• Relentless

    Another weekend alone, another chance at unrestrained and and excessive "fun time". Progasm being the tool of choice for the weekend. I had a great 50 minute session on Friday, another two periods of great intensity spanning roughly 5+ minutes each and very pleasurable sensations throughout. I had to cut it short though because I had to wake up early the next day.
    So yesterday )Saturday(, after taking a nice shower and cleaning out I set myself in for a nice long session. I was very relaxed and the Progasm slipped in with little difficulty as I put Kelly Howells "Ecstasy" on the ipod. It only took 10 minutes before the session got REALLY good. It escalated all the way through the second part of the audio file, into pure…ecstasy! The involuntaries were so strong and pronounced. Knowing I was completely alone, I was sooo loud and my breathing came fast and heavy. Once the "Ecstasy" audio finished )one hour( I started Hypnaerosession Part 2 and continued to ride this bliss for another 20'ish minutes. Then I got up briefly to empty my bladder and went right back to it. Though I felt more relieved and comfortable, the session seemed to have quieted down for the last hour – a very calm pleasure as opposed to the relentless intensity I had experienced the first hour or so.
    So two and a half hours later I was left very satisfied, having the longest session i've had in many months as I typically keep them roughly an hour. Not only was it an uncharacteristically long session but the most prolonged experience of pleasure of that magnitude! I wonder whether it was because I interrupted the flow of things by getting up to use the bathroom or that my prostate had just fatigued after what it had just been through that caused the last hour of the session to be much more relaxed that the first. Either way, it was a good weekend.

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