• Recent Aneros Milestones

    Hi guys,
    It has been a very long time since I have posted entries to my Aneros blog here. I believe the last entry I posted was sometime late last summer.
    The blog entry will be just summary of milestones I have achieved since then:
    The first milestone occurred early last summer when I acquired Progasm Junior, Eupho Syn, and DeVice as additions to my Aneros Team. DeVice is a silicone version of Progasm without the battery found in Aneros Vice. In a way, it is the thickest model in the Aneros line, but it is still comfortable to use. Now I use DeVice occasionally, but perhaps I'll use him more often now that I am having sessions at least six days a week.
    The second milestone occurred about mid October. I live in Georgetown here in DC near the epicenter of politics. We experienced a shutdown of federal government agencies due to political wrangling in Congress which was perhaps the most ugly I have ever seen. I quickly fell into a deep funk. During these two weeks, I had no Aneros sessions. But shortly after the Columbus Day Weekend holiday, I decided to have a session. I was afraid that it would be a dud, it had been so long. I started this session with Eupho Syn. He worked on me like never before. I was off and running at a much greater level of sophistication and pleasure like never before!
    The third milestone happened when I got both the Advanced Peridise Set and Tempo at a slight discount from Amazon. I began using both Peridise and Tempo in my sessions just after Thanksgiving. I experienced rhythmical autof**k action from Peridise and Tempo which enhanced many fold my sessions because I applied this rhythm to the other models on my Aneros Team. What is so wonderful about Peridise and Tempo is that this rhythm at times is like an insistent drumbeat! These models also produce all sorts of rhythm which at times is very subtle.
    The fourth and most recent milestone occurred a week ago just after Christmas when I decided to have sessions at least six days a week, Monday through Saturday with Sunday as a day off. Daily sessions intensify the affect of my Aneros Team upon my physique and even upon me both emotionally and spiritually. Now I am learning to relax and enjoy all my Aneros models. From all these sessions, I feel robust health and tons of pleasure!
    Take care!

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