• Refraining from masturbation has been a catalyst. Late night session blew my mind

    For the past 20 days or so I've only orgasmed through masturbation once. I'm currently on an 8 day streak of not masturbating and I hope to continue this for a long time. I've tried to avoid masturbating before and found it very difficult, I usually become unbearably horny and end up masturbating to satisfy my urges.
    This time is different though. I've been using the Aneros during my break from masturbation and it's helping me progress with rewiring. I can only get pleasure from my penis if I stimulate myself but my body now knows it can get pleasure from my prostate without me physically doing anything.
    Previously when I avoided masturbation for long periods I used to wake up in the middle of the night and find myself with my hand on my cock stimulating myself even when I didn't want to. Last night I woke up half asleep and began subconsciously caressing my thighs, stomach and nipples. As I began to wake up and become fully aware of what I was doing my arousal strengthened. Looks like my body has found a new way to get its dopamine rush.
    Luckily I had my peridise set at the side of my bed. I lubed up and inserted the largest one. My body sucked it in eagerly and the contractions began straight away. Very gentle but feeling so amazing.
    I threw off the sheets, snuggled back down and closed my eyes again. My hands subconsciously continued stroking my stomach and tugging at my nipples, occasionally they would wander down to my thighs and back up to tease and rub my perineum, coaxing a sweet and tickly pleasure from my groin. I wasn't thinking about where to put my hands they just moved where my prostate wanted. My entire body felt really good. A similar feeling to when you're stretching your arms or legs but it was all over my torso and it wasn't budging. I was incredibly relaxed.
    My breathing became shallow and I could feel blood cascading to my penis making it twitch and throb. The added tightness in my anus reminded me of the peridise dancing and fluttering away. I got hard so quickly, my cock rose to attention and it felt amazing. I pulled back my foreskin and admired my rigid penis. It always looks really good when I've not orgasmed for a while. It looked twice as impressive as usual. Once again my arousal was pushed through the roof.
    My hands had been stroking and teasing my stomach for the past few minutes, but their attention switched to my nipples as I could feel a very small concentrated spot of pleasure in my chest. )Someone told me this was what they call a 'heartgasm'(
    My nipples became even more erect as my palms caressed the area around my breasts, my fingers grabbing and pulling, occasionally swiftly gliding over my hard nipples. They were a lot more sensitive than before. Usually they just create pleasure in my prostate but this time I was pleasuring my nipples as much as my prostate. My cock was also feeling the benefits of my increased nipple play. I was now only semi-erect but it felt like I was on the edge of coming. I'd had enough of teasing. I let my fingers very slowly slide across and around my nipples. I flicked them up and down, left and right. I squeezed and tugged and pinched. Every different way I pleasured myself brought out a different feeling from me. My prostate was throbbing. There was intense pleasure radiating out, surging up my torso. Every brush and squeeze of my nipples teased a deep pleasure out of my penis. I felt like I was close to a dry-o. I was coming to some kind of orgasm but I didn't know what. How much more pleasure could I take before I go over 'the edge'? Is there an edge, or will I keep feeling this kind of pleasure until I pass out from it?!
    My hands begin to tremble as they tease and embrace various parts of my body. My hands move higher this time. I suck my finger whilst my other hand draws small circles on my neck, causing the hairs on my body to stand on end. I've found another erogenous zone. I continue to caress and tickle my neck and shoulders, causing the pleasure to rise even further up my body. It's finding new places. Almost every inch of my body is now orgasmic. I become very erect again and I can feel a drop of pre-cum slowly sliding down my head. This is too much.
    Suddenly my anus and pc muscles contracted, drawing the peridise in to me fully. Another drop of pre-cum is pushed out of my glistening cock. My breathing stopped and my body tensed up, as I relaxed I was overcome by a gentle mini-orgasm. My anus then pushed out, almost forcing the peridise out of me. The contractions started again, gently this time, drawing it back inside me. The little nob on the peridise slid back up and into me, creating pleasure on the outside of my anus. This really got my heart racing. After a minute or so of pleasure being teased from my anus with those gentle contractions there was another mini-o. And another. Before this one had chance to dissolve there was another one that came on top of it. Was this it? Is this where I finally have a super orgasm? Oh my god it's happening. All roads lead to the super-o from here. I can't stop it can I? Even if I wanted to. The orgasms were getting stronger. Suddenly I felt something new. A very intense bout of pleasure in my butt cheeks that moved up the small of my back before working its way into my groin and up my torso. This was another type of orgasm. My heart was nearly bursting out of my chest, my cock was convulsing, abs contracting, prostate pounding, body trembling, softly moaning. I was in heaven. This surely had to be it. How much better could this get? I was about to feel the most intense pleasure tear through me wasn't I? I could feel it. Building and building. Higher and higher. I was sweating now, a bead trickled down the edge of my chest causing a shiver of pleasure across my torso. I was hyper sensitive now. I could feel everything. My hands had stopped teasing my nipples and were now hanging on to my bed sheets for dear life. I relaxed them and gently drew my hands over my hips and over my stomach. My finger tips left a trace of excitement and pleasure. They found their way to my nipples again. As soon as they made contact my PC muscles tensed and I felt a full body orgasm. This was different. It didn't come from my prostate and it wasn't any kind of 'wave', it just appeared. I couldn't replicate this feeling again.
    I rode out these mini-orgasms for a minute or so before everything started to calm down. No super-o here. I was disappointed at first but then I realised I was very okay with this!! I was exhausted. My muscles ached, my sheets were soaked through and I definitely needed some time to recover from this experience and take in what I had just been lucky enough to experience. I must have fallen asleep with a massive grin on my face. I got up and showered, and I fell asleep curled up in my duvet on the floor, I think I could have slept on a bed of nails! I was shattered.
    I gently awoke to the feeling of a small p-wave – reminding my of the nights events. After remembering exactly what happened I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I'd used my Eupho or my Helix. The direct contact with my prostate would surely have improved this session? I will never know. My next session is going to be very interesting though, hopefully my body will repeat these new tricks it's learned.
    I feel so alive this morning, I have bundles of energy and it's all because of my prostate! Today was supposed to be a stressful day but I've woken up two hours earlier and it looks like nothing in the world is going to break this good mood. I wish I could tell everyone!
    I'm on top of the world and nothing can knock me off.

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