• Recharge Ride

    I’ve become mostly an aneroLESS rider, but every once in a while, need to re-charge my ass with a legitimate ride and Oh boy are they crazy!! Here’s one of my super great ones.

    House to myself, I settled down to normal LESS routine of getting warmed up and lighting the internal pleasure pilot light. Some mild contractions and pre-cum leaking greeted my descent into LESS pleasure. Butt, a new feeling welled up from down below. My ass was hungry and synthetic sensation weren’t good enough this time. During some light auto-contractions I could feel my ass mouthing P-r-o-g-a-s-m. Who was I to deny it lust?

    Out came my beautiful Progasm ICE. Admiring it sleek clear sexiness as shivers ran down my spine. My ass squeezed hard on its own in delight. I admired the ICE and stroked it a little, bringing whimpers from my bottom. Grabbed the lube and got ready.

    To the bathroom for prep and insertion! Quick shower and good bottom scrub; maybe a little toying with some fingers too as I teased my ass and myself. Toweled off super-fast. The Progasm sat on the vanity calling out to me. My cock started thickening at the lewd thoughts running through my head.

    I lubed up the Progasm really good, stroking it nice and slow to ensure a smooth sleek covering from top to bottom. My ass complained at the constant teasing! Lube up a finger, spread legs wide and crouching I reached between my legs.

    I almost jumped out of my skin when my finger lightly brushed my sphincter. Round and round it went as moans escaped. It easily slid into my ass applying lube as it went. My cock jumped to attention, cockhead glistening with juice. It was time.
    It’d been awhile since my last Progasm ride, so I had to force myself to slow down and take my time, first just rubbing Progasm’s bulb head along my taint teasing it, relaxing it. Ensuring Bulb was proper position for scoop technique I slowly pushed it forward. Taint complained, so eased off and started working it slowly on and off. Little by little more and more of the bulb starting slipping in, the pressure and pleasure kept building inside as my asshole stretched and stretched for the bulb.

    Pop! Aaah¦. Bulb hugged tightly inside as pleasure floods my senses. Push a little more, but still need to work asshole looser for Pro’s mid-length ridge. Back and forth sliding Pro in and out of my ass. OH! So good, keep this up!! More and more back and forth, now pulling until the bulge stretches my asshole so wide!! More!! MORE!! Knees weak, hanging on vanity.

    Aaargh!!! Dry-O sweeps me ass Progasm goes full in and hits the magic spot! Both hands on vanity so I don’t fall. Oh god! As it subsides, realize only the bulb is holding the Progasm in! Also, look down and see 6inches of pre-cum hanging from stiff cock. Quickly scoop it up and delight in licking my fingers clean of one hand as the other pushes the Progasm back into place. When it strikes again, a strong contraction sends think creamy precum leaking out my dick as my whole body shook uncontrollably.

    Once I could walk again, quickly to bed and on my back with butt pillow and legs wide. My ass was in-charge now and soon I was hopping all over the bed. Moaning and slapping sounds of my hardon bouncing off my abs filled the room. Quickly followed by super-strong contractions that had pre-cum spurting out and landing all over the bed and my chest/abs. Around this time I lost conscienousness of my surroundings. Ecstasy rocketing from Progasm ICE and my ass was all I knew as the K-tab directly connected my orgasming ass to my spine with electric jolts shocking every cell of my body with pleasure.

    I was like for about 30min of so, on-again off again crazy Super-O’s. Until my body was spent. Spent the next 30min in euphoria as I caught my breath. The session left such a strong pleasurable feeling, I was super-charged for great LESS sessions for over a month!

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      06/23/2014at9:57 pm

      I love reading your blog, varmint. You have such vivid descriptions of what you experienced!

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