• Reliable Quick A-Less Dry-O's & more

    Recent A–Less sessions with Dry–Os.
    So far it looks like the best way for me to warm up and get my prostate hard for lots of Dry–O’s is to lay on my left side and do a bunch of PC contractions and lower ab pushes before I even start stimulating my nipples. I do this until my prostate starts to feel electric shocks like a chiropractors muscle machine. This can take 1 to 20 minutes depending on my body and mental state I guess… Then I can seek to find a PC/Ab muscle state with nipple stimulation that keeps the buzzing on constantly, then work with slow movement contractions to discover good orgasm positions.
    I’ve also been able to go into orgasm mode without a constant prostate buzzing, but it takes a lot more work…
    Sometimes, it really magnifies the contractions to take my hand and pull on my top butt–cheek to spread the cheeks apart. Don't know why this works, but it makes it really easy to feel every muscle movement inside my groin. Maybe it's just a mental thing or maybe it tightens up the muscles around the prostate….??
    Had the most intense dry–O's so far last night.
    Had tried yesterday morning to get my prostate to the electric buzz, but no matter what I did, it just wouldn't go there. It was definitely being aroused, but something was blocking it.
    That night however, it was different. Took 15 minutes of warmup with nipple stim, but then my prostate got rock hard – like I could feel a bulge inside my groin – a prostate hard–on!!. It really feels like that. In this state, for me, it's super easy to generate an Orgasm, and I’m really horney when I’m there…
    WOW… Started having small Dry–O's, but I kept up the PC contractions, and my prostate got to the state of electric buzz constantly. Then I could almost make any body part orgasm. Had a very intense and maybe 10–15 min constant orgasm by twiddling my abdomen just above the base of my penis while doing nipple stim. Took maybe 10 min to get the orgasm going, but then it took no effort and just kept going, and going,…. It was like a constant thrust/contraction or "dry heaves" of orgasm, but there wasn't any semen. Very intense.
    Then I tried rubbing my G-Spot while doing nipple stim, and 5 min later, I had a slight Super–O of good feeling all over.
    Finally ended it after 2 hours because I had enough. My prostate still had a hard–on though as I went to sleep!
    Next morning I woke up and my prostate was still hard!! I did a couple slow PC contractions, and the buzzing turned on constant. Did a little nipple stim, and immediately went into bounce and shake orgasm, so had a nice wake up orgasm.
    Was a little concerned and I didn't want to stress anything though, so just got up. Last night was really intense, and I'd heard stories of guys pushing too long and ended up damaging tissue, so figured, I'd had enough.
    I think one area of exploration I'd like to do yet is to try involuntary muscle contractions. I've only experienced those a couple times in a small way, and never after actually trying to get one to happen. I can imagine that if I was able to get those going after the prostate was constantly buzzing and rock hard, there might be a very intense orgasm around the corner.
    Butt–Cheeks Over the edge. No Aneros. The rest of this post was from a session weeks ago where I found a position that reliably gets me into the dry–orgasm zone without an Aneros. Initially, I hung my butt over the edge of the bed to increase the feelings, but haven’t done that since. I also tried pulsing one nipple then the other which sort of started an all body feeling for a short while. But since then I just stimulate one nipple and whatever other body part I’m interested in…
    Background. This session was in the morning after waking up. Hadn't pee'd or poop'd yet, so bladder and bowels were full or nearly. )Note – I had to go to the bathroom shortly after I ended the session.(
    Had several isolated nipple stim dry–orgasms, then went into a rolling one for 20 min. Whole session lasted about 1:15. The last one after about a 5 min break was the strongest.
    Started by laying on my right side on the very edge of the bed. Butt–Cheeks hanging off the edge, my coccyx over the edge of the bed as described by another guy on the forum. In this position, PC–contractions really seem to be very sensitive,
    Did PC contractions for maybe 10–15 min – until I started feeling p–waves in my prostate. Really neat and weird. The P–waves would happen as I really slowly contracted the muscle, but mostly at the 75% contraction, then stop at 100%, then re–appear at 75%. So it was contracting and detracting close to the end of movement that did it. The speed was about 5 sec from relaxed to fully contracted and vise–versa. Also, once my prostate became awake, breathing by using my abdominal muscle was just as important and pleasurable as doing slight PC contractions. Just a little dab will do ya!
    Once was getting p–waves, I started stimulating my nipples. WOW!! Multiplied the feelings. Eventually, I noticed that if I squeeze one nipple then the other and cycle back and forth maybe L–R–L–R in one second )4 squeezes or short rotations per second or so, either both nipples at the same time, OR alternating nipples. It works for me either to gently squeeze, or to gently rotate the nipple like 20 degrees back and forth while squeezing(, I felt a pleasure wave in my chest around my nipples starting to build.
    I thought "Wow, wonder if I can get a nipple orgasm???" So I kept it up and continued the PC contractions, though with the nipple p–waves, it was hard sometimes to keep track of the PC contractions. And when I started getting the nipple p–waves, the prostate p–waves sort of faded.
    So kept that up maybe 10 minutes and eventually, I noticed my penis was rock hard and remembered that was a sign of an imminent orgasm potential.. So continued. Eventually, there was so much pleasure in my body, I started moving my hips a little, and could feel the orgasm release. It wasn't involuntary, but I definitely had an orgasm with thrusting, and the feeling like I needed strong thrusts to expel semen out, but there wasn't any. Went on for maybe 2–3 minutes.
    So had a few minutes down time and continued rubbing my nipples and doing occasional PC contractions and just enjoying the interesting feelings.
    Wondered if could go again, and focused on the nipples again, and had another less intense one.
    The next one was more intense, with me giving in to rolling around and hip gyrations and silently moaning )I wasn't home alone.(
    Took a short break and tried again, and this one turned into a rolling orgasm for maybe 15–20 minutes with one rolling into the next.
    Took another few min break, and noticed that I was getting nipple stim from just flicking my fingers across the tips of both nipples really fast, so tried with that motion along with occasional PC movements, and got another O, which was probably the strongest yet.
    At that point, I was tired of it and really sweaty, so got up.

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