• Rediscovery

    Since I’ve been riding since 2014, sessions usually start to fire off in about an hour from insertion. This is if I’ve been riding consistently, at least twice a week. Sadly, rides have become few, but last weekend’s was pretty incredible. I had been edging for about an hour before the ride, so my prostate was pretty swollen. As soon as the Progasm went in, I started oozing. Within about 20 min, I achieved auto contractions. Usually, these contractions become more of an auto-fuck that ramps up frequency until I spasm shut and Super-O. This time, I suddenly spasmed shut and my buttocks clenched, ramming the Progasm home. I was immediately in Super-O mode. It was amazing. This happened about 5 times, until I got too exhausted. I was drooling. It rocked.

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      06/19/2017at12:53 pm

      @thugofalltrades it’s good to hear about your success with the Progasm. I was avoiding edging before a session until at least the completion of my rewiring. It’s nice to see that once rewired, all types of play are available and are pending on the mood of the moment.
      Thanks for sharing. Life is wonderful

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