• Reprinted From Lingamans Log 2011

    The third MMO session this week revealed to me how unpredictable and variable these amazing experiences can be. While the previous two entries describe gentle reassuring sessions, my experience this morning showed how much things can change and how profoundly pleasurable the session can be.
    As a shift from the relaxed sensually erotic character of sessions I have been having in recently, I awoke last night at my old reliable 3:30 AM to launch into a markedly different and profoundly intense MMO session that was a drastic shift from the two earlier in the week.
    The need for me to launch was a desperately urgent aching itch deep in my anal canal. In response to the urgency I pressed my erection into my wife’s warm rear, and in a matter of moments my anus was convulsing in delightful spasms. After a few minutes of rising in incredible sensations of bliss I slid away from her and pressed my throbbing cockhead on the mattress as I flexed internal muscles and my anus. It was only a few minutes before I was indeed sailing in a series of very deep pleasure waves which culminated in clenching hard orgasmic spasms deep inside me. After a cycle of a few dozen of these waves in a row over 30 minutes they collapsed in a flutter. But my thirst for pleasure had been whetted.
    After a few minutes laying and relishing the echoes of the sensations I had just experienced, the orgasmic tension reasserted itself slowly and began to tighten into a knot in my perineum and anal canal again. I projected some very erotic images in my mind of me with men and women. The scenes were very sensual and were deeply personal for me in terms of who they were and what we were doing. I have a very secret place in my mind where I keep these lurid scenarios; retrieving them in the midst of a session guarantees orgasmic rapture. So I found some of these thoughts and I gave them the full light of my consciousness.
    As I acknowledged the tender depravity of these thoughts I teased my nipple; my prostate and cock responded to my erotic tease with syncopated spasms of indescribable ecstasy. Soon the spasms became involuntary and they fueled in an unfolding array of pure orgasmic joy that took the form of colorful patterns in my mind’s eye. As the patterns shifted and changed they imparted a physical kaleidoscope of pleasurable feelings deep in my rectum. As the shifting sensations of rapture filled my anus, my cock was gripped by chilling and intense spasms which pulsed rhythmically in a chorus that echoed the images in my mind. The interplay of desperate pleasure and erotically erotic thoughts was so complex and beautiful, it morphed and evolved in my mind tantalizing my arousal and flicking my consciousness with the promise of anguished ecstasy.
    As the kaleidoscope revealed each nuance of unfolding rapture to me, the heat of that ecstasy seemed to stoke the images in my mind; they in turn yielded even more agonizingly exquisite orgasms. It was as if I was defining the limits of pleasure that my body could stand to experience and then my mind teased my body to go a little beyond that limit to see if I could endure the agonizing pleasure I was truly not in control as the shifting sensations echoed and morphed into a thousand colors and iamges in my mind and pelvis deep inside me.
    As they grew deeper and more intense I got nervous; I rolled over on my back to slow them down. But they did not slow down; now with no stimulation on my frenulum and cockhead the sensation centered on my prostate and rectum.
    My mind embraced the image of the orgasm I was having as a tiger in a cage that I had taunted mercilessly for the last hour or more and now the tiger was out of the cage and I didn’t know how to stop it or calm it. So as I lay there the pleasure bored into my anus like a hot poker, skewering me with white hot and excruciatingly hard orgasms. I lay there helplessly as they bore into me like a male lover impaling me with his cock, I felt it penetrate me over and over again. The quiet peaceful sessions of earlier in the week had now given themselves over to racking hard yet exquisitely divine contractions which twisted my rectum and made the pleasure ooze from my cock in strings of warm precum.
    I stood up to go get a drink of water in the hope of gaining control of the erotic mutiny occurring in my body. As I walked to bathroom in the dim light of predawn the orgasmic spasm would not let go of me. They continued to pull on my cock and squeeze the pleasure from my prostate as I sought the distraction of reality. By the time I made it back to bed my prostate had calmed but my cock was stone hard, honed to a keen edge by the taunting MMO’s.
    I was able to get back to sleep, only to awake two hours later with the ache of a steely erection to remind me of the events of a few hours earlier.
    Cuddling up to my wife as we both woke to light through the window, she could not help but notice my throbbing stone hard prong pressed into her own warm skin.
    Her hand wandered down my chest and found the taut flesh of my steely cock. Like an angel sent to give relief, her hand followed the shaft to my crown to seek the warm wet betrayal of my arousal. With a middle finger she teased and tantalized my slit, spreading the clear slippery expression of my passion all over my cockhead lingering in the cleft above my frenulum. The sensation made me gasp and my cock lurched and regurgitated a drool of precum which her finger painted all over my swollen tip.
    Effortlessly she swung over me and mounted my hard cock which now was curved in its desire, straining to reach her pussy lips and extend itself to feel the sweet kiss of her wet silky lips on its drooling slit. Then with the skill of a woman who knew my body so well, she lowered herself onto my mushroom helmet and indeed lowered the mouth of her femininity to kiss the tip of my dripping penis.
    Then with assertive tenderness she swallowed the full length of my cock whole .
    The combination of my copious precum and her warm natural lubrication allowed me to slide effortlessly into her. As I sank back into that secret imaginary place in my mind where fantasies become reality and reality becomes fantasy I lost track of everything but the divine sensation of her tender wet vaginal flesh sliding against the ultrasensitive cleft of my cockhead. The eroticism of penetrating her caused the chorus inside of me to reach a note that was so desperate that the kaleidoscope burst forth with colors I could only imagine and never really see. Slowly she lowered onto me until I was buried in her.
    Rhythmically she rocked on me pulling and tugging and squeezing on my cock as she rose and fell on it, impaling herself and grinding her clit against my pubic bone when she had swallowed all of me. She has gained incredible skill over the years in using the mouth of her vagina, the muscles inside her and her clit to suck the passion from me. The familiar desperation of my MMO earlier was returning but the pressure inside that signaled I was going to cum this time was building.
    I gave myself permission to let go as I felt the moment of inevitability turn into the reality of flowing orgasmic pleasure. As the gates of ejaculation inside me opened up after three hours of promised relief, I felt the heat of liquid passion spew from my cock in ropes of thick cum.
    Jet after jet of my cum pulsing from my cock slit yielded the relief I needed; I filled her.
    When it was over I was exhausted and ready for another night’s sleep.
    As I got out of bed a little later I thought to myself that the gentle pattern of the week had again shifted and the sensual kaleidoscope of my orgasms reveled to me yet another anguished and beautiful view of my sexual response.

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      12/24/2013at1:46 am

      whew you need to write for porn blogs or something. that was hot and it was real so that just added to the erotic feeling that i felt edgar to read more. what a great night you had.

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