• Re-wiring is still happening…

    My body and mind are still trying to work out this whole prostate orgasm thingy. My sessions are constantly changing and adapting, some are so pleasurable and I moan and groan for two hours, others are so relaxing and gentle I eventually fall asleep amongst waves of very soft orgasms and others are a mixture of both – heaven!
    Lately they're very pleasurable but I'm not as relaxed as I sometimes am. My last three sessions have had a couple of the same traits. These are:
    * Very long periods of full body shaking/quivering – usually gentle but sometimes borderline violent, causing me to move around a lot. involves all of my body, even my lips and cheeks. My sessions usually involve shaking but not for this amount of time.
    * Tingling sensation in my head around my temples and scalp – not orgasmic but really nice.
    * Tingling sensations that travel up the sides of my bodies and then work their way across to my chest. Similar to the sensation in my head but more pleasurable for me.
    * Very pleasurable spot in the centre of my chest. (heartgasm)
    I've started having sessions on my floor rather than my bed because I like the way that I can feel every movement that's happening. Sometimes when I'm in bed these movements are restricted due to the mattress.
    I've also started playing with my nipples constantly through the session, which is something I haven't really done an awful lot before. It's definitely helped – no idea why I didn't do it before!
    I give myself 10 minutes to get used to the device after insertion. Then when I think I'm relaxed and ready I wait for the next p-wave to arrive and then start rubbing around the edge of my nipples.
    Within seconds my cock gets a little harder and my anus starts twitching. My prostate begins to pulsate and throb, becoming more and more sensitive every time I contract.
    Each time I run my fingers directly over my nipples it brings out more pleasure from my prostate. Sometimes I'll continue stimulating the very centre of my nipple for thirty seconds or so and it brings me so much pleasure it's crazy.
    Still no super-o but my sessions are nothing but enjoyment and pleasure and I'm very happy :(

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      07/25/2013at3:19 pm

      Justnoticed your comments of 6/30. I also have had my re-wiring involve the nipple areas. When the first P-waves come from the device having been inside with some occasional pulling in and pushing out and down, I kind of flick them along their inner sides in a rhythmic fashion and I can literally feel the nervous stimulation down in the prostate. It is wild, and then leads to a dry- O. I have had MMO's that come as a repeating series )Here we go again!(, and I have found myself laughing out loud(. I have occasionally allowed myself to move and twitch–when it starts it becomes uncontrollable for a while, But I have also had very, very intense sessions with MMO's during which I have literally not moved. I did have a post-aneros, aneros-less dry O once and it was wild. I have also tried the maneuver that JMay recommended for Aneros less dry O's and that has been pleasureable, but not orgasmic for me. BTW: I'm actually in my 60's and married )43 years( and in the last month or so, without the aneros in, my sexual organisms have been extra-ordinary–like they were when I was…younger, much younger.

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