• Recovery from bliss

    I was advised that I would feel my Super-O for a few days and I have. This morning on the way to work my Perineum or "sweet spot" had a deep down tingle causing me to shift in my vanpool seat while I secretly grinned. An occasional involuntary contraction was added every once in awhile. I'd been pretty good about refraining from frequent riding but I wasn't too strict about it. So tonight I decided to treat myself. I dusted off two of my favorite toys, my penis plug and my go-to friend Progasm.
    Progasm quickly as his custom filled me and took charge. It wasn't long as I concentrated on his bumps and nudges he began to vibrate my sweet spot internally, oh that felt good. So, I let him continue with his tricks and P-waves began to radiate through my loins moving my hips to keep up with them. Sub-consciously I keep trying to relax but, those wonderful waves they are so compelling.
    As things finally began to slow down, Progasm took over again and a series of cascading Dry-O's permeated my mid-region. I had been told my first sessions following a Super would be filled with them and they are right. This cascading effect of sensations creates such a craving for more. I have more time off soon. I so want Super 2 the sequel to arrive.

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