• Reaching orgasmic levels

    I have owned a Progasm Black Ice and a Helix Syn for about 2 years now. When I started off I experienced very nice pleasure waves through my body and have always enjoyed the sessions. But for about 4 months I did not experience any orgasms except for one time when I felt a sharp orgasmic feeling which faded away quickly. After that I have always tried to chase that feeling again but could never get it right. I got discouraged and packed my 2 Aneros models away.

    Now about a year later I decided to give it another go and whamo! So 2 days ago, out came the Progasm Black Ice from the dark closet. Again I experienced the p waves which was very nice. Then today I had a session with my Helix Syn in the bath and it was something different!! I was clenching my ass so that the Helix Syn would apply pressure onto my prostate and then release it and repeat. The p waves started. Then I did something different. I started playing with my right nipple and I felt amazing sensations through my body. Suddenly I had a rock hard erection and my ass was kind of like clenching by itself. I then experienced like a warm deep tingling feeling that moved up through my stomach, into my chest and then it felt like it went straight into my soul. I gasped for air and moaned. This was new. It felt like something was going to happen. At that moment I surrendered to this experience and immediately a deep feeling started building up which kind of feels like right before I ejaculate during normal sex. This feeling was much more intense than a normal ejaculation orgasm and it seemed to just “stay there”. I came to and feared that this experience is so intense that I might pass out and drown in the bath. The fear killed the moment. I then relaxed. Then I repeated what I did and had the same experience!

    Amazing session today!!


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      08/08/2018at1:20 pm

      @Clown, I salute you on reaching orgasmic levels with Helix Syn. I believe that you have achieved the loveliness and power of Super-O’s. The fact that you were able to repeat this experience in a session also says something! 🙂 Also playing with your nipples is a sure fire way to launch yourself into the orbit of Aneros experience. Keep it up! 🙂

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      08/08/2018at1:23 pm

      Also @Clown, you have made me very desirous of bringing my long unused Helix Syn out of retirement. The Helix Syn was the very first Aneros model which started me on my Aneros journey in early June 2012 with very modest results.

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