• Recovery from the flu & New Years with Aneros!

    Hi guys,
    I had my last Aneros session early Saturday morning, December 19, nearly two weeks ago. Right after the session I became sick with a "mild" flu which left me weak for some days, until now! It has become cold once again here DC with much colder weather to arrive early next week.
    During my convalescence, I had periods of Aless which bordered on the painful. So I suspended sessions with Aneros, all the while feeling like an old man and out of sorts.
    This morning I rose before sunrise and then went to my neighborhood 7 Eleven for coffee and a couple doughnuts. I then returned home to have my breakfast. Then I laid down to take a rest, feeling blah. Then I was hit with a desire to have an Aneros session finally! This morning I wanted to use the MGX, a model in my collection which I hadn't tried since November 2013. The MGX is distinctive in that its stem is ribbed, a feature which was designed to stimulate and exercise the anal muscles. That is when Aneros lust hit me. So I examined my MGX and noticed that it is just as large as Helix Classic.
    I proceeded with my session feeling more and more excited and energized as I prepared for it. It felt like old times. I didn't feel so debilitated after all. The MGX hits and stimulates areas of my anal and prostate areas in a new and exciting way. Thus the MGX joins my Aneros first team of Eupho Classic, Helix Classic, Maximus. Tempo, and Progasm Classic.
    Then I went on to try Maximus and Progasm Classic, my old buddies which also worked their magic on this old guy. My
    Aneros buddies reassured me by facilitating recovery and told me by saying, "Hey, we are here to accompany you into an exciting, energetic, healthful, and prosperous 2016!"
    They left me with a vibrant and rejuvenating Aless as proof!

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