porn – they go together like butter and toast. Before you do anything, relax, and make sure your TV/computer is in a comfortable viewing position. Have at least 2-3 hours available. Never touch your penis, and I like to avoid touching my balls, too. I like to practice anal contractions before inserting the Aneros; I get myself as turned on as possible before I insert the Aneros. I have even had those large, clear, ejaculatory episodes without using the Aneros at all. Once you’re very turned on, use plenty of lube and insert the Aneros (I have a reusable plastic lube plunger that holds about a tablespoon of lube, and I use 1/2 to a whole tablespoon). Focus on whatever got you turned on, get relaxed, and loop it until the magic happens. Go easy on your prostate – less is usually more. Sometimes it takes some repetitive contractions, sometimes all it takes is finding the right depth of contraction and holding it there while you focus on whatever is turning you on. Make whatever noises/moans come naturally (make sure nothing is going to distract your attention from sexual thoughts, so enjoy yourself in a private place). When it happens to me, it basically feels like a rush of warmth heading up my shaft to the head of my dick (which gets rock hard during a session), after which it feels like I’m ejaculating for about a minute or more. You’ll just kinda lay there with your mouth open, writhing in pleasure. It can happen more than once. I feel like it is possible, after lots of practice, to achieve this without anal penetration, by just using anal contractions. Having experienced the Aneros for just over a year, it feels like it’s given me a super power. I’d keep after it, and don’t sweat if it doesn’t happen; usually, it won’t happen, but when it does it’s worth all the time spent getting there.

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